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Monday, November 11, 2019

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 2 Samuel 10
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The New American Standard Bible
   Book of 2 SamuelClick Verse Reference for Study Notes
    10:1-19 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

Ammon and Aram Defeated

1 Now R269 it happened afterwards that the R270 king of the Ammonites died, and Hanun his son became king in his place. 2 Then David said, "I will show kindness to Hanun the son of Nahash, R271 just as his father showed kindness to me." So David sent some F103 of his servants to console him concerning his father. But when David's servants came to the land of the Ammonites, 3 the princes of the Ammonites said to Hanun their lord, "Do F104 you think that David is honoring your father because he has sent consolers to you? Has R272 David not sent his servants to you in order to search the city, to spy it out and overthrow it?" 4 So Hanun took David's servants and shaved R273 off half of their beards, and cut R274 off their garments in the middle as far as their hips, and sent them away. 5 When they told it to David, he sent to meet them, for the men were greatly humiliated. And the king said, "Stay F105 at Jericho until your beards grow, and then return."

6 Now when the sons of Ammon saw that they R275 had become odious to David, the sons of Ammon sent and hired R276 the Arameans of Beth-rehob R277 and the Arameans R278 of Zobah, 20,000 foot soldiers, and the king of Maacah R279 with 1,000 men, and the men of Tob with 12,000 men. 7 When David heard of it, he sent Joab and all the army, the mighty men. 8 The sons of Ammon came out and drew up in battle array at R280 the entrance of the city, F106 while the Arameans of Zobah and of Rehob and the men of Tob R281 and Maacah were by themselves in the field.

9 Now when Joab saw that the F107 battle was set against him in front and in the rear, he selected from all the choice men of Israel, and arrayed them against the Arameans. 10 But the remainder of the people he placed in the hand of Abishai his brother, and he arrayed them against the sons of Ammon. 11 He said, "If the Arameans are too strong for me, then you shall help me, but if the sons of Ammon are too strong for you, then I will come to help you. 12 "Be R282 strong, and let us show ourselves courageous for the sake of our people and for the cities of our God; and may R283 the LORD do what is good in His sight." 13 So Joab and the people who were with him drew near to the battle against the Arameans, and they R284 fled before him. 14 When the sons of Ammon saw that the Arameans fled, they also fled before Abishai and entered the city. Then R285 Joab returned from fighting against the sons of Ammon and came to Jerusalem.

15 When the Arameans saw that they had been defeated F108 by Israel, they gathered themselves together. 16 And R286 Hadadezer sent and brought out the Arameans who were beyond the River, F109 and they came to Helam; and Shobach R287 the commander of the army of Hadadezer led F110 them. 17 Now when it was told David, he gathered all Israel together and crossed the Jordan, and came to Helam. And the Arameans arrayed themselves to meet David and fought against him. 18 But the Arameans fled before Israel, and David killed 700 R288 charioteers of the Arameans and 40,000 horsemen and struck down Shobach the commander of their army, and he died there. 19 When all the kings, servants of Hadadezer, saw that they were defeated F111 by Israel, they R289 made peace with Israel and served them. So the Arameans feared to help the sons of Ammon anymore.

F103: Lit by the hand of
F104: Lit In your eyes is David honoring
F105: Lit Return to
F106: Lit gate
F107: Lit the faces of the battle were against
F108: Lit smitten before
F109: I.e. Euphrates
F110: Lit before
F111: Lit smitten before

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Copyright Statement: The New American Standard Bible
Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995; Audio Recording Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, (P) 1989 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, Calif. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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