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Easton's Bible Dictionary

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Greek - good man
Greek - uncircumcised man
Greek - no man forbidding him
Greek - another man's
Greek - every man
Greek - man, man's
Greek - after the manner of man, common to man, man's, mankind, of man, human, human terms, such as is common to man
Greek - which no man can approach unto
Greek - godless man
Greek - impotent man
Greek - man, man child
Greek - another man, another woman
Greek - man, Man, human, human judgment, human relations, man's, mankind, nobleman
Greek - such a man, certain man
Greek - righteous man, righteous man's
Greek - mighty man, man of power
Greek - if a man, if any man
Greek - man, one man
Greek - devout man
Greek - choice man
Greek - free man, free woman, freeman
Greek - heathen man
Greek - inner man
Greek - inward man
Greek - last man
Greek - every man, each man, each man's
Greek - another man
Greek - love toward man, love for mankind
Greek - ungifted man
Greek - strong man, strong man's
Greek - mute man
Greek - wise man
Greek - no man
Greek - any man
Greek - no man
Greek - young man
Greek - young man
Greek - dead man
Greek - new man, young man, younger man
Greek - what manner of, what manner of man
Greek - what manner, what manner of man
Greek - any man, man, neither any man, no man
Greek - this man, man, this man's, this woman
Greek - all manner of, every man
Greek - manservant, young man
Greek - covetous man
Greek - rich man, rich man's
Greek - wicked man
Greek - what manner of, what manner of man, what manner of person
Greek - elder woman, old man, older man
Greek - aged man, old man
Greek - first man, leading man
Greek - poor man
Greek - dead man
Greek - man, mankind
Greek - wise man
Greek - man of war
Greek - man
Greek - any man, certain man, man, some man, any man's, any woman, man's
Greek - such a man
Greek - blind man
Greek - Son of Man, man
Hebrew - man
Hebrew - leading man
Hebrew - man, human, man's, mankind
Hebrew - man, human, human being, man's
Hebrew - deaf man
Hebrew - man, man's, mankind, mortal man
Hebrew - poor man
Hebrew - man, any man, any man's, each his man, each man, each man's, every man, every man's, man against another, man of each, man the men, man your husband, man's, man's are the men, manchild, mankind
Hebrew - wicked man, evil man, man
Hebrew - greedy man
Hebrew - mad man, act the madman, behaving as a madman, madman
Hebrew - evil man, man
Hebrew - thirsty man
Hebrew - man, man one old
Hebrew - poor man
Hebrew - ancient man, old man
Hebrew - strong man
Hebrew - poor man
Hebrew - give man an understanding
Hebrew - hungry man
Hebrew - chariot man, horseman
Hebrew - skillful man
Hebrew - good man, man
Hebrew - generous man, noble man, nobleman, willing man
Hebrew - unfaithful man
Hebrew - young man
Hebrew - certain man
Hebrew - godly man
Hebrew - man, any man, human, man's, mankind
Hebrew - wise man, skillful man, wise man's
Hebrew - young man
Hebrew - mute man
Hebrew - blameless man
Hebrew - prudent man, sensible man
Hebrew - skilful man
Hebrew - lazy man
Hebrew - man, man given
Hebrew - foolish man
Hebrew - poor man
Hebrew - every man
Hebrew - slain man, wounded man
Hebrew - swift man
Hebrew - great man, many
Hebrew - foolish man's, stupid man
Hebrew - foolish (man), foolish man
Hebrew - man of valour
Hebrew - righteous man, man that the righteous
Hebrew - mankind, man
Hebrew - young man
Hebrew - man, man child, man's
Hebrew - man
Hebrew - man
Hebrew - man, watchman
Hebrew - man, mankind
Hebrew - man, mighty man, strong man, upright man
Hebrew - drunken man
Hebrew - blind man
Hebrew - young man
Hebrew - man's, another woman
Hebrew - rich man, rich man's
Hebrew - man
Hebrew - hired man, man hired
Hebrew - despairing man
Hebrew - sick man
Hebrew - every man
Hebrew - dead man
Hebrew - ruthless man
Hebrew - godless man
Hebrew - wayfaring man
Hebrew - manner, wayfaring man
Hebrew - lame man
Hebrew - free man
Hebrew - man, poor man
Hebrew - Hebrew man, Hebrew woman
Hebrew - rebellious man
Hebrew - cruel man
Hebrew - man living
Hebrew - living man
Hebrew - mighty man
Man -

  • Heb. 'Adam, used as the proper name of the first man. The name is derived from a word meaning "to be red," and thus the first man was called Adam because he was formed from the red earth. It is also the generic name of the human race (Genesis 1:26,27; 5:2; 8:21; Deuteronomy 8:3). Its equivalents are the Latin homo and the Greek anthropos (Matthew 5:13,16). It denotes also man in opposition to woman (Genesis 3:12; Matthew 19:10).

  • Heb. 'ish, like the Latin vir and Greek aner, denotes properly a man in opposition to a woman (1 Samuel 17:33; Matthew 14:21); a husband (Genesis 3:16; Hosea 2:16); man with reference to excellent mental qualities.

  • Heb. 'enosh, man as mortal, transient, perishable (2 Chronicles 14:11; Isaiah 8:1; Job 15:14; Psalms 8:4; 9:19,20; 103:15). It is applied to women (Joshua 8:25).

  • Heb. geber, man with reference to his strength, as distinguished from women (Deuteronomy 22:5) and from children (Exodus 12:37); a husband (Proverbs 6:34).

  • Heb. methim, men as mortal (Isaiah 41:14), and as opposed to women and children (Deuteronomy 3:6; Job 11:3; Isaiah 3:25).

    Man was created by the immediate hand of God, and is generically different from all other creatures (Genesis 1:26,27; 2:7). His complex nature is composed of two elements, two distinct substances, viz., body and soul (Genesis 2:7; Eccl 12:7; 2co 5:1-8).

    The words translated "spirit" and "soul," in 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 4:12, are habitually used interchangeably (Matthew 10:28; 16:26; 1 Peter 1:22). The "spirit" (Gr. pneuma) is the soul as rational; the "soul" (Gr. psuche) is the same, considered as the animating and vital principle of the body.

    Man was created in the likeness of God as to the perfection of his nature, in knowledge (Colossians 3:10), righteousness, and holiness (Ephesians 4:24), and as having dominion over all the inferior creatures (Genesis 1:28). He had in his original state God's law written on his heart, and had power to obey it, and yet was capable of disobeying, being left to the freedom of his own will. He was created with holy dispositions, prompting him to holy actions; but he was fallible, and did fall from his integrity (3:1-6). (See FALL .)

  • Copyright Statement
    These dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. Public Domain, copy freely.

    Bibliography Information
    Easton, Matthew George. "Entry for 'Man'". "Easton's Bible Dictionary".
    <>. 1897.

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