Every Day Light - September 22

The Father God

"When you pray, say: 'Father ' " (v. 2)

For reading & meditation:
        lu 11:1-13

Samuel Shoemaker, the American Episcopalian preacher who was instrumental in forming Alcoholics Anonymous, pointed out that the whole principle of prayer depends on what kind of Being the Creator is. Listen to this statement made to a group of recovering alcoholics: "If He created the universe and gave everything a primeval push, and then retired beyond, where we cannot get in contact with Him, prayer is a vain effort. But if He be a personal God as Christians believe He is, then He will have a concern for the people He made and will want to involve Himself with them in all their affairs." We are not alone in this universe; a personal God stands behind all things, waiting, longing that we might enter into a relationship with Him. We said that one of the reasons why people desire an impersonal God is because that kind of God is easier to live with than one who is personal like themselves. It's rather nice to carry inside our hearts a subjective idea of a God of beauty, truth and goodness. That kind of God demands nothing of us. Better still a formless life-force surging through all of us, a vast power we can tap and use to our advantage. That kind of God is extremely easy to live with. But a God who approaches us at infinite speed - the Hunter, the King, the Lover, the Husband - that is quite another matter. But whether we believe it or not, that is the kind of God He is.


Gracious and loving God, how thankful I am that You are not just a supernatural energy or a life-force, but a personal Being whom I can address as "Father." Your personality engages with my personality and we are one. In that my joy knows no bounds. Amen.

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