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Monday, December 10, 2018

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Home > Lexicons > Greek Lexicon > Browse > Entries beginning with E

The New Testament Greek Lexicon

Browse Entries beginning with e
 Words 1 - 20 of 771Click Strong's Number to view
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643 Original Word Transliterated Word
e═piskeua/zomai aposkeuazo
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
ap-osk-yoo-ad'-zotake up (one's) carriages
1436 Original Word Transliterated Word
e░A ea
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
1437 Original Word Transliterated Word
e┤A/n ean
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
eh-an'if, misc, though, whatsoever, whosoever, case, everyone, except, or, unless, whatever, when, whenever, wherever, whether, whoever, whomever
1438 Original Word Transliterated Word
e│Autou= heautou
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
heh-ow-too'himself, his, itself, misc, ourselves, their, themselves, yourselves, aside, conscious, each other, herself, mind, none, one another, oneself, own, own estimation, own initiative, own persons, senses, venture, within
1439 Original Word Transliterated Word
e┤A/w eao
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
eh-ah'-ocommit, leave, let, let alone, suffer, allow, allowed, leaving, left, permit, permitted, stop
1440 Original Word Transliterated Word
eËbdomh/konta hebdomekonta
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
heb-dom-ay'-kon-tahseventy, three score and fifteen, three score and ten, seventy-five, seventy-six
1441 Original Word Transliterated Word
eËbdomhkonta/kiv hebdomekontakis
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
heb-dom-ay-kon-tak-isseventy times
1442 Original Word Transliterated Word
eÚbdomov hebdomos
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
1443 Original Word Transliterated Word
ÁEber Eber
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
1444 Original Word Transliterated Word
║Ebrai>ko/v Hebraikos
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
1445 Original Word Transliterated Word
║Ebrai█ov Hebraios
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
heb-rah'-yosHebrew, Hebrew of Hebrews, Hebrews
1446 Original Word Transliterated Word
║Ebrai v Hebrais
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
1447 Original Word Transliterated Word
║Ebrai┼sti­ Hebraisti
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
heb-rah-is-tee'in Hebrew, in the Hebrew, in the Hebrew tongue, Hebrew
1448 Original Word Transliterated Word
e═ggi­zw eggizo
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
eng-id'-zobe at hand, come near, come nigh, draw near, draw nigh, misc, approached, approaching, came, came close, came near, comes near, coming near, drawing near, hand, near
1449 Original Word Transliterated Word
e═ggra/fw eggrapho
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
eng-graf'-owrite, recorded, written
1450 Original Word Transliterated Word
eßgguov egguos
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
eng'-goo-ossurety, guarantee
1451 Original Word Transliterated Word
e═ggu/v eggus
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
eng-goos'at hand, from, near, nigh, nigh at hand, nigh unto, ready, close, nearby, nearer
1452 Original Word Transliterated Word
e═ggu/teron egguteron
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
eng-goo'-ter-onnearer, get
1453 Original Word Transliterated Word
e═gei­rw egeiro
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
eg-i'-roarise, misc, raise, raise again, raise up, rise, rise again, rise up, arisen, arises, awake, awaken, awoke, cause, get, gets, got, lift, raised, raises, risen, rose, rose again, stand, woke
1454 Original Word Transliterated Word
eßgersiv egersis
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
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 Words 1 - 20 of 771 
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Copyright Statement
The New Testament Greek Lexicon based on Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary plus others; this is keyed to the large Kittel and the "Theological Dictionary of the New Testament." These files are public domain.  


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