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Monday, September 23, 2019

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King James Dictionary

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Human design
Levi. Levites; ( an offering: & Redemption of ...)
Greek - be an offender
Greek - be an allegory
Greek - bind with an oath
Greek - make an uproar
Greek - competes as an athlete
Greek - done in an ungodly way
Greek - act in an undisciplined manner, undisciplined manner
Greek - diseased with an issue of blood
Greek - an many as
Greek - make an oration, delivering an address
Greek - gave an account
Greek - sacrificed to an idol
Greek - come to an end
Greek - half an hour
Greek - bring to an end
Greek - obtain an inheritance, obtained an inheritance
Greek - annuls, putting an end to
Greek - having an impediment in one's speech
Greek - make an oath
Greek - making an appeal
Greek - be a stranger, lived as an alien
Greek - be an hungred
Greek - abundance, abundant, has an abundance, have an abundance, have more than enough, having abundance
Greek - get an advantage, advantage would be taken of, take any advantage, taken advantage, took advantage
Greek - am an ambassador
Greek - make an offering
Greek - set on an uproar
Greek - be in an uproar
Greek - also an elder
Greek - such a man, such an one
Greek - sing an hymn
Greek - which hath an husband
Greek - such an extent
Hebrew - given us as an inheritance, leave it as an inheritance, supplants, want
Hebrew - enchanter, enchantment, enchantments, took as an omen
Hebrew - jubilant shouting, sound an alarm, sounding an alarm
Hebrew - exchanged oaths, made a covenant, made an oath, take an oath, took an oath
Hebrew - understand, understanding, gain understanding, gave him understanding, get understanding, give man an understanding, give me understanding, give understanding, give you an understanding, gives them understanding, gives understanding, has understanding, have understanding, show understanding, understanding and discerning, understanding and he will gain, understands
Hebrew - workman, meant, plan, planned, planning, plans, require an accounting, skillful workman
Hebrew - set an ambush
Hebrew - at hand, made an offering
Hebrew - have an issue
Hebrew - made an appointment
Hebrew - an, another, any, another into one, any one, anyone, certain man, one and on another, one and the other, one another, one can him who, one thing to another, one to another, one will to another
Hebrew - either an or, less than, more of her than, more than, no means, than
Hebrew - perform the duty of an husband's brother, husband's brother
Hebrew - make an end
Hebrew - put an end
Hebrew - clean, came to an end, come to an end, make an end
Hebrew - looked and saw, make an inspection, makes an inspection, understand
Hebrew - takes an oath
Hebrew - annihilate, annihilated, came to an end, come to an end, languish, languishes, make an end, put an end, vanish, vanishes
Hebrew - make an end
Hebrew - made an uproar, make an uproar, making such an uproar
Hebrew - answer, answered, answering, answers, brought to answer, give a answer, give an account, give him an answer, grant them their petition, unanswered
Hebrew - grows to an end, coming to an end
Hebrew - command, commander, commandment, commanded, commanding, commands, gave a command, gave command, gave commandment, give you in commandment, given a command, given command, given commandment, given it an order, issued a command
Hebrew - prepare an habitation
Hebrew - calls an assembly
Hebrew - inheritance, apportion for inheritance, apportion the inheritance, apportioned for an inheritance, apportioning for inheritance, divide it for an inheritance, gave inheritance, give inheritance, have an inheritance, leaves an inheritance, possess them as an inheritance, receive inheritance, received inheritance
Hebrew - been arrogant, gain ascendancy, make an effort, stands firmly, take courage and be courageous
Hebrew - alliance is made, form an alliance
Hebrew - strange, stranger, another woman, made an alien, pretend to be another woman
Hebrew - answer, command, answered, answers, commanded, commanded to say, commands, gave an order
Hebrew - come to an end
Hebrew - inhabitant, stand in awe, stranger, band, launch an attack, strangers
Hebrew - come to an end
Hebrew - lifted up as an ensign
Hebrew - brought to an end, made an end, make an end, put an end, puts an end
Hebrew - covenanted, want, making an in writing
Hebrew - white of an egg
Hebrew - made an outburst
Hebrew - have an end, come to an end
Hebrew - put an end

AN, a. L. unus, una, unum; Gr.

One; noting an individual, either definitely, known, certain, specified, or understood; or indefinitely, not certain, known, or specified. Definitely, as "Noah built an ark of Gopher wood." "Paul was an eminent apostle." Indefinitely, as "Bring me an orange." Before a consonant the letter n is dropped, as a man; but our ancestors wrote an man, an king. This letter represents an definitely, or indefinitely. Definitely, as "I will take you to me for a people, and I will be to you a God." Ex. 6. Indefinitely, as "the province of a judge is to decide controversies." An being the same word as one, should not be used with it; "such an one" is tautology; the true phrase is such one. Although an, a and one, are the same word, and always have the same sense, yet by custom, an and a are used exclusively as a definite adjective, and one is used in numbering. Where our ancestors wrote an, twa, thry, we now use one, two, three. So an and a are never used except with a noun; but one like other adjectives, is sometimes used without its noun, and as a substitute for it; "one is at a loss to assign a reason for such conduct."

AN, in old English authors, signifies if; as, "an it please your honor." Gr.; L. an, if or whether. It is probably an imperative, like if, gif, give.

Copyright Statement
Dictionary of Words from the King James Bible. Public Domain. Copy freely.
Material presented was supplied by Brandon Staggs and was derived from the KJV Dictionary found on his website located at
The unabridged 1828 version of this dictionary in the SwordSearcher Bible Software at

Bibliography Information
"Entry for 'An'". "King James Dictionary".


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