The New John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible

Jeremiah 18:7

[At what] instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and
concerning a kingdom
By way of threatening: or, "the moment I shall speak" F19, &c; as soon as ever I have declared concerning any people whatever, Jews or Gentiles; that if they go on in their sins, and remain impenitent, and do not turn from them, that they must expect I will quickly come out against such a nation and kingdom in a providential way, as threatened: to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy [it];
as the proprietor of a garden, when it do not turn to his account, plucks up the plants, and pulls down the fences, and lets it go to ruin.


F19 (rbda egr) "momento loquor", Schmidt; "momento eloquor", Junius & Tremellius; "momento ut loquutus fuero", Tigurine version.

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