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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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King James Dictionary

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Course, by
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Abia, Course of
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Course of Priests and Levites
Greek - course
Greek - course
Greek - come with a straight course, ran a straight course, straight course
Greek - course
Greek - course
Greek - pursued a course
Greek - have course
Greek - course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - runs its course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - course
Hebrew - course


1. In its general sense, a passing; a moving, or motion forward, in a direct or curving line; applicable to any body or substance, solid or fluid.

Applied to animals, a running, or walking; a race; a career; a passing, or passage, with any degree of swiftness indefinitely.

Applied to fluids, a flowing, as in a stream in any direction; as a straight course, or winding course. It is applied to water or other liquids, to air or wind, and to light, in the sense of motion or passing.

Applied to solid bodies, it signifies motion or passing; as the course of a rolling stone; the course of a carriage; the course of the earth in its orbit.

Applied to navigation, it signifies a passing or motion on water, or in balloons in air; a voyage.

2. The direction of motion; line of advancing; point of compass, in which motion is directed; as, what course shall the pilot steer? In technical language, the angel contained between the nearest meridian and that point of compass on which a ship sails in any direction.
3. Ground on which a race is run.
4. A passing or process; the progress of any thing; as the course of an argument, or of a debate; a course of thought or reflexion.
5. Order of proceeding or of passing from an ancestor to an heir; as the course of descent in inheritance.
6. Order; turn; class; succession of one to another in office, or duty.

The chief fathers of every course. 1 Chronicles 27.

Solomon appointed the courses of the priests. 2 Chronicles 8.

7. Stated and orderly method of proceeding; usual manner. He obtained redress in due course of law. Leave nature to her course.
8. Series of successive and methodical procedure; a train of acts, or applications; as a course of medicine administered.
9. A methodical series, applied to the arts or sciences; a systemized order of principles in arts or sciences, for illustration of instruction. We say, the author has completed a course of principles or of lectures in philosophy. Also, the order pursued by a student; as, he has completed a course of studies in law or physics.
10. Manner of proceeding; way of life or conduct; deportment; series of actions.

That I might finish my course with joy. Acts 20.

Their course is evil. Jeremiah 23.

11. Line of conduct; manner of proceeding; as, we know not what course to pursue.
12. Natural bent; propensity; uncontrolled will. Let not a perverse child take his own course.
13. Tilt; act of running in the lists.
14. Orderly structure; system.

The tongue setteth on fire the course of nature. James 3.

15. Any regular series. In architecture, a continued range of stones, level or of the same highth, throughout the whole length of the building, and not interrupted by any aperture. A laying of bricks, &c.
16. The dishes set on table at one time; service of meat.
17. Regularity; order; regular succession; as, let the classes follow in course.
18. Empty form; as, compliments are often words of course.

Of course, by consequence; in regular or natural order; in the common manner of proceeding; without specila direction or provision. This effect will follow of course. If the defendant resides no in the state, the cause is continued of course.

Copyright Statement
Dictionary of Words from the King James Bible. Public Domain. Copy freely.
Material presented was supplied by Brandon Staggs and was derived from the KJV Dictionary found on his website located at
The unabridged 1828 version of this dictionary in the SwordSearcher Bible Software at

Bibliography Information
"Entry for 'Course'". "King James Dictionary".


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