The Voice of the Lord


Bear one another's burdens (Galatians 6:2).

Ageshvir iz a guteh zach bey yenem untern orem is Yiddish for "A boil is fine as long as it's under someone else's arm." I visit Mexico each year for a Messianic conference. The first time I arrived, I was introduced to the leader of a Mexican Messianic congregation. We hit it off right away. I remember starting to get my bags to go to the conference when this man,with a beautiful example of a servant's heart, absolutely would not let me carry them. I wanted to say, "Give me my bag!"—but I knew he would insist.

Something happened there that joined my heart to this man's. Here was someone who was taking care of his own flock and much of the conference, and was still able and willing to take care of me. Day after day, I saw this chasid (righteous one) of God pouring out his life for the people around him.

Yeshua came to serve. If someone has a boil, Yeshua is concerned about it, and he is not just glad that it is not his boil. I want to see in my own life the servant attitude I saw in Mexico. Bearing each other up is part of Messianic Jewish halakhah (law) and is part of the Torah (Law) of Messiah. aware of the gentle prodding of the Ruach (Spirit), encouraging me to help others.


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