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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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 Joel 1
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The New American Standard Bible
   Book of JoelClick Verse Reference for Study Notes
    1:1-20 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

The Devastation of Locusts

1 The word R1 of the LORD that came to Joel, R2 the son of Pethuel:

2 Hear R3 this, O elders, R4

And listen, all inhabitants of the land.

Has R5 anything like this happened in your days

Or in your fathers' days?

3 Tell R6 your sons about it,

And let your sons tell their sons,

And their sons the next generation.

4 What the gnawing R7 locust has left, the swarming locust has eaten;

And what the swarming R8 locust has left, the creeping locust has eaten;

And what the creeping locust has left, the stripping R9 locust has eaten.

5 Awake, drunkards, R10 and weep;

And wail, all you wine drinkers,

On account of the sweet wine

That is cut R11 off from your mouth.

6 For a nation R12 has invaded F1 my land,

Mighty and without number;

Its R13 teeth are the teeth of a lion,

And it has the fangs of a lioness.

7 It has made R14 my vine a waste

And my fig tree splinters. F2

It has stripped them bare and cast them away;

Their branches have become white.

8 Wail R15 like a virgin girded R16 with sackcloth

For the bridegroom of her youth.

9 The grain R17 offering and the drink offering are cut off

From the house of the LORD.

The priests R18 mourn,

The ministers of the LORD.

10 The field is ruined, R19

The R20 land mourns;

For the grain is ruined,

The new wine dries up,

Fresh oil fails. F3

11 Be R21 F4 ashamed, O farmers,

Wail, O vinedressers,

For the wheat and the barley;

Because the harvest R22 of the field is destroyed.

12 The vine R23 dries up

And the fig tree fails; F5

The pomegranate, R24 the palm R25 also, and the apple R26 F6 tree,

All the trees of the field dry up.

Indeed, rejoicing R27 dries up

From the sons of men.

13 Gird R28 yourselves with sackcloth

And lament, O priests;

Wail, R29 O ministers of the altar!

Come, spend R30 the night in sackcloth

O ministers of my God,

For the grain offering and the drink offering

Are withheld from the house of your God.

Starvation and Drought

14 Consecrate R31 a fast,

Proclaim a solemn R32 assembly;

Gather the elders

And all the inhabitants of the land

To the house of the LORD your God,

And cry R33 out to the LORD.

15 Alas R34 for the day!

For the day R35 of the LORD is near,

And it will come as destruction R36 from the Almighty. F7

16 Has not food R37 been cut off before our eyes,

Gladness and joy R38 from the house of our God?

17 The seeds R39 F8 shrivel under their clods; F9

The storehouses are desolate,

The barns are torn down,

For the grain is dried up.

18 How the R40 beasts groan!

The herds of cattle wander aimlessly

Because there is no pasture for them;

Even the flocks of sheep suffer. F10

19 To R41 You, O LORD, I cry;

For fire R42 has devoured the pastures of the wilderness

And the flame has burned up all the trees of the field.

20 Even the beasts of the field pant R43 F11 for You;

For the water R44 brooks are dried up

And fire has devoured the pastures of the wilderness.

F1: Lit come up against
F2: Or a stump
F3: Lit wastes away
F4: Or The farmers are ashamed, The vinedressers wail
F5: Lit wastes away
F6: Or apricot
F7: Hebrew Shaddai
F8: Or dried figs
F9: Or shovels
F10: Lit bear punishment
F11: Lit long for

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Copyright Statement: The New American Standard Bible
Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995; Audio Recording Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, (P) 1989 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, Calif. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
For usage information, please read the NASB Copyright Statement.


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