John Wesley's Explanatory Notes
on the Whole Bible

Chapter 64

Chapter Overview

The church's prayer continued, for the illustration of God's glory, verse 1-5.
With a confession of their sins, and complaint of their afflictions, verse 6-12.

Verse 1
Rent - A metaphor taken from men, that when they would resolutely help one in distress, break and fling open doors and whatever may hinder. Flow down - That all impediments might be removed out of the way: possibly an allusion to God's coming down upon mount Sinai, in those terrible flames of fire.

Verse 2
Fire - Come with such zeal for thy people, that the solid mountains may be no more before thy breath, than metal that runs, or water that boils by the force of a vehement fire. Known - That thine enemies may know thy power, and that thy name may be dreaded among them.

Verse 3
Terrible things - This may relate to what he did among the Egyptians, tho' it be not recorded, and afterward in the wilderness. Looked not for - Such things as we could never expect. Mountains - Kings, princes, and potentates, may metaphorically be understood by these mountains.

Verse 4
Besides thee - This is to be applied to all the wonderful works, that God at all times wrought for his people: and thus they are a plea with God, that they might well expect such things from him now, that had done such wonderful things for their fathers. Waiteth - This may be taken with reference both to the state of grace and glory, those incomprehensible things that are exhibited through Christ in the mysteries of the gospel.

Verse 5
Meetest - As the father the prodigal. Worketh - That rejoices to work righteousness. Continuance - To those that work righteousness. Be saved - In so doing, in working righteousness.

Verse 6
Unclean - Formerly there were some that feared thee; but now we are all as one polluted mass, nothing of good left in us by reason of an universal degeneracy. And all - The very best of us all are no better than the uncleanest things. Taken - Carried away to Babylon, as leaves hurried away by a boisterous wind.

Verse 7
That calleth - That call upon thee as they ought. Take hold - Either to stay thee from departing from us, or to fetch thee back when departed.

Verse 8
Our father - Notwithstanding all this thou art our father both by creation, and by adoption, therefore pity us thy children.

Verse 9
Thy people - Thou hast no people in covenant but us, and wilt thou not leave thyself a people in the world?

Verse 11
Pleasant things - The king's palace, and the houses of the nobles, and other pieces of state and magnificence.

Verse 12
Wilt thou - Do none of these things move thee to take vengeance? Thy peace - Wilt thou be as one that regards not?

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