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Thursday, March 21, 2019

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King James Dictionary

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God; Almighty
Greek - who cannot lie
Greek - who, whose
Greek - those who were chosen
Greek - who know, who know the hearts, who knows, who knows the heart
Greek - one who, one who was deaf
Greek - who, one who, those who, whoever, whom
Greek - one whom, who, whom
Greek - all who, those who, those whom, who
Greek - who, whosoever, everyone who, one who, ones who, whoever
Greek - who, whom, whose, those whom, whoever, whomever
Greek - who believe
Greek - who, whoever, whomever
Greek - who, whom, whose
Greek - of them who draw back
Hebrew - who has, who has a crooked, who is perverse
Hebrew - those who, whoever
Hebrew - deliverers who delivered
Hebrew - who are quiet
Hebrew - who are crushed
Hebrew - who are stricken
Hebrew - who were full
Hebrew - who was unclean
Hebrew - who is to be feared
Hebrew - who have sinned
Hebrew - who
Hebrew - who were called
Hebrew - who fall asleep, who sleep
Hebrew - who refuse
Hebrew - those who, those who are doomed, those who were doomed
Hebrew - who is steadfast
Hebrew - who, whomsoever, whoso, whoever, whom, whomever
Hebrew - who are vigorous
Hebrew - those who are at ease, who are at ease
Hebrew - ones who
Hebrew - who are many, who was once great
Hebrew - good and to those who, one who, one who is good, one who is pleasing, who are good
Hebrew - who are near, who is near
Hebrew - one who contends
Hebrew - who tremble, who trembles
Hebrew - who were born
Hebrew - one can him who, whom
Hebrew - who are born, who is born, who were born
Hebrew - who survived
Hebrew - one who, one who is guilty
Hebrew - who, whom
Hebrew - men who are skillful, who, who are wise
Hebrew - who were at peace, wholly
Hebrew - whole, who is perfect
Hebrew - shepherds who are tending
Hebrew - who is proud
Hebrew - who
Hebrew - who looked
Hebrew - who are lofty
Hebrew - who, whom
Hebrew - who
Hebrew - who breathed
Hebrew - who is silent
Hebrew - who takes bribes
Hebrew - who is bought, who were bought
Hebrew - women who were with child
Hebrew - who escape, who escaped, who have escaped
Hebrew - woman who, woman who is ill
Hebrew - who remains
Hebrew - who is slow
Hebrew - blessed be those who bless, blessed is everyone who blesses
Hebrew - for whose cause, who, whom, whose
Hebrew - who has, who practice
Hebrew - one who sorrows
Hebrew - spoil of those who despoiled
Hebrew - one who, one who has been slain, who are slain
Hebrew - who suffers
Hebrew - who sticks
Hebrew - who are far, who are far away, who is far off
Hebrew - who are in the right
Hebrew - who is strong, who was stronger
Hebrew - who are upright, who is upright
Hebrew - who are pure
Hebrew - who
Hebrew - whom, whose, whosoever, while those who, who, whoever, whomever, whose remains when
Hebrew - who has a cool
Hebrew - cursed be those who curse, cursed is everyone who curses
Hebrew - who lacks
Hebrew - who is mighty
Hebrew - who is clean
Hebrew - who are blind
Hebrew - those who fall away
Hebrew - who resembled
Hebrew - who escape, who escaped, who escapes, who have escaped
Hebrew - those who had escaped
Hebrew - whosoever would, who delight, who delights, who favor
Hebrew - one who scatters
Hebrew - who are double-minded
Hebrew - whom, who, whose
Hebrew - who forget
Hebrew - who, who forget
Hebrew - who delight
Hebrew - who were born healthy
Hebrew - who are the trust, whom you trust
Hebrew - who
Hebrew - whom, whose, who, whomever
Hebrew - who, whom, whose, whoever
Hebrew - who is humble
Hebrew - who lives
Hebrew - who lives
Hebrew - plunder of those who plundered

WHO, pron. relative. pron. hoo. L. Who is undoubtedly a contracted word in English as in Latin. See What and Wight.

1. Who is a pronoun relative, always referring to persons. It forms whose in the genitive or possessive case, answering to the L. Cujus, and whom in the objective or accusative case. Who, whose and whom, are in both numbers. Thus we say, the man or woman who was with us; the men or women who were with us; the men or women whom we saw.
2. Which of many. Are you satisfied who did the mischief?
3. It is much used in asking questions; as, who am I? Who art thou? Who is this? Who are these? In this case, the purpose is to obtain the name or designation of the person or character.
4. It has sometimes a disjunctive sense.

There thou tellst of kings, and who aspire; who fall, who rise, who triumph, who do moan.

5. Whose is of all genders. Whose book is this?

This question whose solution I require--

As who should say, elliptically for as one who should say.

Copyright Statement
Dictionary of Words from the King James Bible. Public Domain. Copy freely.
Material presented was supplied by Brandon Staggs and was derived from the KJV Dictionary found on his website located at
The unabridged 1828 version of this dictionary in the SwordSearcher Bible Software at

Bibliography Information
"Entry for 'Who'". "King James Dictionary".


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