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Thursday, November 21, 2019

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The New American Standard Bible
   Book of Jeremiah
Chapter 52  - Click for Chapter Audio
Study Resource List
ACC -> Commentary on 52:12
BCC -> Commentary on 52:12
GEB -> Study Notes on 52:12
GSB -> Study Notes on 52:12
JFB -> Commentary on 52:12
MHC-COM -> Commentary on 52:12
MHC-CON -> Commentary on 52:12
SRN -> Study Notes on 52:12
TSK -> Entry for 52:12
WEN -> Notes on 52:12
NTB -> Jerusalem; Month; Nebuzaradan (Nebuzar-Adan); Zedekiah
TCR -> Nebuzar-adan
ATS -> Nebuzaradan; Zedekiah
BED -> Fulfillment
EBD -> Fast
HBD -> Babylon, History And Religion Of; Bodyguard; Exile; Jeremiah

Jeremiah 52:12-23 [ Verse 12 in Original: Hebrew / Greek ]
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12 Now R2698 on the tenth day of the fifth month, which was the nineteenth R2699 year of King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, Nebuzaradan R2700 the captain of the bodyguard, who F645 was in the service of the king of Babylon, came to Jerusalem. 13 He burned R2701 the house of the LORD, the king's R2702 house and all the houses of Jerusalem; even every large house he burned with fire. 14 So all the army of the Chaldeans who were with the captain of the guard broke R2703 down all the walls around Jerusalem. 15 Then Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard carried R2704 away into exile some of the poorest of the people, the rest of the people who were left in the city, the deserters R2705 F646 who had deserted to the king of Babylon and the rest of the artisans. 16 But Nebuzaradan R2706 the captain of the guard left some of the poorest of the land to be vinedressers and plowmen. F647 17 Now the bronze pillars R2707 which belonged to the house of the LORD and the stands R2708 and the bronze sea, R2709 which were in the house of the LORD, the Chaldeans broke in pieces and carried all their bronze to Babylon. 18 They also took away the pots, R2710 the shovels, the snuffers, the basins, the pans F648 and all the bronze vessels which were used in temple service. 19 The captain of the guard also took away the bowls, R2711 the firepans, the basins, the pots, the lampstands, the pans F649 and the drink offering bowls, what was fine gold and what was fine silver. 20 The two pillars, the one sea, and the twelve bronze bulls that were under the F650 sea, and the stands, which King Solomon had made for the house of the LORD--the bronze of all these vessels was beyond R2712 weight. 21 As for the pillars, the height R2713 of each pillar was eighteen cubits, F651 and it F652 was twelve cubits in circumference R2713 and four fingers in thickness, and hollow. 22 Now a capital R2714 of bronze was on it; and the height of each capital was five cubits, with network and pomegranates R2715 upon the capital all around, all of bronze. And the second pillar was like these, including pomegranates. 23 There were ninety-six exposed F653 pomegranates; all the R2716 pomegranates numbered a hundred on the network all around.

F645 Lit stood before the king
F646 Lit fallers who had fallen
F647 Or unpaid laborers
F648 Or spoons for incense
F649 Or spoons for incense
F650 So Gr and Syriac; Heb omits the sea
F651 I.e. One cubit equals approx 18 in.
F652 Lit a line of 12 cubits would encircle it
F653 Lit windward


R2698 2 Kings 25:8-21; Zechariah 7:5;
R2699 2 Kings 24:12; 25:8; Jeremiah 52:29
R2700 Jeremiah 39:9
R2701 1 Kings 9:8; 2 Kings 25:9; 2 Chronicles 36:19; Psalms 74:6-8; 79:1; Isaiah 64:10,11; Lamentations 2:7; Micah 3:12
R2702 Jeremiah 39:8
R2703 2 Kings 25:10; Nehemiah 1:3
R2704 2 Kings 25:11
R2705 Jeremiah 39:9
R2706 2 Kings 25:12; Jeremiah 39:10; 40:2-6
R2707 1 Kings 7:15-22; 2 Kings 25:13; Jeremiah 27:19-22;
R2708 1 Kings 7:27-37
R2709 1 Kings 7:23-26
R2710 Exodus 27:3; 1 Kings 7:40,45; 2 Kings 25:14
R2711 1 Kings 7:49,50; 2 Kings 25:15
R2712 1 Kings 7:47; 2 Kings 25:16
R2713 1 Kings 7:15; 2 Kings 25:17; 2 Chronicles 3:15
R2714 1 Kings 7:16; 2 Kings 25:17
R2715 1 Kings 7:20,42
R2716 1 Kings 7:20


Abbreviations Legend:

ACC - Adam Clark Commentary; BCC - Burton Coffman; GEB - Gill's Exposition; GSB - Geneva Study Bible; JFB - Jamieson, Fausset, Brown; MHC-COM - Matthew Henry Complete; MHC-CON - Matthew Henry Concise; SRN - Scofield Reference Notes; TSK - Treasury of Scripture Knowledge; WEN - Wesley's Explanatory Notes; NTB - Nave's Topical Bible; TCR - Thompson Chain Reference; TSK - Treasury of Scripture Knowledge; ATS - ATS Bible Dictionary; BED - Baker's Evangelical Dictionary; EBD - Easton's Bible Dictionary; HBD - Holman Bible Dictionary;

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