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Sunday, September 15, 2019

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King James Dictionary

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Desire of All Nations
Greek - all
Greek - all over
Greek - holiest of all
Greek - once for all
Greek - all, all things
Greek - continued all night
Greek - continually, all time, perpetually
Greek - after all
Greek - all at once
Greek - once for all
Greek - last of all
Greek - actually, after all
Greek - at all, all
Greek - especially, most of all, specially
Greek - all the more, especially
Greek - all the more
Greek - all
Greek - all, no at all
Greek - all
Greek - all
Greek - all, nothing at all
Greek - all
Greek - no more at all
Greek - all, all all
Greek - at all, actually, all
Greek - all, all things, all who
Greek - all this time
Greek - all sides
Greek - all times
Greek - at all, by all means, all, all means
Greek - all, all manner of, all men, all things, all kinds, all people, all respects, all the things, any at all, continually
Greek - all at once, all together
Greek - with all one's house
Greek - in all places
Greek - all
Greek - abounds all, abounds all the more, all the more, especially
Greek - all the more
Greek - all around
Greek - all
Greek - first of all
Greek - first of all
Greek - all the more eagerly
Greek - with all speed
Greek - all
Greek - all comparison
Greek - abounded all, abounded all the more
Greek - last of all
Greek - all hail
Greek - all
Hebrew - calls, consulted by them at all
Hebrew - all, ashamed at all
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - all, all that is therein, all it contains, all its fullness
Hebrew - all diligence
Hebrew - all, all alone
Hebrew - small, small things, smallest, all, smaller, smallest one
Hebrew - hang all night, lies all night, remain with you all night
Hebrew - at all, curse them at all
Hebrew - all around
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - all, all around, all around about, all sides
Hebrew - perpetually, all, continually
Hebrew - all the way
Hebrew - all, especially
Hebrew - on all sides
Hebrew - at all, captures at all
Hebrew - call their to account, calls me to account, misses me at all
Hebrew - all, all the more
Hebrew - all at once
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - continually, all times
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - all ages, all ages to come
Hebrew - all successive, perpetually
Hebrew - all, all gone, all spent, finally
Hebrew - at all, actually
Hebrew - continually, all, days you shall daily, perpetually
Hebrew - all the produce
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - all, weep continually, weep not at all
Hebrew - all means go, falls
Hebrew - destroyed them all
Hebrew - all alike, parallel
Hebrew - afflict him at all
Hebrew - after all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - actually blessed, bless them at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - boiled at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - all, all at once
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at all, delivered at all
Hebrew - all, all for every, all his and every, all his everything, all its the entire, all men, all the and every, all the everywhere, all the of every, all the throughout, all these, all things, all your concerning everything, all your throughout, all your to every, annually, any or by all, continually, every in all, every of all, every pertaining to all, perpetually, throughout all, throughout and all, totally, whole and all, whole and let all
Hebrew - all, all things
Hebrew - eaten at all
Hebrew - able at all, allowed
Hebrew - all sorts
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - all sorts
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - at all, call together, called, called the together
Hebrew - dug it all around
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - all
Hebrew - all, all generations
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - all alone
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - all, really
Hebrew - all together, put them all together
Hebrew - all time, eternally
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - all abroad

ALL, a. awl. Gr. Shemitic from calah, to be ended or completed to perfect.

1. Every one, or the whole number of particulars.
2. The whole quantity, extent, duration, amount, quality, or degree; as, all the wheat; all the land; all the year; all the strength. This word signifies then, the whole or entire thing, or all the parts or particulars which compose it. It always precedes the definitive adjectives, the, my, thy, his, our, your, their; as, all the cattle; all my labor; all thy goods; all his wealth; all our families; all your citizens; all their property.

This word, not only in popular language, but in the scriptures, often signifies, indefinitely, a large portion or number, or a great part. Thus, all the cattle in Egypt died; all Judea and all the region round about Jordan; all men held John as a prophet; are not to be understood in a literal sense, but as including a large part or very great numbers.

This word is prefixed to many other words, to enlarge their signification; as already, always, all-prevailing.

ALL, adv. Wholly; completely; entirely; as all along; all bedewed; all over; my friend is all for amusement; I love my father all. In the ancient phrases, all too dear, all so long, this word retains its appropriate sense; as,"he thought them six-pence all too dear," that is, he thought them too dear by the sum of sixpence. In the sense of although, as, "all were it as the rest," and in the sense of just, or at the moment, as "all as his straying flock he fed," it is obsolete, or restricted to poetry.

It is all one is a phrase equivalent to the same thing in effect; that is, it is wholly the same thing.

All the better is equivalent to wholly the better; that is, better by the whole difference.

ALL, n.

1. The whole number; as, all have not the same disposition; that is, all men.
2. The whole; the entire thing; the aggregate amount; as, our all is at stake.

And Laban said, all that thou seest is mine. Gen. 31.

This adjective is much used as a noun, and applied to persons or things.

All in all is a phrase which signifies, all things to a person, or every thing desired.

Thou shalt be all in all, and I in thee, Forever.

When the words, and all close an enumeration of particulars, the word all is either intensive, or is added as a general term to express what is not enumerated; as a tree fell, nest, eagles and all.

At all is a phrase much used by way of enforcement or emphasis, usually in negative or interrogative sentences. He has no ambition at all; that is, not in the least degree. Has he any property at all?

All and some, in Spenser, Mason interprets, one and all. But from Lye's Saxon Dictionary, it appears that the phrase is a corruption of the Sax. ealle at somne, all together, all at once, from somne, together, at once. See Lye under Somne.

All in the wind, in seamen's language, is a phrase denoting that the sails are parallel with the course of the wind, so as to shake.

All is well is a watchman's phrase, expressing a state of safety.

All, in composition, enlarges the meaning, or adds force to a word; and it is generally more emphatical than most. In some instances, all is incorporated into words, as in almighty, already, always; but in most instances, it is an adjective prefixed to other words, but separated by a hyphen.

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The unabridged 1828 version of this dictionary in the SwordSearcher Bible Software at

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