The New John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible

Jeremiah 48:30

I know his wrath, saith the Lord
Against the Jews, and other nations; what he has threatened to do unto them, and would do if not restrained: but [it shall] not [be] so;
as he has devised in his mind, and threatened in his wrath; all his swelling thoughts and big words shall come to nothing: his lies shall not so effect [it];
it shall not be according to his words; they will prove lies, and of no effect. Kimchi interprets it of the sons of Moab, who shall not be able to do what they thought to do; and Jarchi of his mighty ones; and the Targum of his nobles, paraphrasing it,

``and their nobles are not right, they do not as is becoming;''
perhaps it may be better understood of his diviners and soothsayers, as the word is used in (Isaiah 44:25) ; and be rendered, "his diviners have not done right" F6; they have deceived him with their lying oracles; swelled him with pride; and brought him to ruin, he trusting to them.

F6 (wve Nk al wydb) "vaniloqui ejus non rectum fecerunt", Cocceius. So R. Sol. Urbin. Ohel Moed, fol. 38. 1.

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