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Thursday, June 27, 2019

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 Psalm 73 - 83
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The New American Standard Bible
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73:1-28 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 Surely God is good R2195 to Israel, To those who are pure R2196 in heart! 2 But as for me, my R2197 feet came close to stumbling, My steps had F746 almost slipped. 3 For I was envious R2198 of the arrogant F747 As I saw the prosperity R2199 of the wicked. 4 For there are no pains in their death, And their body F748 is fat. 5 They are not R2200 in F749 trouble as other men, F750 Nor are they plagued R2201 like F751 mankind. 6 Therefore pride is their R2202 necklace; The garment R2203 of violence covers them. 7 Their eye bulges F752 from fatness; R2204 The imaginations of their heart run F753 riot. 8 They mock R2205 and wickedly F754 speak of oppression; They speak R2206 from on high. 9 They have set R2207 their mouth against F755 the heavens, And their tongue parades F756 through the earth. 10 Therefore his F757 people return to this place, And waters of abundance R2208 are drunk F758 by them. 11 They say, "How R2209 does God know? And is there knowledge with F759 the Most High?" 12 Behold, these R2210 are the wicked; And always at R2211 ease, they have increased in wealth. 13 Surely in R2212 vain I have kept F760 my heart pure And washed R2213 my hands in innocence; 14 For I have been stricken all R2214 day long And chastened R2215 F761 every morning.

15 If I had said, "I will speak thus," Behold, I would have betrayed the generation R2216 of Your children. 16 When I pondered R2217 to understand this, It was troublesome F762 in my sight 17 Until I came into the sanctuary R2218 F763 of God; Then I perceived their end. R2219 18 Surely You set them in slippery R2220 places; You cast them down to destruction. R2221 F764 19 How they are destroyed R2222 F765 in a moment! They are utterly swept away by sudden R2223 terrors! 20 Like a dream R2224 when one awakes, O Lord, when aroused, R2225 You will despise R2226 their form. F766

21 When my heart R2227 was embittered And I was pierced R2228 within, F767 22 Then I was senseless R2229 and ignorant; I was like a F768 beast R2230 before F769 You. 23 Nevertheless I R2231 am continually with You; You have taken hold of my right hand. 24 With Your counsel You will guide R2232 me, And afterward receive R2233 me to F770 glory. 25 Whom R2234 have I in heaven but You? And besides F771 You, I desire nothing on earth. 26 My flesh R2235 and my heart may fail, But God is the strength F772 of my heart and my portion R2236 forever. 27 For, behold, those R2237 who are far from You will perish; R2238 You have destroyed F773 all those who are R2239 F774 unfaithful to You. 28 But as for me, the R2240 nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, R2241 That I may tell R2242 of all Your works.

74:1-23 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 O God, why have You rejected R2243 us forever? Why does Your anger smoke R2244 against the sheep R2245 of Your pasture? F776 2 Remember Your congregation, which You have purchased R2246 of old, Which You have redeemed R2247 to be the tribe R2248 of Your inheritance; And this Mount Zion, R2249 where You have dwelt. 3 Turn F777 Your footsteps toward the perpetual R2250 ruins; The enemy has R2251 damaged everything within the sanctuary. 4 Your adversaries have roared R2252 in the midst of Your meeting place; They have set up their own R2253 standards F778 for R2254 signs. 5 It seems as if one had lifted up His axe R2255 F779 in a forest F780 of trees. 6 And now all F781 its carved R2256 work They smash with hatchet and hammers. F782 7 They have burned R2257 F783 Your sanctuary to F784 the ground; They have defiled R2258 the dwelling place of Your name. 8 They said R2259 in their heart, "Let us completely F785 subdue F786 them." They have burned all the meeting places of God in the land. 9 We do not see our signs; R2260 There is no R2261 longer any prophet, Nor is there any among us who knows how R2262 long. 10 How long, O God, will the adversary revile, R2263 And the enemy spurn R2264 Your name forever? 11 Why do R2265 You withdraw Your hand, even Your right hand? From within Your bosom, destroy R2266 them!

