The Voice of the Lord

Marta, Marta, you are fretting and worrying about so many things! (Luke 10:41)

Have you noticed that there are always too many things to do, and they never seem to get completed? We live in a fast-paced, high-tech world that demands virtually all of our time. If we had twenty-eight hours in the day, we would soon need thirty-two. On top of that, our priorities become confused and the things that are most important, such as God and family, often get pushed out of the way.

One day, Yeshua came to visit a beloved Messianic family. Apparently, the parents were deceased and Marta (Martha), the oldest, was in charge. She had two younger siblings: Miryam (Mary) and El'azar (Lazarus—of resurrection fame). Marta was busy playing the part of the good yiddishe mama (Jewish mother), preparing the meal for Yeshua. Miryam was not helping but was sitting at Messiah's feet, receiving personal teaching. Finally, Marta blew up and demanded that Yeshua make Miryam come in and help her.

We need godly women like Marta who are hard laborers for the Kingdom of God and who are gifted in hospitality. But, sometimes, even the most dedicated of God's people can become too busy and miss out on what God has for them. Do you get so busy that it is hard to spend time with the Lord, get out to services, go to a prayer meeting, or have any family time at all? Then you are too busy! Change your life. "Re-prioritize" your activities by putting spiritual matters first. Take the time to sit at Yeshua's feet and learn from him.

...choose to "re-prioritize" my life. I will not be too busy to spend time with God, but put him first in my life.


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