The Voice of the Lord

God will fill every need of yours according to his glorious wealth (Philippians 4:19).

There they are, every Shabbat (Sabbath). After we bless the wine at our Shabbat dinner, we next turn to bless the two challot (braided loaves of egg bread). These beautifully twisted loaves are not only delicious, they remind us of an important truth. During our people's wanderings in the wilderness, God promised to provide daily manna during the six work days. However, in order for his people to truly rest on the Shabbat, God said he would provide a double-portion on Friday so that they would not have to worry about their own sustenance on Shabbat (Exodus 16:22-24).

What a wonderful reminder that double-portion was, encouraging our people to truly trust in God's provision. As we bless the two challot, God would have us expand the same truth. Sometimes we are tempted to meet our own needs by endlessly seeking our own "kingdom." God, through the Messiah Yeshua, still wants us to cease from our labors and trust in his provision for all our needs.

Our weekly Shabbat is a tremendous practical way to show our trust in the Lord. As we bless the two challot every week, may we be reminded that it is a good "challah-day" because of God's promises to those who walk with him.

...apply the meaning of the two challot in my life by trusting that God, through Yeshua, will provide all that I need.


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