12 Yet God is my R2267 king from of old, Who works deeds of deliverance in the midst of the earth. 13 You F787 divided R2268 the sea by Your strength; You F787 broke R2269 the heads of the sea R2270 monsters in F788 the waters. 14 You F789 crushed the heads of Leviathan; R2271 F790 You F789 gave him as food for the creatures F791 of R2272 the wilderness. 15 You F792 broke R2273 open springs and torrents; You F792 dried R2274 up ever-flowing streams. 16 Yours is the day, Yours also is the night; You F793 have prepared R2275 the light F794 and the sun. 17 You F795 have established R2276 all the boundaries of the earth; You F795 have made F796 summer R2277 and winter.

18 Remember this, O F797 LORD, that the enemy has reviled, R2278 And a foolish R2279 people has spurned Your name. 19 Do not deliver the soul of Your turtledove R2280 to the wild beast; Do R2281 not forget the life of Your afflicted forever. 20 Consider the covenant; R2282 For the dark R2283 places of the land are full of the habitations of violence. 21 Let not the oppressed R2284 return dishonored; Let the afflicted R2285 and needy praise Your name. 22 Arise, O God, and plead R2286 Your own cause; Remember how F798 the foolish R2287 man reproaches You all day long. 23 Do not forget the voice of Your adversaries, R2288 The uproar R2289 of those who rise against You which ascends continually.

75:1-10 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 We give R2290 thanks to You, O God, we give thanks, For Your name is near; R2291 Men declare Your R2292 wondrous works. 2 "When I select an appointed R2293 time, It is I who judge R2294 with equity. 3 "The earth R2295 and all who dwell in it melt; F799 It is I who have firmly set its pillars. R2296 Selah. F800 4 "I said to the boastful, `Do not boast,' And to the wicked, `Do R2297 not lift up the horn; 5 Do not lift up your horn on high, Do R2298 not speak with insolent pride.' F801 "

6 For not from the east, nor from the west, Nor from the desert R2299 F802 comes exaltation; 7 But God R2300 is the Judge; He puts R2301 down one and exalts another. 8 For a cup R2302 is in the hand of the LORD, and the wine foams; It is well R2303 F803 mixed, and He pours out of this; Surely all the wicked of the earth must drain and drink R2304 down its dregs. 9 But as for me, I will declare R2305 it forever; I will sing praises to the God of Jacob. 10 And all the horns R2306 of the wicked He F804 will cut off, But the R2307 horns of the righteous will be lifted up.

76:1-12 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 God is known R2308 in Judah; His name is great R2309 in Israel. 2 His tabernacle R2310 F805 is in Salem; R2311 His dwelling R2312 place also is in Zion. 3 There He broke R2313 the flaming F806 arrows, The shield and the sword and the weapons F807 of war. Selah. F808 4 You are resplendent, More F809 majestic than the mountains of prey. 5 The stouthearted R2314 were plundered, They F810 sank into sleep; And none of the warriors F811 could use his hands. 6 At Your rebuke, R2315 O God of Jacob, Both rider R2316 F812 and horse were cast into a dead sleep.

7 You, even You, are to R2317 be feared; And who R2318 may stand in Your presence when once You F813 are angry? 8 You caused judgment to be heard from heaven; The earth feared R2319 and was still 9 When God arose R2320 to judgment, To save all the humble of the earth. Selah. 10 For the wrath R2321 F814 of man shall praise You; With a remnant of wrath You will gird Yourself. 11 Make R2322 vows to the LORD your God and fulfill R2323 them; Let all who are around Him bring R2324 gifts to Him who is to be feared. 12 He will cut off the spirit of princes; He is feared R2325 F815 by the kings of the earth.

77:1-20 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 My voice rises to God, and I will cry R2326 aloud; My voice rises to God, and He will hear me. 2 In the day R2327 of my trouble I sought the Lord; In R2328 the night my hand R2329 was stretched out without F816 weariness; My soul refused R2330 to be comforted. 3 When I remember God, then I am disturbed; R2331 When I sigh, R2332 then my R2333 spirit grows faint. Selah. F817 4 You have held my eyelids open; I am so troubled that I cannot R2334 speak. 5 I have considered the days R2335 of old, The years of long ago. 6 I will remember my song R2336 in the night; I will R2337 meditate with my heart, And my spirit ponders: F818 7 Will the Lord reject R2338 forever? And will He never R2339 be favorable again? 8 Has His lovingkindness R2340 ceased forever? Has His promise R2341 F819 come to an end forever? F820 9 Has God forgotten R2342 to be gracious, Or has He in anger withdrawn F821 His compassion? R2343 Selah. 10 Then I said, "It R2344 is my grief, F822 That the right R2345 hand of the Most High has changed."

