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      Ps 83:1-18. Of Asaph--(See on Ps 74:1, title). The historical occasion is probably that of 2Ch 20:1, 2 (compare Ps 47:1-9; 48:1-14). After a general petition, the craft and rage of the combined enemies are described, God's former dealings recited, and a like summary and speedy destruction on them is invoked.

      1. God addressed as indifferent (compare Ps 35:22; 39:12).
      be not still--literally, "not quiet," as opposed to action.

      2. thine enemies--as well as ours (Ps 74:23; Isa 37:23).

      3. hidden ones--whom God specially protects (Ps 27:5; 91:1).

      4. from being a nation--utter destruction (Isa 7:8; 23:1).
      Israel--here used for Judah, having been the common name.

      5. they have consulted--with heart, or cordially.
      together--all alike.

      6-8. tabernacles--for people (Ps 78:67).
      they--all these united with the children of Lot, or Ammonites and Moabites (compare 2Ch 20:1).

      9-11. Compare the similar fate of these (2Ch 20:23) with that of the foes mentioned in Jud 7:22, here referred to. They destroyed one another (Jud 4:6-24; 7:25). Human remains form manure (compare 2Ki 9:37; Jer 9:22).

      12. The language of the invaders.
      houses--literally, "residences," enclosures, as for flocks (Ps 65:12).
      of God--as the proprietors of the land (2Ch 20:11; Isa 14:25).

      13. like a wheel--or, whirling of any light thing (Isa 17:13), as stubble or chaff (Ps 1:4).

      14, 15. Pursue them to an utter destruction.

      16. that they may seek--or as Ps 83:18, supply "men," since Ps 83:17, 18 amplify the sentiment of Ps 83:16, expressing more fully the measure of destruction, and the lesson of God's being and perfections (compare 2Ch 20:29) taught to all men.

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