Every Day Light - April 16

The Anatomy Of A Fool

"Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense ..." (v. 3)

For reading & meditation:
        ec 10:1-3

This chapter offers us the anatomy of a fool. But when you see how a fool behaves, you might begin to think you are surrounded by fools. Remember, however, the old saying that when you point one finger at another person you are pointing three back at yourself. Didn't our Lord warn us in Matthew 5:22 that we should not call anyone a "fool"? Yes, He did, but when Jesus talked of calling someone a fool, He was using a term which meant a "worthless" person. A person may do some silly things, but that does not make him worthless. No one who has been made in God's image should be called worthless. The Old Testament use of the word fool refers to someone who prefers going against the universe to going with it. Folly, points out Solomon in the opening verse of this chapter, is like dead flies in a costly perfume. A lot of extremely precious liquid is ruined by a very small thing. How many people do you know whose lives and reputations have been torn apart by just one foolish act of indiscretion? Fools are careless. Then hear this, says Solomon - the wise go to the right, the foolish go to the left (v. 2). The text refers to walking in the right direction. You can spot a fool, Solomon tells us, as he walks down the street. It cannot be hidden. Fools have no sense. And everyone can see it.


Gracious God and loving heavenly Father, pour into my heart the wisdom that overcomes all folly, and enable me, I pray, to avoid the carelessness and senselessness that characterizes a fool. This I ask in Christ's peerless and precious Name. Amen.

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