11 I shall remember the deeds R2346 of the F823 LORD; Surely I will remember R2346 Your wonders of old. 12 I will meditate R2347 on all Your work And muse on Your deeds. 13 Your way, O God, is holy; R2348 What R2349 god is great like our God? 14 You are the God R2350 who works wonders; You have made R2351 known Your strength among the peoples. 15 You have by Your power F824 redeemed R2352 Your people, The sons of Jacob and Joseph. R2353 Selah. 16 The waters R2354 saw You, O God; The waters saw You, they were in anguish; The deeps also trembled. 17 The clouds R2355 poured out water; The skies gave R2356 forth a sound; Your arrows R2357 flashed F825 here and there. 18 The sound R2358 of Your thunder was in the whirlwind; The lightnings R2359 lit up the world; The earth R2360 trembled and shook. 19 Your way R2361 was in the sea And Your paths in the mighty waters, And Your footprints may not be known. 20 You led R2362 Your people like a flock By the hand of Moses R2363 and Aaron.

78:1-72 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 Listen, R2364 O my people, to my instruction; F826 Incline R2365 your ears to the words of my mouth. 2 I will open R2366 my mouth in a parable; I will utter dark R2367 sayings of old, 3 Which we have heard and known, And our R2368 fathers have told us. 4 We will not R2369 conceal them from their children, But tell R2370 to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, And His strength and His wondrous R2371 works that He has done. 5 For He established a testimony R2372 in Jacob And appointed a law R2373 in Israel, Which He commanded R2374 our fathers That they should teach R2375 F827 them to their children, 6 That R2376 the generation to come might know, even the R2377 children yet to be born, That they may arise and tell R2378 them to their children, 7 That they should put their confidence in God And not R2379 forget the works of God, But keep R2380 His commandments, 8 And not R2381 be like their fathers, A stubborn R2382 and rebellious generation, A generation that did R2383 not prepare F828 its heart And whose spirit was not faithful R2384 to God.

9 The sons of Ephraim were F829 archers R2385 equipped with bows, Yet they R2386 turned back in the day of battle. 10 They did R2387 not keep the covenant of God And refused to walk R2388 in His law; 11 They forgot R2389 His deeds And His miracles F830 that He had shown them. 12 He R2390 wrought wonders before their fathers In the land of Egypt, in the field R2391 of Zoan. 13 He divided R2392 the sea and caused them to pass through, And He made the waters stand up R2393 like a heap. 14 Then He led them with the cloud by day R2394 And all the night with a light R2395 of fire. 15 He split R2396 the rocks in the wilderness And gave them abundant drink like the ocean depths. 16 He brought R2397 forth streams also from the rock And caused waters to run down like rivers. 17 Yet they still continued to sin against Him, To rebel R2398 against the Most High in the desert. 18 And in their heart they put R2399 God to the test By asking food R2400 according to their desire. 19 Then they spoke against God; They said, "Can R2401 God prepare a table in the wilderness? 20 "Behold, He struck R2402 the rock so that waters gushed out, And streams were overflowing; Can He give bread also? Will He provide meat R2403 F831 for His people?" 21 Therefore the LORD heard and was F832 full R2404 of wrath; And a fire was kindled against Jacob And anger also mounted against Israel, 22 Because they did R2405 not believe in God And did not trust in His salvation. 23 Yet He commanded the clouds above And opened R2406 the doors of heaven; 24 He rained R2407 down manna upon them to eat And gave them food R2408 F833 from heaven. 25 Man did eat the bread of angels; F834 He sent them food F835 in R2409 F836 abundance. 26 He caused R2410 the east wind to blow in the heavens And by His power F837 He directed the south wind. 27 When He rained meat F838 upon them like the dust, Even winged R2411 fowl like the sand of the seas, 28 Then He let them fall in the midst of their F839 camp, Round about their dwellings. 29 So they ate R2412 and were well filled, And their desire He gave to them. 30 Before F840 they had satisfied their desire, While R2413 their food was in their mouths, 31 The anger R2414 of God rose against them And killed some F841 of their stoutest R2415 ones, And subdued F842 the choice men of Israel. 32 In spite of all this they still R2416 sinned And did R2417 not believe in His wonderful works. 33 So He brought their R2418 days to an end in futility F843 And their years in sudden terror. 34 When He killed them, then they sought R2419 Him, And returned and searched diligently R2420 for God; 35 And they remembered that God was their rock, R2421 And the Most High God their Redeemer. R2422 36 But they deceived R2423 Him with their mouth And lied R2424 to Him with their tongue. 37 For their heart was not steadfast R2425 toward Him, Nor were they faithful in His covenant. 38 But He, being compassionate, R2426 forgave R2427 F844 their iniquity and did not destroy them; And often He restrained R2428 F845 His anger And did not arouse all His wrath. 39 Thus He R2429 remembered that they were but flesh, R2430 A wind R2431 F846 that passes and does not return.

