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Easton's Bible Dictionary

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Book; scroll
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Daniel, Book of
Esther, Book of
Exodus, Book of
Ezekiel, Book of
Ezra, Book of
Haggai, Book of
Isaiah, The Book of
Jeremiah, Book of
Job, Book of
Joel, Book of
Jonah, Book of
Joshua, The Book of
Judges, Book of
Lamentations, Book of
Micah, Book of
Nahum, Book of
Nehemiah, Book of
Numbers, Book of
Obadiah, Book of
Proverbs, Book of
Revelation, Book of
Ruth The Book of
Wars of the Lord, The Book of the
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Acts, The Book of
Amos, The Book of
Daniel, The Book of
Deuteronomy, The Book of
Ecclesiastes, The Book of
Esther, The Book of
Exodus, The Book of
Ezekiel, The Book of
Ezra, The Book of
Genesis, The Book of
Habakkuk, The Book of
Haggai, The Book of
Hosea, The Book of
Isaiah, The Book of
Jeremiah, The Book of
Job, The Book of
Joel, The Book of
Jonah, The Book of
Joshua, The Book of
Judges, The Book of
Lamentations, The Book of
Leviticus, The Book of
Malachi, The Book of
Micah, The Book of
Nahum, The Book of
Nehemiah, The Book of
Numbers, The Book of
Obadiah, The Book of
Proverbs, The Book of
Psalms, The Book of
Revelation, The Book of
Ruth, The Book of
Song of Solomon, The Book of
Song of Songs, The Book of
Zechariah, The Book of
Zephaniah, The Book of
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Amos, Book of
Baruch, Book of
Daniel, The book of
Enoch, The book of
Esdras, The Second Book of
Esther, Book of
Ezra, Book of
Isaiah, Book of
Jeremiah, Book of
Job, Book of
Joshua, Book of
Judges, Book of
Judith, The book of
Micah, The book of
Nehemiah, The book of
Proverbs, Book of
Psalms, Book of
Ruth, Book of
Tobit, Book of
Zechariah, The book of
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Abraham, Book of
Baruch, Book of
Book of Abraham
Book of Enoch
Book of Jubilees
Book of Life
Book of Noah
Book of Remembrance
Covenant, Book of the
Daniel, Book of
Eldad and Modad, Book of
Enoch, Book of
Enoch, Ethiopic, Book of
Enoch, Slavonic, Book of
Enoch, the Book of the Secrets of
Esdras, Fourth Book of
Esdras, Second Book of
Esdras, the First Book of
Esdras, the Second (fourth) Book Of, Apocalyptic Esdras
Esther, Book of
Exodus, the Book Of, 1
Exodus, the Book Of, 2
Exodus, the Book Of, 3-4
Jannes and Jambres, Book of
Jashar, Book of
Jasher, Book of
Job, Book of
Jonah, the Book of
Joshua, Book of
Jubilees, Book of
Judges, Book of
Judith, Book of
Lamentations, Book of
Modad, Book of Eldad And
Nahum, the Book of
Nehemiah, Book of
Noah, Book (apocalypse) of
Numbers, Book of
Obadiah, Book of
Proverbs, the Book of
Psalms, Book of
Ruth, the Book of
Sirach, Book of
Tobit, Book of
Wars of Yahweh (the Lord) Book of the
Zechariah, Book of
Zephaniah, Book of
Greek - little book
Greek - book, books
Greek - book, books
Hebrew - book, books
Hebrew - book, Book, books
Hebrew - book
Book -

This word has a comprehensive meaning in Scripture. In the Old Testament it is the rendering of the Hebrew word Sepher , Which properly means a "writing," and then a "volume" (Exodus 17:14; Deuteronomy 28:58; 29:20; Job 19:23) or "roll of a book" (Jeremiah 36:2,4).

Books were originally written on skins, on linen or cotton cloth, and on Egyptian papyrus, whence our word "paper." The leaves of the book were generally written in columns, designated by a Hebrew word properly meaning "doors" and "valves" (Jeremiah 36:23, RSV, marg. "columns").

Among the Hebrews books were generally rolled up like our maps, or if very long they were rolled from both ends, forming two rolls (Luke 4:17-20). Thus they were arranged when the writing was on flexible materials; but if the writing was on tablets of wood or brass or lead, then the several tablets were bound together by rings through which a rod was passed.

A sealed book is one whose contents are secret (Isaiah 29:11; Revelation 5:1-3). To "eat" a book (Jeremiah 15:16; Ezekiel 2:8-10; 3:1-3; Revelation 10:9) is to study its contents carefully.

The book of judgment (Daniel 7:10) refers to the method of human courts of justice as illustrating the proceedings which will take place at the day of God's final judgment.

The book of the wars of the Lord (Numbers 21:14), the book of Jasher (Joshua 10:13), and the book of the chronicles of the kings of Judah and Israel (2 Chronicles 25:26), were probably ancient documents known to the Hebrews, but not forming a part of the canon.

The book of life (Psalms 69:28) suggests the idea that as the redeemed form a community or citizenship (Phil 3:20; 4:3), a catalogue of the citizens' names is preserved (Luke 10:20; Revelation 20:15). Their names are registered in heaven (Luke 10:20; Revelation 3:5).

The book of the covenant (Exodus 24:7), containing Exodus 20:22-23:33,, is the first book actually mentioned as a part of the written word. It contains a series of laws, civil, social, and religious, given to Moses at Sinai immediately after the delivery of the decalogue. These were written in this "book."

Copyright Statement
These dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. Public Domain, copy freely.

Bibliography Information
Easton, Matthew George. "Entry for 'Book'". "Easton's Bible Dictionary".
<>. 1897.


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