The Voice of the Lord


The Y'vusi, the inhabitants of that region [Jerusalem].... were thinking,"David will never get in here" (2 Samuel 5:6).

When the independence of the modern Jewish State was within weeks of being declared, Arab armies outnumbering the Israelis five-to-one stood poised to attack. "We shall push the Jews into the sea!" boasted Haj Amin el Husseini, the Mufti (Palestinian religious leader) of Jerusalem.

Golda Meir, a Russian-born Jewish woman raised in Milwaukee and living in Israel, was dispatched to the United States in early 1948. She was sent to raise the money needed to buy weapons that would save the infant state from death, even as it was being born.

Mrs. Meir told her antagonistic and uninterested audience of potential donors, "Our State will be born, and we will shed our best blood. You cannot affect whether or not this war will occur; that decision has already been taken. With what you do, you will only decide whether we will win or lose."

Golda was sent to try to raise twenty-five million dollars; she raised fifty-million—twenty-five million of it in one evening! At the eleventh hour, Israel had mustered the resources it needed to defend its rebirth into the modern era. Despite the boasting of the Mufti, the State of Israel was born.

The Scripture says, "No weapon made will prevail against you" (Isaiah 54:17).

...stand in the name of Yeshua against the attacks of the enemy (Psalms 18:29).


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