40 How often they rebelled R2432 against Him in the wilderness And grieved R2433 Him in the desert! R2434 41 Again and again they tempted R2435 F847 God, And pained the Holy R2436 One of Israel. 42 They did R2437 not remember His R2438 power, F848 The day when He redeemed R2439 them from the adversary, 43 When He performed His signs R2440 in Egypt And His marvels R2441 in the field of Zoan, 44 And turned R2442 their rivers to blood, And their streams, they could not drink. 45 He sent among them swarms of flies R2443 which devoured them, And frogs R2444 which destroyed them. 46 He gave also their crops to the grasshopper R2445 And the product of their labor to the locust. R2446 47 He destroyed F849 their vines with hailstones R2447 And their sycamore trees with frost. 48 He gave over their cattle R2448 also to the hailstones And their herds to bolts of lightning. 49 He sent R2449 upon them His burning anger, Fury and indignation and trouble, A F850 band of destroying angels. 50 He leveled a path for His anger; He did not spare their soul from death, But gave R2450 over their life to the plague, 51 And smote R2451 all the firstborn in Egypt, The first R2452 issue of their virility in the tents of Ham. R2453 52 But He led R2454 forth His own people like sheep And guided them in the wilderness like R2455 a flock; 53 He led them safely, R2456 so that they did not fear; But the R2457 sea engulfed their enemies. 54 So He R2458 brought them to His holy land, F851 To this hill R2459 F852 country which R2460 His right hand had gained. 55 He also drove R2461 out the nations before them And apportioned R2462 them for an inheritance by measurement, And made the tribes of Israel dwell in their tents. 56 Yet they tempted R2463 F853 and rebelled R2464 against the Most High God And did not keep His testimonies, 57 But turned back and acted R2465 treacherously like their fathers; They turned R2466 aside like a treacherous bow. 58 For they provoked R2467 Him with their high R2468 places And aroused R2469 His jealousy with their graven R2470 images. 59 When God heard, He was F854 filled with wrath R2471 And greatly abhorred R2472 Israel; 60 So that He abandoned R2473 the dwelling R2474 place at Shiloh, The tent which F855 He had pitched among men, 61 And gave up His strength R2475 to captivity And His glory into R2476 the hand of the adversary. 62 He also delivered R2477 His people to the sword, And was F856 filled with wrath at His inheritance. 63 Fire R2478 devoured His F857 young men, And His F857 virgins R2479 had no wedding songs. 64 His F858 priests R2480 fell by the sword, And His F858 widows R2481 could not weep. 65 Then the Lord awoke R2482 as if from sleep, Like a warrior R2483 overcome F859 by wine. 66 He drove R2484 F860 His adversaries backward; He put on them an everlasting reproach. 67 He also rejected R2485 the tent of Joseph, And did not choose the tribe of Ephraim, 68 But chose the tribe of Judah, Mount Zion R2486 which He loved. 69 And He built R2487 His sanctuary like the heights, Like the earth which He has founded forever. 70 He also chose R2488 David His servant And took him from the sheepfolds; 71 From the R2489 F861 care of the ewes F862 with R2490 suckling lambs He brought him To shepherd R2491 Jacob His people, And Israel His R2492 inheritance. 72 So he shepherded them according to the integrity R2493 of his heart, And guided them with his skillful hands.

