The Voice of the Lord

Not neglecting our own congregational meetings, as some have made a practice of doing (Hebrews 10:25).

It would seem that one of the most difficult disciplines for believers in Yeshua is commitment to regular worship and fellowship with others who know Messiah. This is especially crucial for brand-new believers. It can often be the difference between someone following the Lord or walking away from Yeshua altogether. Of the many Jewish people that I have seen make professions of faith in Messiah, only those who have made the commitment to regularly being with God's people—worshipping and fellowshipping in a congregation—have grown in Messiah and are walking effectively with him today.

A man was in a store purchasing some clothing when the clerk behind the checkout counter noticed from his identification that his customer was a rabbi. The clerk asked the rabbi what synagogue he served. When the rabbi told him, the man replied, "Oh, that's my synagogue." At this, the rabbi perked up, "That's strange," he said. "I've been the rabbi there for five years and I've never seen you before." The clerk responded, "Come on, rabbi, I didn't say I was a fanatic."

We who desire to serve Yeshua must commit ourselves to regular fellowship and worship with God's people. Someone might say, "I don't get anything out of my congregation." Well, maybe that's because that person is not looking to put anything in to begin with. When we regularly attend services in obedience to God's Word, with the desire to serve him there among his people, we will certainly find both joy and purpose in our worship experience.

...recommit myself to regular fellowship and worship, and to give as much as I am able to the ministry of my local congregation.


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