The Voice of the Lord


With all kinds of people I have become all kinds of things (1 Corinthians 9:22).

Rebbe Nachman told the story of the Turkey- Prince. The king's son went mad, and sat under the table nude, picking on food like a turkey. No one could cure him. Then a wise man was told about the situation and came to help. He took off his clothes, went under the table with the prince, and acted like a turkey. The wise man asked, "Who are you?""I am a turkey," said the prince. "I am a turkey also," said the wise man.

Upon request, two shirts were thrown under the table. The wise man put on one and said, "Do you think a turkey can't wear a shirt, and still be a turkey?" The king's son put on a shirt. The wise man did the same with the rest of the clothing. The son followed.

Then the wise man said, "Do you think that if you eat good food, that you can't be a turkey?" They ate together. Then the wise man said, "Do you think a turkey has to sit under a table? You can be a turkey and sit up at the table." In the end, the wise man cured the prince, to the king's delight.

Rabbi Sha'ul (Saul; i.e., Paul) became all things to all men to reach the lost. He empathized with them. This is what Yeshua did when he became a man to set us free from our sin-ridden natures. someone where he or she is, and introduce that person to Yeshua.


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