79:1-13 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 O God, the nations R2494 have invaded F863 Your R2495 inheritance; They have defiled Your holy R2496 temple; They have laid R2497 Jerusalem in ruins. 2 They have given the dead R2498 bodies of Your servants for food to the birds of the heavens, The flesh of Your godly ones to the beasts of the earth. 3 They have poured out their blood like water round about Jerusalem; And there was no R2499 one to bury them. 4 We have become a reproach R2500 to our neighbors, A scoffing and derision to those around us. 5 How R2501 long, O LORD? Will You be angry forever? Will Your jealousy R2502 burn R2503 like fire?

6 Pour R2504 out Your wrath upon the nations which do R2505 not know You, And upon the kingdoms which do R2506 not call upon Your name. 7 For they have devoured R2507 Jacob And laid R2508 waste his habitation. F864 8 Do R2509 not remember the F865 iniquities of our forefathers against us; Let Your compassion come quickly to meet R2510 us, For we are brought R2511 very low. 9 Help R2512 us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of Your R2513 name; And deliver us and forgive R2514 F866 our sins for R2515 Your name's sake. 10 Why R2516 should the nations say, "Where is their God?" Let there be known among the nations in our sight, Vengeance R2517 for the blood of Your servants which has been shed. 11 Let the R2518 groaning of the prisoner come before You; According to the greatness of Your power F867 preserve those F868 who are doomed R2518 to die. 12 And return to our neighbors sevenfold R2519 into R2520 their bosom The F869 reproach R2521 with which they have reproached You, O Lord. 13 So we Your people and the sheep R2522 of Your pasture F870 Will give R2523 thanks to You forever; To all generations we will tell R2524 of Your praise.

80:1-19 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 Oh, give ear, Shepherd R2525 of Israel, You who lead Joseph R2526 like a flock; You who are R2527 enthroned above the cherubim, shine forth! 2 Before Ephraim R2528 and Benjamin and Manasseh, stir R2529 up Your power And come to save us! 3 O God, restore R2530 us And cause R2531 Your face to shine upon us, and F871 we will be saved. 4 O LORD God of hosts, How R2533 long will You be F872 angry with the prayer of Your people? 5 You have fed them with the bread R2534 of tears, And You have made them to drink tears in large F873 measure. 6 You make us an F874 object of contention to R2535 our neighbors, And our enemies laugh among themselves. 7 O God of hosts, restore us And cause Your face to shine upon us, and F875 we will be saved.

8 You removed a vine R2536 from Egypt; You drove R2537 out the nations F876 and planted R2538 it. 9 You cleared R2539 the ground before it, And it took R2540 deep root and filled the land. 10 The mountains were covered with its shadow, And the F877 cedars of God with its boughs. R2541 11 It was sending out its branches to R2542 the sea And its shoots to the River. 12 Why have You broken R2543 down its hedges, F878 So that all who pass that way pick its fruit? 13 A boar from the forest eats R2544 it away And whatever moves in the field feeds on it. 14 O God of hosts, turn R2545 again now, we beseech You; Look R2546 down from heaven and see, and take care of this vine, 15 Even the shoot R2547 F879 which Your right hand has planted, And on the son F880 whom You have strengthened F881 for Yourself. 16 It is burned R2548 with fire, it is cut down; They perish at the rebuke R2549 of Your countenance. 17 Let Your R2550 hand be upon the man of Your right hand, Upon the son of man whom You made R2551 strong for Yourself. 18 Then we shall not turn R2552 back from You; Revive R2553 us, and we will call upon Your name. 19 O LORD God of hosts, restore R2554 us; Cause Your face to shine upon us, and F882 we will be saved.

81:1-16 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 Sing R2555 for joy to God our strength; R2556 Shout joyfully R2557 to the God R2558 of Jacob. 2 Raise a song, strike the R2559 timbrel, The sweet sounding lyre R2560 with the harp. R2561 3 Blow the trumpet at the new R2562 moon, At the full moon, on our feast R2563 day. 4 For it is a statute for Israel, An ordinance of the God of Jacob. 5 He established it for a testimony in Joseph When he went R2564 F883 throughout the land of Egypt. I heard a language R2565 that I did not know: 6 "I relieved R2566 F884 his shoulder of the burden, His hands were freed from the basket. F885 7 "You called R2567 in trouble and I rescued you; I answered R2568 you in the hiding place of thunder; I proved you at the waters R2569 of Meribah. Selah. F886

