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Saturday, October 19, 2019

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Home > Lexicons > Hebrew Lexicon > Verse Display - `attah

The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

Verse Display - Strong's Number: 6258
Original WordTransliterated Word
 htt( `attah
Translated Words
 already, last, now, so, then, this time, time, whereas, yet
 The NAS Strong's Version - 20 Verses
Ex 3:9 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"Now, behold, the cry of the sons of Israel has come to Me; furthermore, I have seen the oppression with which the Egyptians are oppressing them.

Ex 3:10 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"Therefore, come now, andI will send you to Pharaoh, so that you may bring My people, the sons of Israel, out of Egypt ."

Ex 3:18 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"They will pay heed to what you say; and you with the elders of Israel will come to the king of Egypt and you will say to him, 'The LORD, the God of the Hebrews, has met with us. So now, please, let us go a three days' journey into the wilderness, that we may sacrifice to the LORD our God .'

Ex 4:12 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"Now then go, and I, even I, will be with your mouth, and teach you what you are to say ."

Ex 5:5 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
Again Pharaoh said, "Look, the people of the land are now many, and you would have them cease from their labors !"

Ex 5:18 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"So go now and work; for you will be given no straw, yet you must deliver the quota of bricks ."

Ex 6:1 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
Then the LORD said to Moses, "Now you shall see whatI will do to Pharaoh; for under compulsion he will let them go, and under compulsion he will drive them out of his land ."

Ex 9:15 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"For if by nowI had put forth My hand and struck you and your people with pestilence, you would then have been cut off from the earth.

Ex 9:18 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"Behold, about this time tomorrow, I will send a very heavy hail, such as has not been seen in Egypt from the day it was founded until now.

Ex 9:19 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"Now therefore send, bring your livestock and whatever you have in the field to safety. Every man and beast that is found in the field and is not brought home, when the hail comes down on them, will die .""'

Ex 10:17 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"Now therefore, please forgive my sin only this once, and make supplication to the LORD your God, that He would only remove this death from me."

Ex 18:11 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"NowI know that the LORD is greater than all the gods; indeed, it was proven when they dealt proudly against the people."

Ex 18:19 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"Now listen to me:I will give you counsel, and God be with you. You be the people's representative before God, and you bring the disputes to God,

Ex 19:5 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
'Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine;

Ex 32:10 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"Now then let Me alone, that My anger may burn against them and thatI may destroy them; andI will make of you a great nation ."

Ex 32:30 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
On the next day Moses said to the people, "You yourselves have committed a great sin; and nowI am going up to the LORD, perhapsI can make atonement for your sin ."

Ex 32:32 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"But now, if You will, forgive their sin --and if not, please blot me out from Your book which You have written !"

Ex 32:34 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"But go now, lead the people whereI told you. Behold, My angel shall go before you; nevertheless in the day whenI punish, I will punish them for their sin ."

Ex 33:5 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
For the LORD had said to Moses, "Say to the sons of Israel, 'You are an obstinate people; shouldI go up in your midst for one moment, I would destroy you. Now therefore, put off your ornaments from you, thatI may know whatI shall do with you.'"

Ex 33:13 - [In Context|Read Chapter|Original Hebrew]
"Now therefore,I pray You, ifI have found favor in Your sight, let me know Your ways thatI may know You, so thatI may find favor in Your sight. Consider too, that this nation is Your people ."

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Copyright Statement
The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon is Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon; this is keyed to the "Theological Word Book of the Old Testament." These files are considered public domain.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible with Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries. Copyright © 1981, 1998 by The Lockman Foundation. All rights reserved.

Bibliography Information
Brown, Driver, Briggs and Gesenius. "Hebrew Lexicon entry for `attah". "The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon".


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