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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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ATS Bible Dictionary

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Additional Resources
• Nave's Topical Bible
» Attributes of god
» Children of god
» Condescension of god
» Disobedience to god
» Enquiring of god
» Fear of god
» Foreknowledge of god
» Forgetting god
» Gifts from god
» Glorifying god
» God
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» Hearth of God
» Heavens
» Hezekiah; passed through fire: & Molech
» Human design
» Idolatory
» Israel
» Jerusalem;: & God's anger, Prophecy
» Jewels; ear & nose rings, anklets etc
» Kingdom; blessings
» Leprosy
» Punishment;: & God's sword, Hanged, Israel, Leprosy
» Pursuing God
» Rome
» Seeing; not hearing
» Spirit
» Thunder, lightning, storms & God
» Unbelief denies God speaks
» Vessels, utensils; used by God
» Wisdom
• Torrey's Topical Textbook
» Access to God
» Alliance and Society with the Enemies of God
» Anger of God, The
» Call of God, The
» Christ is God
» Communion with God
» Counsels and Purposes of God, The
» Delighting in God
» Devotedness to God
» Disobedience to God
» Faithfulness of God, The
» Favour of God, The
» Forgetting God
» Forsaking God
» Gifts of God, The
» Glorifying God
» Glory of God, The
» God
» Goodness of God, The
» Holiness of God, The
» Holy Spirit, The, is God
» Ignorance of God
» Ingratitude to God
» Joy of God over his People, The
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» Justification before God
» Law of God, The
» Long-suffering of God, The
» Love of God, The
» Love to God
» Loving-kindness of God, The
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» Miracles wrought through Servants of God
» Obedience to God
» Power of God, The
» Promises of God, The
» Providence of God, The
» Rebellion Against God
» Reconciliation with God
» Righteousness of God, The
» Seeking God
» Theocracy, The, or Immediate Government by God
» Truth of God, The
» Unity of God
» Waiting Upon God
» Wisdom of God, The
• Baker's Evangelical Dictionary
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» Day of the Lord, God, Christ, the
» Fatherhood of God
» God
» God, Name of
» God, Names of
» God, Presence of
» High, God Most
» Holy One of God
» Image of God
» Kingdom of God
» Knowledge of God
» Lamb, Lamb of God
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» Presence of God
» Providence of God
» Son of God
» Will of God
» Wrath of God
• Easton's Bible Dictionary
» Decrees of God
» Foreknowledge of God
» God
» Goodness of God
» Government of God
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» Justice of God
» Kingdom of God
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• Fausset's Bible Dictionary
» God
» Son of God
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» God, 1
» God, 2
» God, 3
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» God, Son (sons) of
» God, Strange
» God, the Father
» God, the Unknown
» House of God
» Image of God
» Kingdom of God (of Heaven), the
» Lamb of God
» Names of God
» Purpose, of God
» Son of God, the
» Sons of God
» Sons of God (new Testament)
» Unknown God
» Wisdom of God
Greek - without God
Greek - god
Greek - gospel of God
Greek - lover of God, lovers of God
Greek - God forbid
Greek - god forbid
Greek - God forbid
Greek - I would to God, would to God
Greek - given by inspiration of God, inspired by God
Greek - God, God-ward, god, godly, God's, God-fearing, gods
Greek - taught of God, taught by God
Greek - to fight against God, fighting against God
Greek - fight against God
Greek - worshipper of God, God-fearing
Greek - hater of God, haters of God
Greek - God-fearing
Greek - Son of God
Greek - God speed
Greek - answer of God
Greek - be admonished of God, be warned from God, be warned of God
Hebrew - would God
Hebrew - GOD, God, God-ward, god, goddess, godly, God's, gods
Hebrew - God, god, gods
Hebrew - God, god, God's
Hebrew - GOD
Hebrew - God forbid
Hebrew - GOD, GOD
Hebrew - GOD
Hebrew - God, god, God's, gods
Hebrew - God-ward
Hebrew - God
Hebrew - would God
Hebrew - God

This name, the derivation of which is uncertain, we give to that eternal, infinite, perfect, and incomprehensible Being, the Creator of all things, who preserves and governs all by his almighty power and wisdom, and is the only proper object of worship. The proper Hebrew name for God is JEHOVAH, which signifies He is. But the Jews, from a feeling of reverence, avoid pronouncing this name, substituting for it, wherever it occurs in the sacred test, the word ADONAI, Lord; except in the expression, ADONAI JEHOVAH, Lord Jehovah, for which they put, ADONAI ELOHIM, Lord God. This usage, which is not without an element of superstition, is very ancient, dating its origin some centuries before Christ; but there is no good ground for assuming its existence in the days of the inspired Old Testament writers. The proper word for God is ELOHIM, which is plural in its form, being thus used to signify the manifold perfections of God, or, as some think, the Trinity in the godhead. In Exodus 3:14, God replies to Moses, when he asks Him His name, I AM THAT I AM; which means either, I am he who I am, or, I am what I am. In either case the expression implies the eternal self-existence of Jehovah, and his incomprehensible nature. The name I AM means the same as JEHOVAH, the first person being used instead of he third.

The Bible assumes and asserts the existence of God, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth;" and is itself the most illustrious proof of his existence, as well as our chief instructor as to his nature and will. It puts a voice into the mute lips of creation; and not only reveals God in his works, but illustrates his ways in providence, displays the glories of his character, his law, and his grace, and brings man into true and saving communion with him. It reveals him to us as a Spirit, the only being from everlasting and to everlasting by nature, underived, infinite, perfect, and unchangeable in power, wisdom, omniscience, omnipresence, justice, holiness, truth, goodness, and mercy. He is but one God, and yet exists in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; and this distinction of the Thee in One is, like his other attributes, from everlasting. He is the source, owner, and ruler of all beings, foreknows and predetermines all events, and is the eternal judge and arbiter of the destiny of all. True religion has its foundation in the right knowledge of God, and consists in supremely loving and faithfully obeying him. See JESUS CHRIST, and HOLY, HOLINESS SPIRIT.

Copyright Statement
These dictionary topics are from American Tract Society Bible Dictionary published in 1859. Public Domain, copy freely.

Bibliography Information
Rand, W. W. "Entry for 'GOD'". "American Tract Society Bible Dictionary".
<>. 1859.


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