The New John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible

Jeremiah 48:44

He that fleeth from the fear
From terrible enemies he is afraid of, and dares not face them, but flees, in order to escape them: shall fall into the pit;
into some misfortune or another: and he that getteth out of the pit shall be taken in the snare;
laid by the enemy for him, and so shall fall into his hands. Sanctius very ingeniously observes that the allusion is to the hunting of deer, and such like creatures; when first a line of feathers of various colours is placed to frighten them; and if they get over that, then there is a pit dug for them, to catch them in; and if they get out of that, a snare is laid to take them; so that they rarely escape: and thus it would be with the Moabites, if they got rid of a first and second danger, a third would involve them; their destruction was certain, as follows; see (Isaiah 24:18) ; for I will bring upon it, [even] upon Moab, the year of their
visitation, saith the Lord;
in a way of wrath and punishment; for which there was a time fixed, and was now at hand, and would quickly take place, according to the will and word of the Lord, of which Moab might be assured; who is expressed by name, for the sake of explanation, and that it might be manifest who was intended.

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