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Sunday, September 15, 2019

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King James Dictionary

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• Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
As they said, so it happened
Jesus; made out as if: & Genealogy
Jews a blessing
Job; as priest, years
King; what he would be like
Man; a worm, maggot
Manasseh's evil heart
Moon, or rainbow, as witness
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Christ as King
Christ as Priest
Christ as Prophet
King, Christ as
Priest, Christ as
Prophet, Christ as
• International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
Christ As King, Priest, Prophet
King, Christ As
Priest, Christ As
Greek - as becometh
Greek - such as is common to man
Greek - competes as an athlete
Greek - given as a pledge
Greek - an many as
Greek - blaspheme, blasphemer, blasphemously, speak blasphemy, be spoken of as evil, blasphemed, blasphemers, blasphemes, blaspheming
Greek - serve as deacons, served as deacons
Greek - twice as much
Greek - always used as a word prefix
Greek - - as his custom was, as his manner was
Greek - forasmuch as
Greek - forasmuch as
Greek - forasmuch as
Greek - hundred times as great, hundred times as much
Greek - such things as one has
Greek - love as brethren
Greek - aspired, have as our ambition
Greek - as soon as it be sprung up
Greek - treated as inferior
Greek - as soon as
Greek - as becometh holiness
Greek - ministering as a priest
Greek - to live as do the Jews
Greek - as much
Greek - there as well
Greek - as
Greek - as, as well as, even as
Greek - as, inasmuch as
Greek - according as, as, forsomuch as
Greek - according as, as, as well as, even as
Greek - as, along the coast, basis, case, inasmuch
Greek - behold as a glass, beholding as in a mirror
Greek - and if so much as, at the least, least
Greek - clear as crystal
Greek - so much as
Greek - not so much as
Greek - not as yet
Greek - like as
Greek - such as
Greek - as oft as, as often as
Greek - as, so as, such as
Greek - not so much as
Greek - as yet not
Greek - as yet
Greek - as it was determined
Greek - as long as, as many as, inasmuch
Greek - as long as, as soon as
Greek - as soon as
Greek - such things as one hath
Greek - as a fool
Greek - reside as aliens
Greek - lived as an alien
Greek - dwell as strangers
Greek - as touching, case
Greek - many times as much
Greek - make as though, acted as though
Greek - poured out as a drink
Greek - serves as a soldier
Greek - four times as much
Greek - such as these
Greek - as large
Greek - as, even as, in like manner as
Greek - adoption as sons
Greek - as, as it had been, as it were, like as
Greek - as
Greek - as, as it were
Greek - as, even as, like as
Greek - as, insomuch as
Greek - as do the Jews
Hebrew - regard as holy, treat me as holy, treated as holy
Hebrew - assuredly dispossess, cast, given us as an inheritance, leave it as an inheritance
Hebrew - took as an omen
Hebrew - behaving as a madman
Hebrew - has the split, tore him as one tears
Hebrew - minister as a priest, minister as priest, minister as priests, ministered as priest, serve as a priest, serve as priest, serve as priests, serve me as priests, served as priests, served as the priest, serving as priests
Hebrew - act as my accusers
Hebrew - regarded it as easy
Hebrew - given as a freewill offering
Hebrew - as broad as
Hebrew - as long, as yet, while i was still
Hebrew - use as slaves
Hebrew - give up as lost, wastes
Hebrew - coast, assist, assuredly, much as he is able, much as one is able, occasion
Hebrew - as long, aside, has
Hebrew - duty as a brother-in-law
Hebrew - as
Hebrew - as many more as
Hebrew - carry away as with a flood
Hebrew - as, long as i live
Hebrew - kill me as you killed
Hebrew - women as wives
Hebrew - displease, do as has been done, do as i have done, fashions
Hebrew - see as a sees
Hebrew - make your as high
Hebrew - carry them away as exiles
Hebrew - one as the other
Hebrew - twice as much
Hebrew - as he is able
Hebrew - thing as it is
Hebrew - one as well as another
Hebrew - as long as, base
Hebrew - use it as a proverb
Hebrew - as, forasmuch, inasmuch, reason
Hebrew - taken as pledges
Hebrew - as, forasmuch, inasmuch, reason
Hebrew - deceive him as one deceives
Hebrew - eat as common things, cast you as profane
Hebrew - count as uncircumcised
Hebrew - as, times past, past
Hebrew - give as a possession, possess them as an inheritance
Hebrew - come like (to take away as with) a whirlwind, hurl as a storm
Hebrew - leave as a remnant
Hebrew - came as allies, caster, casts
Hebrew - as if, as when, whereas, inasmuch, reason
Hebrew - become as hot
Hebrew - hid as it were
Hebrew - assemble, assails, fiercely assails, live as aliens
Hebrew - lifted up as an ensign
Hebrew - as
Hebrew - as, inasmuch, whereas, while she was mine
Hebrew - half as much
Hebrew - carry on as scoffers
Hebrew - burn it as he burned
Hebrew - as thyself
Hebrew - aromas, use as perfume
Hebrew - as, forasmuch, inasmuch
Hebrew - seize their as plunder, take as booty, took as our booty, took as their plunder

AS, adv. az. Gr. But more probably the English word is contracted from als.

1. Literally, like; even; similar. "Ye shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil." "As far as we can see," that is, like far, equally far. Hence it may be explained by in like manner; as, do as you are commanded.
2. It was formerly used where we now use that. Obs.

The relations are so uncertain as they require a great deal of examination.

3. It was formerly used where we now use that. Obs.

He lies, as he his bliss did know.

4. While; during; at the same time. "He trembled as he spoke." But in most of its uses, it is resolvable into like, equal, even, or equally, in like manner. In some phrases, it must be considered a nominative word, or other words must be supplied. "Appoint to office such men as deserve public confidence." This phrase may be elliptical for "such men as those who deserve public confidence."

As seems, in some cases, to imply the sense of proportion. "In general, men are more happy, as they are less involved in public concerns."

As, in a subsequent part of a sentence, answers to such; give us such things as you please; and in a preceding part of a sentence, has so to answer to it; as with the people, so with the priest.

AS, n. L.

1. A Roman weight of 12 ounces, answering to the libra or pound.
2. A Roman coin, originally of a pound weight; but reduced, after the first Punic war, to two ounces; in the second Punic war, to one ounce; and by the Papirian law, to half an ounce. It was originally stamped with the figure of a sheep, sow, or ox; and afterwards with a Janus, on one side, and on the reverse, a rostrum or prow of a ship.
3. An integer; a whole or single thing. Hence the English ace. Hence the Romans used the word for the whole inheritance; haeres ex asse, an heir to the whole estate.

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Dictionary of Words from the King James Bible. Public Domain. Copy freely.
Material presented was supplied by Brandon Staggs and was derived from the KJV Dictionary found on his website located at
The unabridged 1828 version of this dictionary in the SwordSearcher Bible Software at

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