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Smith's Bible Dictionary

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Greek - keep on the alert
Greek - gone, started on our way up
Greek - pass by on the other side, passed by on the other side
Greek - on, among, belonged, once
Greek - away on a journey
Greek - take one's journey, go on a journey, went on a journey, went on his journey
Greek - fasten one's eyes, look earnestly on, look earnestly upon
Greek - played on the flute
Greek - on the left
Greek - throne, to set one's foot on
Greek - rail on, dishonored
Greek - look on, consider, keep on seeing
Greek - reason, reason with, carrying on a discussion, reasoned, reasoning
Greek - on, among, beyond, continually, onto, relation
Greek - on the left hand
Greek - look on
Greek - on, among, belonged, belonging, reason
Greek - have compassion, have compassion on, have mercy on, have mercy upon, have pity on
Greek - put on one's account
Greek - went on board
Greek - breathe on
Greek - spit on, spit upon
Greek - among, on, along, conscious
Greek - have on, put on
Greek - on either side
Greek - on, thereon, upon
Greek - come on, come upon
Greek - cast on, cast upon, lay on, think thereon
Greek - set on, set thereon
Greek - draw on
Greek - be one's surname, call on, call upon
Greek - lay hold on, lay hold upon, take on
Greek - fall on
Greek - lay on, lay upon, put on, put upon
Greek - on, upon, among, beyond, concerning, connection, onto
Greek - be imposed on, be laid thereon, be laid upon, lie on, press upon
Greek - laying on, putting on
Greek - put on
Greek - set on fire, sets on fire
Greek - falling on his knees before
Greek - stay on the alert
Greek - fasten on
Greek - put on the list
Greek - fall on sleep
Greek - lay hand on, lay hold on, lay hold upon
Greek - cast stone, stone, stoned, stones, stoning, went on stoning
Greek - have compassion on
Greek - go on one's journey
Greek - have compassion, have compassion on
Greek - on this wise
Greek - on every side
Greek - put on
Greek - look round about on, look round about upon
Greek - bestow upon, put on, put upon
Greek - on foot
Greek - beyond, on the other side
Greek - lay hand on
Greek - go one's way, am on my way, go on their way, gone, went on their way
Greek - walking on ahead, went in front, went on before
Greek - go on
Greek - pass on, go on ahead, gone on ahead, went along
Greek - bring forward on one's journey, bring on one's way, conduct forth, helped on my journey, helped on my way
Greek - attend continually, continue, continue instant, continue steadfastly, give one's self continually, wait on, wait on continually, continually devoting themselves, continued, continuing, personal attendants
Greek - be on fire, intense concern
Greek - consider, look on
Greek - set on an uproar, trouble one's self, make a commotion
Greek - set to one's seal, set a seal on
Greek - consider, look on, keep your eye on
Greek - beyond, for one's sake, in one's stead, on one's behalf, concerning
Greek - bind on
Greek - on high, high position
Greek - on the ground
Hebrew - came upon, put on, put on clothing
Hebrew - put on
Hebrew - keep on listening, made a proclamation, summon, summoned
Hebrew - promised on oath
Hebrew - gone, keep on coming, mentioned, migration, once
Hebrew - figs on the fig tree
Hebrew - son, Ammonites, Babylonians, children and on the grandchildren, common, descendants of the son, grandson, man one old, old when his son, one, one born, ones, son and his grandson, son and your grandson, son of and grandson, son was old, son's, son's son, sons, sons and grandsons, sons and his grandsons, sons and his sons', sons and on his sons', sons and their sons', sons and your grandsons, sons and your sons', sons of the son, sons', sons' sons
Hebrew - carry on their priesthood
Hebrew - On
Hebrew - On
Hebrew - securely on high, set him securely on high, set me securely on high, set you securely on high
Hebrew - come on
Hebrew - converted, go on back, gone back, make restitution, respond, restitution may be made, restitution which is made
Hebrew - on every side, confines, environs, every direction, one surrounding
Hebrew - on
Hebrew - bondage, bondman, bondservant, on all sides
Hebrew - side on sides
Hebrew - intent on doing
Hebrew - once, one, all at once, alone, another into one, any one, anyone, each one, everyone, forty-one, one and on another, one and the other, one another, one at the other, one can him who, one the other, one thing, one thing to another, one to another, one will to another, one-tenth, one-tenth for each, only, other was one, same one, thirty-one, twenty-one, unison
Hebrew - contributed, exaltation, makes his on high
Hebrew - chronicles, continually, Chronicles, afternoon, days on the day, long, long as i live, once, so long
Hebrew - second, second time, thirty-second, twenty-second, two on opposite
Hebrew - person, upon, along, attention, before the in front, condition, confront, corresponding, direction, front, front line, headlong, honor, honorable, humiliation, long, personal, personally, presence on the before
Hebrew - extortioner, lend on usury
Hebrew - consider, considered, give attention, keep on looking, make an inspection, makes an inspection, take into consideration, vision
Hebrew - set on edge
Hebrew - on this manner
Hebrew - one side, side and on the other
Hebrew - put on
Hebrew - driven on
Hebrew - one, one and another, one as well as another, one out to another, one side, one side and the other, one thing, one while another, other on the other side, side and on the other, this one
Hebrew - already gone, continually, continued, continuing, go at once, gone, indeed gone, once the went forth, throng, vagabond, went along continually, went on continually, went on his way
Hebrew - consulted, put on the throne
Hebrew - on high
Hebrew - beyond, on, upon, addition, along, alongside, among, attention, concerning, confront, connection, conquer, consider, considered, contrary, corresponding, reason, responsibility, thereon
Hebrew - on, upon, addition, along, among, concerning, corresponding, onto
Hebrew - brings on destruction
Hebrew - turned on pivots
Hebrew - set them on fire
Hebrew - pass on, beyond, continue, continued, continued through, contrary, go along, go on your way, gone, gone over, gone through, pass along, passed along, passed beyond, spread beyond
Hebrew - gird on, on every side
Hebrew - set on fire
Hebrew - set on fire, consumed, sets on fire, sets the on fire
Hebrew - set on
Hebrew - set on
Hebrew - set on
Hebrew - carry on as scoffers, night monster
Hebrew - go on, pass on
Hebrew - gone around, observe on schedule
Hebrew - bald on the forehead
Hebrew - on, front
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On -

