The New John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible

Luke 18:31

Then he took unto him the twelve
His twelve disciples, as the Ethiopic version expresses it; he took them aside from the rest of the company, as they were travelling on the road, and privately delivered to them, what follows; see (Matthew 20:17)

and said unto them, behold, we go up to Jerusalem;
to the feast of the passover, which was drawing near, and the last Christ was to eat with his disciples, the time of his sufferings, and death, being now at hand; and of which he thought fit to give his disciples notice: and therefore he called them aside, and in a private manner, told them,

that all things that are written by the prophets, concerning the
son of man, shall be accomplished;
particularly, (Psalms 2:1,2) (Psalms 22:6-8) (Isaiah 1:6) (Micah 5:1) (Isaiah 53:5,6,12) (Psalms 22:15) (26:10) (Hosea 6:2) for to these the following things have respect.

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