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Sunday, September 22, 2019

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King James Dictionary

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Jerusalem;: & God's anger, Prophecy
Poor, servants, looked after: & Slaves
• International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
After, Afterward
Morrow After the Sabbath
Sabbath, Morrow After the
Sabbath, Second After the First
Greek - second after the first
Greek - after a godly sort
Greek - after the manner of man
Greek - after, hereafter
Greek - after
Greek - after, afterward
Greek - come after
Greek - after
Greek - follow after, run after, seek after
Greek - after all
Greek - after that, afterward
Greek - after
Greek - seek after
Greek - follow after
Greek - morrow after, next day after
Greek - after that
Greek - ask after
Greek - greatly long after, long after, longed after
Greek - lust after
Greek - lust after
Greek - lust after
Greek - seek after, seeks after
Greek - after
Greek - after the manner of Gentiles
Greek - day after, afterwards
Greek - after that, afterwards, afterward, after
Greek - after
Greek - after, after all
Greek - after
Greek - after, afterward, afterwards
Greek - after, after another
Greek - follow after
Greek - follow after, following after
Greek - after, afterward, hereafter
Greek - after
Greek - after
Greek - after this manner
Greek - covet after
Greek - look after
Greek - after
Greek - after this manner
Greek - after
Greek - after
Greek - after, after that
Greek - after this manner
Greek - time after time
Greek - looking after
Greek - after what manner
Greek - after
Greek - after the same manner
Greek - after
Greek - feel after
Greek - seek after
Hebrew - seek after
Hebrew - after that, after this, after, afterward, afterwards, thereafter
Hebrew - after, thereafter
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - after(ward)(s), afterward, afterwards
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - after you have lost the other
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - after all
Hebrew - lust after
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - after, afterward(s), afterward, afterwards, thereafter
Hebrew - after, hereafter
Hebrew - day after
Hebrew - after
Hebrew - follow after
Hebrew - after

'AFTER, a. The comparative degree of aft. But is some Teutonic dialects it is written with g.

1. In marine language, more aft, or towards the stern of the ship; as, the after sails; after hatchway.
2. In common language, later in time; as, an after period of life.

In this sense, the word is often combined with the following noun; as in afternoon.

'AFTER, prep.

1. Behind in place; as, men placed in a line one after another.
2. Later in time; as, after supper. This word often precedes a sentence, as a governing preposition.

After I have arisen, I will go before you into Galilee. Math. 26.

3. In pursuit of, that is, moving behind, following; in search of.

After whom is the king of Israel come out? 1Sam. 24.

Ye shall not go after other Gods. Deut. 6.

4. In imitation of; as, to make a thing after a model.
5. According to; as, consider a thing after its intrinsic value.
6. According to the direction and influence of.

To walk after the flesh; to live after the flesh. Rom. 8.

To judge after the sight of the eye. Is. 11.

To inquire after is to seek by asking; to ask concerning.

To follow after, in scripture, is to pursue, or imitate; to serve, or worship.

Copyright Statement
Dictionary of Words from the King James Bible. Public Domain. Copy freely.
Material presented was supplied by Brandon Staggs and was derived from the KJV Dictionary found on his website located at
The unabridged 1828 version of this dictionary in the SwordSearcher Bible Software at

Bibliography Information
"Entry for 'After'". "King James Dictionary".


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