(abode or city of the sun ), a town of lower Egypt, called BETH-SHEMESH in (Jeremiah 43:13) On is better known under its Greek name Heliopolis. It was situated on the east side of the Pelusiac branch of the Nile, just below the point of the Delta, and about twenty miles northeast of Memphis. The chief object of worship at Heliopolis was the sun, whose temple, described by Strabo, is now only represented by the single beautiful obelisk, of red granite so feet 2 inches high above the pedestal which has stood for more than 4000 years, having been erected by Usirtesen, the second king of the twelfth dynasty. Heliopolis was anciently famous for its learning, and Eudoxus and Plato studied under its priests. The first mention of this place in the Bible is in the history of Joseph, to whom we read Pharaoh gave "to wife Asenath the daughter of Potipherah priest of On." (Genesis 41:45) comp. ver, Genesis41:60 and Genesis46:20 (On is to be remembered not only as the home of Joseph, but as the traditional place to which his far-off namesake took Mary and the babe Jesus in the flight to Egypt. The two famous obelisks, long called "Cleopatra’s Needles," one of which now stands in London and the other in Central Park in New York city, once stood before this city, and were seen by the children of Israel before the exodus, having been quarried at Syene on the Nile, erected at On (Heliopolis) by Thothmes III., B.C. 1500, and inscriptions added by Rameses II. (Sesostris) two hundred years later. They were taken to Alexandria by Augustus Caesar A.D. 23, from which they were removed to their present places. --ED.)

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Smith, William, Dr. "Entry for 'On'". "Smith's Bible Dictionary".
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