The Voice of the Lord

People with good sense are slow to anger, and it is their glory to overlook an offense (Proverbs 19:11).

If we want to be in fellowship with the Father, the Messiah, and his Ruach (Spirit), we must break the habit of being easily offended. Yes, we need to confront significant sin, but small slights and minor irritations can simply be overlooked. A person who has not yet been healed of rejection can be easily hurt by many little things. This hurt may turn to bitterness.

In the life of a congregation, people who are easily hurt also become offended on behalf of others. Sometimes they start factions based on their mutual hurts. Through such a bitter pool, many can become polluted. Scripture outlines two ways to avoid this sin.

First, we must deal with those who have offended us in a biblical manner, according to the standards described in Matthew 18. We must begin by going alone, then with one or two; finally we are to approach the entire congregation.

Second, we must remember to walk in love so that a multitude of smaller slights are overlooked. This is possible when we know Yeshua and identify with the pain of his crucifixion and the victory of his techiyah (resurrection).

...not be easily offended by my brothers.


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