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This word is taken in Scripture both in a proper and in a figurative sense. In a proper sense, it signifies a common cup, of horn, or some precious metal, Genesis 40:13 44:2 1 Kings 7:26, such as is used for drinking out of at meals; or a cup of ceremony, used at solemn and religious meals-as at the Passover, when the father of the family pronounced certain blessings over the cup, and having tasted it, passed it round to the company and his whole family, who partook of it, 1 Corinthians 10:16. In a figurative sense, a cup is spoken of as filled with the portion given to one by divine providence, Psalms 11:6 16:5; with the blessings of life and of grace, Psalms 23:5; with a thank-offering to God, Exodus 29:40 Psalms 116:13; with liquor used at idolatrous feasts, 1 Corinthians 10:21; with love-potions, Revelation 17:4; with sore afflictions, Psalms 65:8 Isaiah 51:17; and with the bitter draught of death, which was often caused by a cup of hemlock or some other poison, Psalms 75:8. See Matthew 16:28 Luke 22:42 John 18:11. See CRUSE.

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