The Voice of the Lord

He was given a grave among the wicked; in his death he was with a rich man (Isaiah 53:9).

Isaiah 53 contains a most amazing description of the Messiah suffering and dying for our sins. Hidden inside this prophecy is something most unusual. Is it a mistake or an ancient mystery? You won't read it in English translations. Verse nine in Hebrew states, "Ve'et-ashir bemotav," which literally means "with a rich man in his deaths."

How can one man die many deaths? How can many deaths be linked to just one man? The answer is clear. When Yeshua died on the tzlav (cross), he died all our deaths, taking them on as his own.

Therefore, Isaiah 53 is not just a prophecy of Yeshua's death, but our deaths too. When it says "in his deaths," one of those deaths is the death of your old life. You died with Yeshua. Therefore, you have the power to be completely free and to walk in the newness of life. Be free of what is old and gone; the old you is truly dead. Do you want proof? It's right there in Isaiah 53, in a Hebrew mystery—"in his deaths." one new thing that I've never done before to celebrate my new identity and life with Messiah.


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