Every Day Light - May 16

On Looking Back

"He has not stopped showing his kindness to the living and the dead." (v. 20)

For reading & meditation:
        ru 2:18-21

It is not difficult to imagine the kind of thoughts that may have been going through Naomi's mind as she dwells on Ruth's first day in the harvest field. How will she fare? What will the men say about her - a foreigner? Will she be successful in bringing home enough grain to help keep body and soul together? If Naomi had such fears then they are quickly laid to rest when Ruth returns with a whole ephah of barley. An ephah is no small measure. ln today's terms it is nearly ten kilograms. I can picture Ruth recounting the events of the day with great excitement - her whole being tingling with delight as she reflects on the way God has provided for her. Naomi's questions come fast and furious: "Tell me everything! Whose field were you in? Where did you glean?" As soon as Ruth mentions the name of Boaz, Naomi's heart leaps within her, and she begins to focus on the Lord in a way she has not quite done before. "The Lord bless him!" she says, referring of course to Boaz, "He has not stopped showing his kindness to the living and the dead" (v. 20). She senses that Ruth's meeting with Boaz has a providential feel about it. Boaz was a close relative who had the right to redeem Ruth and take her to be his wife. Together, Ruth and Naomi look back over the day and give thanks to God for the evidence of His guiding hand. They find, as you and I have found, that the evidences of the divine design are certainly there as we look back.


Father, I confess I am better at looking back and thanking You than I am at looking ahead and praising You. Forgive me for that. Help me learn from what I have experienced of Your guiding hand to trust You more in the future. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

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