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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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History of Protestantism


 Book 1 - Progress from the First to the Fourth Centrury
Chapter 1   Protestantism
Chapter 2   Declension of the Early Christian Church
Chapter 3   Development of the Papacy from the Times of Constantine to Those of Hildebrand
Chapter 4   Development of the Papacy from Gregory VII. To Boniface VIII
Chapter 5   Mediaeval Protestant Witnesses
Chapter 6   The Waldenses--Their Valleys
Chapter 7   The Waldenses--Their Missions and Martyrdoms
Chapter 8   The Paulicians
Chapter 9   Crusades against the Albigenses
Chapter 10   Erection of Tribunal of Inquisition
Chapter 11   Protestants before Protestantism
Chapter 12   Abelard, and Rise of Modern Scepticism

 Book 2 - Wicliffe and His Times, or Advent of Protestantism
Chapter 1   Wicliffe: His Birth and Education
Chapter 2   Wicliffe, and the Pope's Encroachments on England
Chapter 3   Wicliffe's Battle with Rome for England's Independence
Chapter 4   Wicliffe's Battle with the Mendicant Friars
Chapter 5   The Friars Versus the Gospel in England
Chapter 6   The Battle of the Parliament with the Pope
Chapter 7   Persecution of Wicliffe by the Pope and the Hierarchy
Chapter 8   Hierarchical Persecution of Wicliffe Resumed
Chapter 9   Wicliffe's Views on Church Property and Church Reform
Chapter 10   The Translation of the Scriptures, or the English Bible
Chapter 11   Wicliffe and Transubstantiation
Chapter 12   Wicliffe's Appeal to Parliament
Chapter 13   Wicliffe Before Convocation in Person, and Before the Roman Curia by Letter.
Chapter 14   Wicliffe's Last Days
Chapter 15   Wicliffe's Theological and Church System

 Book 3 - John Huss and the Hussite Wars
Chapter 1   Birth, Education, and First Labours of Huss
Chapter 2   Huss Begins His Warfare Against Rome
Chapter 3   Growing Opposition of Huss to Rome
Chapter 4   Preparations for the Council of Constance
Chapter 5   Deposition of the Rival Popes
Chapter 6   Imprisonment and Examination of Huss
Chapter 7   Condemnation and Martyrdom of Huss
Chapter 8   Wicliffe and Huss Compared in Their Theology, Their Character, and Their Labours
Chapter 9   Trial and Temptation of Jerome
Chapter 10   The Trial of Jerome
Chapter 11   Condemnation and Burning of Jerome
Chapter 12   Wicliffe, Huss, and Jerome, or the Three First Witnesses of Modern Christendom
Chapter 13   The Hussite Wars
Chapter 14   Commencement of the Hussite Wars
Chapter 15   Marvellous Genius of Ziska as a General
Chapter 16   Second Crusade Against Bohemia
Chapter 17   Brilliant Successes of the Hussites
Chapter 18   The Council of Basle
Chapter 19   Last Scenes of the Bohemian Reformation

 Book 4 - Christendom at the Opening of the Sixteenth Century
Chapter 1   Protestantism and Mediaevalism
Chapter 2   The Empire
Chapter 3   The Papacy, or Christendom Under the Tiara

 Book 5 - History of Protestantism in Germany to the Leipsic Disputation, 1519
Chapter 1   Luther's Birth, Childhood, and School-days
Chapter 2   Luther's College Life
Chapter 3   Luther's Life in the Convent
Chapter 4   Luther the Monk Becomes Luther the Reformer
Chapter 5   Luther as Priest, Professor, and Preacher
Chapter 6   Luther's Journey to Rome
Chapter 7   Luther in Rome
Chapter 8   Tetzel Preaches Indulgences
Chapter 9   The "Theses"
Chapter 10   Luther Attacked by Tetzel, Prierio, and Eck
Chapter 11   Luther's Journey to Augsburg
Chapter 12   Luther's Appearance before Cardinal Cajetan
Chapter 13   Luther's Return to Wittemberg and Labours There
Chapter 14   Miltitz--Carlstadt--Dr. Eck
Chapter 15   The Leipsic Disputation

 Book 6 - From the Leipsic Disputation to the Diet at Worms, 1521
Chapter 1   Protestantism and Imperialism; or, the Monk and the Monarch
Chapter 2   Pope Leo's Bull
Chapter 3   Interviews and Negotiations
Chapter 4   Luther Summoned to the Diet at Worms
Chapter 5   Luther's Journey and Arrival at Worms
Chapter 6   Luther Before the Diet at Worms
Chapter 7   Luther Put Under the Ban of the Empire

 Book 7 - Protestantism in England, From the Times of Wicliffe to Those of Henry VIII
Chapter 1   The First Protestant Martyrs in England
Chapter 2   The Theology of the Early English Protestants
Chapter 3   Growth of English Protestantism
Chapter 4   Efforts for the Redistribution of Ecclesiastical Property
Chapter 5   Trial and Condemnation of Sir John Oldcastle
Chapter 6   Lollardism Denounced as Treason
Chapter 7   Martyrdom of Lord Cobham
Chapter 8   Lollardism Under Henry V. and Henry VI
Chapter 9   Rome's Attempt to Regain Dominancy in England
Chapter 10   Resistance to Papal Encroachments
Chapter 11   Influence of the Wars of the Fifteenth Century on the Progress of Protestantism

 Book 8 - History of Protestantism in Switzerland from A.D. 1516 to its Establishment at Zurich, 1525.
Chapter 1   Switzerland-The Country and the People
Chapter 2   Condition of Switzerland Prior to the Reformation
Chapter 3   Corruption of the Swiss Church
Chapter 4   Zwingle's Birth and School-days
Chapter 5   Zwingle's Progress Towards Emancipation
Chapter 6   Zwingle in the Presence of the Bible
Chapter 7   Einsiedeln and Zurich
Chapter 8   The Pardon-monger and the Plague
Chapter 9   Extension of the Reformation in Bern and other Swiss Towns
Chapter 10   Spread of Protestantism in Eastern Switzerland
Chapter 11   The Question of Forbidden Meats
Chapter 12   Public Disputation at Zurich
Chapter 13   Dissolution of Conventual and Monastic Establishments
Chapter 14   Discussion on Images and the Mass
Chapter 15   Establishment of Protestantism in Zurich


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