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Verse 12. Yea, the LORD shall give that which is good. Being himself pure goodness, he will readily return from his wrath, and deal out good things to his repenting people. Our evil brings evil upon us, but when we are brought back to follow that which is good, the Lord abundantly enriches us with good things. Material good will always be bestowed where it can be enjoyed in consistency with spiritual good.

And our land shall yield her increase. The curse of barrenness will fly with the curse of sin. When the people yielded what was due to God, the soil would recompense their husbandry. See at this day what sin has done for Palestine, making her gardens a wilderness; her wastes are the scars of her iniquities: nothing but repentance and divine forgiveness will reclaim her desolations. The whole world also shall be bright with the same blessing in the days yet to come, --

"Freed from the curse, the grateful garden gives
Its fruit in goodly revenue. Nor frost,
Nor blight, nor mildew fall, nor cankerworm,
Nor caterpillar, mar one ripening hope.
The clouds drop fatness. The very elements
Are subject to the prayerful will of those
Whose pleasure is in unison with God's."



Verse 12. It has sometimes been objected that the Christian doctrine of a Millennium cannot be true, for the earth could not support the teeming millions that would naturally be found upon it, if wars and vice should cease to waste its population. But omitting other and pertinent answers that have been given, we find one here that covers the whole ground, the earth shall yield her increase. Now and then the season is unusually propitious, and we have a specimen of what God can do when he chooses. He can without any miracle make it many times more fruitful than it has ever been. William S. Plumer.



Verse 12.

  1. All spiritual good is from God: The Lord will
    give, etc.
    1. Is repentance a good thing? The Lord will give repentance.
    2. Is pardon? The Lord, etc.
    3. Is faith?
    4. Is justification?
    5. Is regeneration?
    6. Is growth in grace?
    7. Is preservation unto the end?
    8. Is eternal glory? The Lord will give, etc.
    9. All temporal good is from God. Our land, etc.
    10. In a lawful manner our land.
    11. In the use of appointed means: Shall yield her increase, etc.
    12. In dependence upon the divine blessing. "Who giveth fruitful seasons," etc. Spiritual good is not less given in the use of appointed means. G. R.

Verse 12. The fertility of our spheres of labour the gift of God.

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