The Voice of the Lord


Like someone from whom people turn their faces, he was despised; we did not value him (Isaiah 53:3).

Did Messiah come as a striking prince among men? Have you ever meditated on his appearance? Yesha'yahu (Isaiah) tells us that he was "like someone from whom people turn their faces." Are you content with your appearance, or do you secretly believe that God could do more in your life were your appearance to improve?

The Talmud tells a story about a meeting between the ugly-looking Rabbi Joshua ben Hanania and the exquisitely gorgeous princess of the Roman Emperor. At the meeting, the princess addressed the rabbi in disgust, "I did not know that such great wisdom could exist in such an ugly vessel."

Unfazed, the rabbi asked the princess, "In what kind of vessels does your father, the Emperor, store the palace wine?"

"In vessels of clay," she responded.

The rabbi looked pensive. "Why not use vessels of the finest gold and silver worthy of such exceptional wine?"

Defiantly the princess ordered that all the palace wine be transferred to gold and silver containers. It was not long before the Emperor was drinking sour wine!

In the common, ordinary things of life God is glorified. The Creator has made all things according to his wisdom. Who can improve upon the wisdom of the Almighty?

...stop trying to make myself look better to others so that I can rest in the wisdom of God.


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