The New John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible

1 Chronicles 4:43

And they smote the rest of the Amalekites that were escaped,
&c.] That escaped the sword of Saul; though, according to the Jews F14, 100,000 of them were slain by him in one day; and of the sword of David, though he is said not to leave man or woman alive, (1 Samuel 27:8,9)

and dwelt there unto this day;
in the cities of the Amalekites, even of the posterity of the above; who were some of the remnant of Israel, that were not carried away by the king of Assyria, and who dwelt here after the return of the Jews from the Babylonish captivity, even in the times of Ezra, the writer of this book; see (2 Chronicles 34:9) .


F14 Midrash Esther, fol. 93. 4.

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