8 "Hear, R2570 O My people, and I will admonish F887 you; O Israel, if you would R2571 listen to Me! 9 "Let there be no strange R2572 god among you; Nor shall you worship any foreign god. 10 "I, R2573 the LORD, am your God, Who brought you up from the land of Egypt; Open R2574 your mouth wide and I will fill R2575 it. 11 "But My people did R2576 not listen to My voice, And Israel did not obey F888 Me. 12 "So I gave R2577 them F889 over to the stubbornness of their heart, To walk in their own devices. 13 "Oh that My people would R2578 listen to Me, That Israel would walk R2579 in My ways! 14 "I would quickly subdue R2580 their enemies And turn R2581 My hand against their adversaries. 15 "Those R2582 who hate the LORD would pretend R2583 obedience to Him, And their time of punishment would be forever. 16 "But F890 I would feed you with the finest R2584 F891 of the wheat, And with honey R2585 from the rock I would satisfy you."

82:1-8 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 God takes His stand R2586 in His F892 own congregation; He judges R2587 in the midst of the rulers. R2588 F893 2 How long will you judge R2589 unjustly And show R2590 partiality to the wicked? Selah. F894 3 Vindicate R2591 the weak and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and destitute. 4 Rescue R2592 the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked. 5 They do R2593 not know nor do they understand; They walk R2594 about in darkness; All the foundations R2595 of the earth are shaken.

6 I F895 said, R2596 "You are gods, And all of you are sons R2597 of the Most High. 7 "Nevertheless you R2598 will die like men And fall like any one R2599 of the princes." 8 Arise, R2600 O God, judge R2601 the earth! For it is You who possesses R2602 all the nations.

83:1-18 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

1 O God, do R2603 not remain quiet; Do R2604 not be silent and, O God, do not be still. 2 For behold, Your enemies make R2605 an uproar, And those R2606 who hate You have exalted R2607 F896 themselves. 3 They make R2608 shrewd plans against Your people, And conspire F897 together against Your R2609 treasured F898 ones. 4 They have said, "Come, and let R2610 us wipe them out as F899 a nation, That the name R2611 of Israel be remembered no more." 5 For they have conspired R2612 F900 together with one mind; Against You they make a covenant: 6 The tents of Edom R2613 and the Ishmaelites, R2614 Moab R2615 and the Hagrites; R2616 7 Gebal R2617 and Ammon R2618 and Amalek, R2619 Philistia R2620 with the inhabitants of Tyre; R2621 8 Assyria R2622 also has joined with them; They have become a F901 help to the children R2623 of Lot. Selah. F902

9 Deal with them as R2624 with Midian, As with R2625 Sisera and Jabin at the torrent of Kishon, 10 Who were destroyed at En-dor, Who became R2626 as dung for the ground. 11 Make their nobles like Oreb R2627 and Zeeb And all their princes like Zebah R2628 and Zalmunna, 12 Who said, "Let R2629 us possess for ourselves The pastures R2630 of God." 13 O my God, make them like the whirling R2631 F903 dust, Like chaff R2632 before the wind. 14 Like fire R2633 that burns the forest And like a flame that sets R2634 the mountains on fire, 15 So pursue them with R2635 Your tempest And terrify them with Your storm. 16 Fill R2636 their faces with dishonor, That they may seek Your name, O LORD. 17 Let them be ashamed R2637 and dismayed forever, And let them be humiliated and perish, 18 That they may know R2638 that You R2639 alone, whose name is the LORD, Are the Most R2640 High over all the earth.

