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Sunday, September 15, 2019

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King James Dictionary

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At One
Judah At (upon) the Jordan
Greek - at the table, sit at meat, seated
Greek - at the rising of
Greek - opponent at law
Greek - at, initiative
Greek - set at liberty
Greek - be at the point of death, death
Greek - being at a loss
Greek - be at charges with
Greek - strain at
Greek - to set at variance
Greek - be at peace
Greek - all at once
Greek - be set at nought, treated with contempt
Greek - set at nought
Greek - be at hand
Greek - at hand, nigh at hand
Greek - at liberty
Greek - at, death
Greek - be at home
Greek - be at hand
Greek - lie at the point of death, point of death
Greek - at
Greek - at least
Greek - at least
Greek - at all
Greek - sat down, sit at meat
Greek - sit at meat
Greek - at the least
Greek - at one's command
Greek - lest at any time
Greek - no at all
Greek - at even, late
Greek - at even
Greek - at home
Greek - keeper at home, workers at home
Greek - at home
Greek - nothing at all
Greek - neither at any time, nothing at any time
Greek - no more at all
Greek - at all
Greek - at all
Greek - whatsoever, any at all, great, whatever
Greek - all at once
Greek - at, rather than, unnatural
Greek - wait at
Greek - at sundry times
Greek - at any time
Greek - at the first
Greek - at
Greek - beat upon, stumble at
Greek - beat upon, fall down at
Greek - at the first
Greek - at any time
Greek - look at, watch
Greek - set at one again
Greek - sit at meat with, sit at table with
Greek - come at
Greek - wink at
Greek - at the last, later
Greek - born at Alexander
Hebrew - consulted by them at all, investigate, investigated
Hebrew - ashamed at all
Hebrew - father, men at one, this one and that one
Hebrew - at all, salvation, brought salvation, endowed with salvation
Hebrew - set at nought
Hebrew - at ease, been at ease
Hebrew - at, that not, beneath, dictated, later, rather than
Hebrew - those who are at ease, who are at ease
Hebrew - looked at with suspicion
Hebrew - investigating, looked at him carefully, paid close attention, turn your attention
Hebrew - at all, curse them at all
Hebrew - at the last
Hebrew - at hand
Hebrew - at his table
Hebrew - at hand, close relative, lately, related, relative, relatives
Hebrew - but at
Hebrew - at, what concerns
Hebrew - at all, catch, captures at all
Hebrew - to be at a stand
Hebrew - attend, attended, misses me at all
Hebrew - all at once, one at the other
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - state, who were at peace
Hebrew - kill me at once
Hebrew - at his head
Hebrew - lamentation, weep not at all
Hebrew - at rest
Hebrew - at
Hebrew - afflict him at all, mistreat, treated her harshly, violate, violated
Hebrew - at all, desolate
Hebrew - keep at home, prepare an habitation, stay at home
Hebrew - loaned at interest
Hebrew - attended, became greater, floated, go at once, go to patrol, patrol, patrolled
Hebrew - estimation, set at, taxation, valuation, what belongs
Hebrew - congratulate, bless them at all, congratulates, greatly bless
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - boiled at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at, hath, greatly
Hebrew - at all, close relative, closest relative, closest relatives, relative, relatives
Hebrew - all at once
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at
Hebrew - at all, delivered at all, separate, snatched, snatched away, snatches
Hebrew - eat, ate, certainly have eaten, certainly not eat, eat freely, eaten, eaten at all, eaten freely, eater, eater's, eating, eats, give him to eat, moth-eaten, plenty to eat
Hebrew - able at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at all, gather together, gathered
Hebrew - matter, consultation, conversation, matters, oath, obligations, ration, things at your word, threats, what, whatever
Hebrew - at once
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - wondered at
Hebrew - mediator, scoffs at the scoffers
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - stand at the threshold
Hebrew - at ease, satisfied
Hebrew - at, non translated variant
Hebrew - at
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - at all
Hebrew - gate, doorway at the entrance, gates, gateway
Hebrew - confederate, been at rest, satisfy, stationed

AT, prep. L. ad. At, ad and to, if not radically the same word often coincide in signification; Heb to come, to a approach. Hence it primarily denotes presence, meeting, nearness, direction towards.

In general, at denotes nearness, or presents; as at the ninth hour, at the house; but it is less definite than in or on; at the house, may be in or near the house. It denotes also towards, versus; as, to aim an arrow at a mark.

From this original import are derived all the various uses of at. At the sight, is with, present, or coming the sight; at this news, present the news, on or with the approach or arrival of this news. At peace, at war, in a state of peace or war, peace or war, in a state of peace or war, peace or war existing, being present; at ease, at play, at a loss, &c. convey the like idea. At arms, furnished with arms, bearing arms present with arms; at hand, within reach of the hand, and therefore near; at my cost, with my cost; at his suit, by or with his suit; at this declaration, he rose from his seat, that is present, or coming this declaration; whence results the idea in consequence of it. At his command, is either under his command, that is, literally, coming or being come his command, in the power of, or in consequence of it. He is good at engraving, at husbandry; that is, in performing that business. He deserves well at our hands; that is, from us. The peculiar phrases in which this word occurs, with appropriate significations, are numerous. At first, at last, at least, at best, at the worst, at the highest or lowest, are phrases in which some noun is implied; as, at the first time or beginning; at the last time, or point of time; at the least or best degree, &c.; all denoting an extreme point or superlative degree. At all, is in any manner or degree.

At is sometimes used for to, or towards, noting progression or direction; as, he aims at perfection; he makes or runs at him, or points at him. In this phrase, he longs to be at him, at has its general sense of approaching, or present, or with, in contest or attack.

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Dictionary of Words from the King James Bible. Public Domain. Copy freely.
Material presented was supplied by Brandon Staggs and was derived from the KJV Dictionary found on his website located at
The unabridged 1828 version of this dictionary in the SwordSearcher Bible Software at

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"Entry for 'At'". "King James Dictionary".


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