Today's Word - March 20

"The Lord make His face to shine on you and be gracious to you". Numbers 6:25

Shine - This word is a derivative of the Hebrew word for light (or). It is often associated with life and happiness. The concept of light is very important in Scripture and is found throughout the Bible. Consider for a moment all the religious connections with the idea of light: God creates it by speaking the word, light is the source of all life for men, light is a sign of God's creative power, light is used metaphorically of the expression of a person's face and eyes, light means favor and acceptance, in poetry light is an expression for being alive, light is used to describe eternal life, prosperity and joy are linked with light, light is a description of instruction and wisdom, light is related to God's way of salvation, God Himself is described as Light, God's glory is described a great light, and finally, Jesus is named the Light of the world and the Light of men.

All of these things are bound into the blessing found in Numbers 6. this blessing is repeated many more times in the Old Testament. Each time it is used to remind us that the God of all power and majesty has turned His face toward us in welcome community. He has decided to "make His face shine" on us. This is an expression of God's good will and love.

In the ancient world, many cultures worshipped the sun. Our God shines with the light of ten million suns. He is the Creator of every source of light because He is light. Today, look toward the heavens and enjoy the light God has given for your life. Then remember that His face is turned toward you to bring you grace. Amazing isn't it! The God of all Creation cares for us and looks our way just to welcome us to His universe.

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