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The KJV Strong's Version
   Book of Exodus
Chapter 29
Study Resource List
BCC -> Commentary on 29:6
GEB -> Study Notes on 29:6
GSB -> Study Notes on 29:6
JFB -> Commentary on 29:6
MHC-COM -> Commentary on 29:6
MHC-CON -> Commentary on 29:6
TSK -> Entry for 29:6
WEN -> Notes on 29:6
NTB -> Crown; Priest
TCR -> Crown of the Priests; Mitre
BED -> Crown; Jesus Christ, Name and Titles of; Priest, Christ as; Worship
EBD -> Crown; Mitre; Priest
HBD -> Aaron; Bull; Crown; Dedicate, Dedication; Diadem; Ephod; Exodus, Book Of; High Priest; Leviticus; Ordination, Ordain; Tabernacle; Turban

Exodus 29:1-37 [ Verse 6 in Original: Hebrew / Greek ]
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1 And this is the thing that thou shalt do (8799) unto them to hallow (8763) them, to minister unto me in the priest's office (8763): Take (8798) one young * * bullock, and two rams without blemish, 2 And unleavened bread, and cakes unleavened tempered (8803) with oil, and wafers unleavened anointed (8803) with oil: of wheaten flour shalt thou make (8799) them. 3 And thou shalt put (8804) them into one basket, and bring (8689) them in the basket, with the bullock and the two rams. 4 And Aaron and his sons thou shalt bring (8686) unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and shalt wash (8804) them with water. 5 And thou shalt take (8804) the garments, and put (8689) upon Aaron the coat, and the robe of the ephod, and the ephod, and the breastplate, and gird (8804) him with the curious girdle of the ephod: 6 And thou shalt put (8804) the mitre upon his head, and put (8804) the holy crown upon the mitre. 7 Then shalt thou take (8804) the anointing oil, and pour (8804) it upon his head, and anoint (8804) him. 8 And thou shalt bring (8686) his sons, and put (8689) coats upon them. 9 And thou shalt gird (8804) them with girdles, Aaron and his sons, and put (8804) the bonnets on them: and the priest's office shall be theirs for a perpetual statute: and thou shalt consecrate * (8765) Aaron and his sons. 10 And thou shalt cause a bullock to be brought (8689) before the tabernacle of the congregation: and Aaron and his sons shall put (8804) their hands upon the head of the bullock. 11 And thou shalt kill (8804) the bullock before the LORD, by the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. 12 And thou shalt take (8804) of the blood of the bullock, and put (8804) it upon the horns of the altar with thy finger, and pour (8799) all the blood beside the bottom of the altar. 13 And thou shalt take (8804) all the fat that covereth (8764) the inwards, and the caul that is above the liver, and the two kidneys, and the fat that is upon them, and burn (8689) them upon the altar. 14 But the flesh of the bullock, and his skin, and his dung, shalt thou burn (8799) with fire without the camp: it is a sin offering. 15 Thou shalt also take (8799) one ram; and Aaron and his sons shall put (8804) their hands upon the head of the ram. 16 And thou shalt slay (8804) the ram, and thou shalt take (8804) his blood, and sprinkle (8804) it round about upon the altar. 17 And thou shalt cut (8762) the ram in pieces, and wash (8804) the inwards of him, and his legs, and put (8804) them unto his pieces, and unto his head. 18 And thou shalt burn (8689) the whole ram upon the altar: it is a burnt offering unto the LORD: it is a sweet savour, an offering made by fire unto the LORD. 19 And thou shalt take (8804) the other ram; and Aaron and his sons shall put (8804) their hands upon the head of the ram. 20 Then shalt thou kill (8804) the ram, and take (8804) of his blood, and put (8804) it upon the tip of the right ear of Aaron, and upon the tip of the right ear of his sons, and upon the thumb of their right hand, and upon the great toe of their right foot, and sprinkle (8804) the blood upon the altar round about. 21 And thou shalt take (8804) of the blood that is upon the altar, and of the anointing oil, and sprinkle (8689) it upon Aaron, and upon his garments, and upon his sons, and upon the garments of his sons with him: and he shall be hallowed (8804), and his garments, and his sons, and his sons' garments with him. 22 Also thou shalt take (8804) of the ram the fat and the rump, and the fat that covereth (8764) the inwards, and the caul above the liver, and the two kidneys, and the fat that is upon them, and the right shoulder; for it is a ram of consecration: 23 And one loaf of bread, and one cake of oiled bread, and one wafer out of the basket of the unleavened bread that is before the LORD: 24 And thou shalt put (8804) all in the hands of Aaron, and in the hands of his sons; and shalt wave (8689) them for a wave offering before the LORD. 25 And thou shalt receive (8804) them of their hands, and burn (8689) them upon the altar for a burnt offering, for a sweet savour before the LORD: it is an offering made by fire unto the LORD. 26 And thou shalt take (8804) the breast of the ram of Aaron's consecration, and wave (8689) it for a wave offering before the LORD: and it shall be thy part. 27 And thou shalt sanctify (8765) the breast of the wave offering, and the shoulder of the heave offering, which is waved (8717), and which is heaved up (8717), of the ram of the consecration, even of that which is for Aaron, and of that which is for his sons: 28 And it shall be Aaron's and his sons' by a statute for ever from the children of Israel: for it is an heave offering: and it shall be an heave offering from the children of Israel of the sacrifice of their peace offerings, even their heave offering unto the LORD. 29 And the holy garments of Aaron shall be his sons' after him, to be anointed therein, and to be consecrated * (8763) in them. 30 And that son that is priest in his stead shall put (8799) them on seven days, when he cometh (8799) into the tabernacle of the congregation to minister (8763) in the holy place. 31 And thou shalt take (8799) the ram of the consecration, and seethe (8765) his flesh in the holy place. 32 And Aaron and his sons shall eat (8804) the flesh of the ram, and the bread that is in the basket, by the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. 33 And they shall eat (8804) those things wherewith the atonement was made (8795), to consecrate * (8763) and to sanctify (8763) them: but a stranger (8801) shall not eat (8799) thereof, because they are holy. 34 And if ought of the flesh of the consecrations, or of the bread, remain (8735) unto the morning, then thou shalt burn (8804) the remainder (8737) with fire: it shall not be eaten (8735), because it is holy. 35 And thus shalt thou do (8804) unto Aaron, and to his sons, according to all things which I have commanded (8765) thee: seven days shalt thou consecrate * (8762) them. 36 And thou shalt offer (8799) every day a bullock for a sin offering for atonement: and thou shalt cleanse (8765) the altar, when thou hast made an atonement (8763) for it, and thou shalt anoint (8804) it, to sanctify (8763) it. 37 Seven days thou shalt make an atonement (8762) for the altar, and sanctify (8765) it; and it shall be an altar most holy *: whatsoever toucheth (8802) the altar shall be holy (8799).

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BCC - Burton Coffman; GEB - Gill's Exposition; GSB - Geneva Study Bible; JFB - Jamieson, Fausset, Brown; MHC-COM - Matthew Henry Complete; MHC-CON - Matthew Henry Concise; TSK - Treasury of Scripture Knowledge; WEN - Wesley's Explanatory Notes; NTB - Nave's Topical Bible; TCR - Thompson Chain Reference; TSK - Treasury of Scripture Knowledge; BED - Baker's Evangelical Dictionary; EBD - Easton's Bible Dictionary; HBD - Holman Bible Dictionary;

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