F792 Lit were caused to slip
F793 Or boasters
F794 Or belly
F795 Lit in the trouble of men
F796 Or mortals
F797 Lit with
F798 Lit goes forth
F799 Lit overflow
F800 Or they speak in wickedness; From on high they speak of oppression
F801 Or in
F802 Lit walks
F803 Or His
F804 Lit drained out
F805 Lit in
F806 Or cleansed my heart
F807 Lit my chastening
F808 Lit labor, trouble
F809 Lit sanctuaries
F810 Lit ruins
F811 Lit become a desolation
F812 Or image
F813 Lit in my kidneys
F814 Or an animal
F815 Lit with You
F816 Or with honor
F817 Or with
F818 Lit rock
F819 Or silenced
F820 Lit go to a whoring from
F821 Heb YHWH, usually rendered LORD
F822 Possibly, Contemplative, or Didactic, or Skillful Psalm
F823 Or pasturing
F824 Lit Lift up
F825 Lit signs
F826 Lit axes
F827 Lit thicket
F828 Lit altogether
F829 Or axes
F830 Lit set on fire
F831 Or To the ground they...
F832 Lit altogether
F833 Or oppress
F834 Or You Yourself
F835 Lit on
F836 Or You Yourself
F837 Or sea monster
F838 Lit people
F839 Or You Yourself
F840 Or You Yourself
F841 Or luminary
F842 Or You Yourself
F843 Or formed
F844 Or that the enemy has reviled the LORD
F845 Lit Your reproach from the foolish man
F846 Lit Do Not Destroy
F847 Or totter
F848 Selah may mean: Pause, Crescendo or Musical interlude
F849 Lit neck
F850 Or mountainous desert
F851 Lit full of mixture
F852 Heb I
F853 Lit shelter
F854 Lit fiery shafts of the bow
F855 Lit battle
F856 Selah may mean: Pause, Crescendo or Musical interlude
F857 Or Majestic from the mountains
F858 Lit They slumbered their sleep
F859 Lit men of might have found their hands
F860 Lit chariot
F861 Lit Your anger is
F862 Lit wraths
F863 Lit awesome to
F864 1 Chr 16:41
F865 Lit and did not grow numb
F866 Selah may mean: Pause, Crescendo or Musical interlude
F867 Lit searched
F868 Lit word
F869 Lit from generation to generation
F870 Lit shut up
F871 Or infirmity, the years of the right hand of the Most High
F872 Heb YAH
F873 Lit arm
F874 Lit went
F875 Possibly, Contemplative, or Didactic, or Skillful Psalm
F876 Or law, teaching
F877 Lit make them known
F878 Or put right
F879 Or being
F880 Or wonderful works
F881 Lit flesh
F882 Or became infuriated
F883 Lit grain
F884 Lit mighty ones
F885 Or provision
F886 Lit to satiation
F887 Or strength
F888 Lit flesh
F889 Lit His
F890 Lit They were not estranged from
F891 Lit among their fat ones
F892 Lit caused to bow down
F893 Lit vanity, a mere breath
F894 Lit covered over, atoned for
F895 Lit turned away
F896 Or breath
F897 Or put God to the test
F898 Lit hand
F899 Lit was killing
F900 Lit A deputation of angels of evil
F901 Lit border, territory
F902 Or mountain
F903 Or put to the test
F904 Or became infuriated
F905 Some ancient versions read where He dwelt
F906 Or became infuriated
F907 Or their
F908 Or their
F909 Or sobered up from
F910 Lit smote
F911 Lit following
F912 Lit ewes which gave suck, He...
F913 Lit come into
F914 Lit pasture
F915 Or our former iniquities
F916 Lit cover over, atone for
F917 Lit arm
F918 Lit the children of death
F919 Lit Their
F920 Or pasturing
F921 Possibly, to the Lilies
F922 Lit A testimony
F923 Or that we may
F924 Lit smoke against
F925 Lit a third part of a
F926 Lit a strife to
F927 Or that we may
F928 Or Gentiles
F929 Or its boughs are like the cedars of God
F930 Or walls, fences
F931 Or root
F932 Or figuratively: branch
F933 Or secured
F934 Or that we may
F935 Or according to
F936 Lit went out over
F937 Lit removed his shoulder from
F938 Or brick load
F939 Selah may mean: Pause, Crescendo or Musical interlude
F940 Or bear witness against
F941 Lit yield to
F942 Lit him
F943 Lit He would feed him
F944 Lit fat
F945 Lit the congregation of God
F946 Lit gods
F947 Selah may mean: Pause, Crescendo or Musical interlude
F948 Lit I, on my part
F949 Lit lifted up the head
F950 Or consult
F951 Or hidden ones
F952 Lit from
F953 Or consulted
F954 Lit an arm
F955 Selah may mean: Pause, Crescendo or Musical interlude
F956 Or tumbleweed


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R2640 Psalms 9:2; 18:13; 97:9


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