The Voice of the Lord


Since I am going and preparing a place for you, I will return to take you with me (John 14:3).

The ancient Jewish marriage involved a betrothal, which was a commitment of the couple to wed. In preparation for the marriage, it was common for the man to return to his village and build an extension onto his father's house. This, of course, would take some time, depending upon the elements, the help, and the industriousness of the groom.

Meanwhile, the bride would await the return of her man. She would undoubtedly keep occupied in conversation with her girlfriends. The topic would gravitate toward the groom:"When do you think he will finish your house and return?"

Perhaps, when the bride would least expect it, the groom, with his family and friends, would begin the return journey to meet her. The bride, who would watch for the groom every night, would see the bright torches signaling their return and hear the shout, "The bridegroom is coming!" She would run to meet her betrothed. After the wedding, the man would take his bride back to the house that he had worked so hard to complete. There they would remain for all the days of their life together.

In like manner, our Bridegroom is preparing a place for us. At the right time, he will return to bring us to his Father's house, where we will remain with him forever.

...think about Yeshua's return and about the house in heaven that he has prepared especially for me.


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