The Voice of the Lord


The lazy person's way seems overgrown by thorns (Proverbs 15:19).

Az mi iz foiyl, hot men nit in moiyl is Yiddish for "The lazy person acquires no food." A man called my office, complaining that he had a flat tire. "Rabbi, what can I do? Can you pray with me about this? The devil is attacking me!" I asked if he had a spare tire. He responded by saying that he had a good one. I asked why he had called the office before trying to change the tire himself. He said that he was too tired. I prayed with him and promptly suggested that changing the tire would solve his dilemma and that in the future he should regularly check his pressure and the general condition of the car.

People will call for similar reasons after having neglected their devotional lives, fellowship during the week, congregational Bible studies, worship services, etc. Band-aids are proper for their purpose, but laziness is laziness. If we gave one thousand dollars to each person who came to our congregational services, there would be standing room only. We must ask the Lord to reprioritize what we value.

Do we share God's values? What are we willing to invest our time and effort in? Spiritual laziness leads to a dry neshamah (soul). We need to invest in our spiritual lives.

...not give in to a lazy mindset. I will work while it is today.


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