The Voice of the Lord


Teach us to count our days, so that we will become wise (Psalms 90:12).

God is concerned about time. This can be seen in the ancient observance known as Rosh Chodesh (the New Moon). Every month, at the appearance of the cresent of the new moon, the Lord commanded Israel to hold a festival with sacrifices and offerings (Numbers 28:11-15). The entire biblical Jewish calendar was to be lunar based (as opposed to solar) to give an accurate estimation of the monthly cycle. Whereas the solar calendar focuses on the annual path of the sun, the lunar calendar gives heed to the monthly status of the moon and its various stages. Rosh Chodesh—the starting point of the lunar cycle—is symbolic of light being born into darkness. Similarly, the Jewish day starts at sundown, seemingly to express God's intention for the world to move from darkness to light and not vice-versa. "So there was evening, and there was morning, one day" (Genesis 1:5).

Leave it to mankind to change God's calendar to just the opposite! Still, no matter how one may calculate time, the festival of Rosh Chodesh has an important lesson for us. Time marches on, month by month. We should see Rosh Chodesh as an opportunity to reflect on God's blessings toward us, and to evaluate how we walk with him. By numbering our days,we will walk in wisdom in this present age. Then, in the day of Messiah, we will be confident that we fully sought to do our master's will.

...evaluate my schedule and my goals in light of Yeshua's plan for my life.


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