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CHOP, v.t.

1. To cut off or separate, by striking with a sharp instrument, either by a single blow or by repeated blows; as, to chop off a head; to chop wood.
2. To cut into small pieces; to mince; as, to chop meat; to chop straw.
3. To grand and mince with the teeth; to devour eagerly; with up; as, to chop up an entertainment.
4. To break or open into chinks or fissures; to crack; to chap. See Chap.

CHOP, v.i.

1. To buy, or rather to barter, truck, exchange.
2. To exchange; to put one thing in the place of another; as, to chop and change our friends.
3. To bandy; to altercate; to return one word or thing for another.

Let not the council chop with the judge.

CHOP, v.i. To turn, vary, change or shift suddenly; as in the seamans phrase, the wind chops, or chops about. The various senses of this verb seem to center in that of thrusting, driving, or a sudden motion or exertion of force.

CHOP, n.

1. A piece chopped off; a small piece of meat; as a mutton chop.
2. A crack or cleft. See Chap, which, with the broad sound of a, is often pronounced chap.
3. The chap; the jaw; plu. The jaws; the mouth; the sides of a rivers mouth or channel. See Chap.

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