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Favor, mercy. Divine grace is the free and undeserved love and favor of God towards man as a sinner, especially as exhibited in the plan of redemption through Jesus Christ, John 1:17 3:16 Romans 3:24-26. It is only by the free grace of god that we embrace the offers of mercy, and appropriate to ourselves the blessings graciously purchased by redeeming blood.

The "GRACE OF GOD," spontaneous, unmerited, self-directed, and almighty, is the source of the whole scheme of redemption, Romans 11:6 2 Timothy 1:9. With it are united "the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ," who gave himself for sinners; and that of "the Spirit of grace," by whom alone the grace offered by the Father and purchased by the Son is effectually applied. Thus GRACE in man, or all true holiness, 2 Peter 3:18, is traced up to the grace of God as its only source; and the gospel of Christ and the work of the spirit-both pure graceóare its only channels of communication. Hence also all the fruits and blessings of the gospel are termed graces, 2 Corinthians 8:7 Philippians 1:7; not only regeneration, pardon, enlightenment, sanctification, etc., but miraculous, official, and prophetic gifts, the peculiar traits of Christian character, and everlasting salvation, 1 Peter 1:13. In Galatians 5:4, "grace" means Godís plan of salvation by his mercy, not by our works.

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