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 1 Chronicles 9
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The New American Standard Bible
   Book of 1 ChroniclesClick Verse Reference for Study Notes
    9:1-44 - Study Chapter  - Click for Chapter Audio

People of Jerusalem

1 So all Israel was enrolled by genealogies; and behold, they are written in the Book of the Kings of Israel. And Judah R100 was carried away into exile to Babylon for their unfaithfulness.

2 Now R101 the first who lived in their possessions in their cities were Israel, the priests, the Levites and the R102 temple F118 servants. 3 Some of the sons of Judah, of the sons of Benjamin and of the sons of Ephraim and Manasseh lived in Jerusalem: R103 4 Uthai the son of Ammihud, the son of Omri, the son of Imri, the son of Bani, from the sons of Perez the son R104 of Judah. 5 From the Shilonites were Asaiah the firstborn and his sons. 6 From the sons of Zerah were Jeuel and their relatives, F119 690 of them. 7 From the sons of Benjamin were Sallu the son of Meshullam, the son of Hodaviah, the son of Hassenuah, 8 and Ibneiah the son of Jeroham, and Elah the son of Uzzi, the son of Michri, and Meshullam the son of Shephatiah, the son of Reuel, the son of Ibnijah; 9 and their relatives according to their generations, 956. R105 All these were heads of fathers' households according to their fathers' houses.

10 From R106 the priests were Jedaiah, Jehoiarib, Jachin, 11 and Azariah F120 the son of Hilkiah, the son of Meshullam, the son of Zadok, the son of Meraioth, the son of Ahitub, the R107 chief officer of the house of God; 12 and Adaiah the son of Jeroham, the son of Pashhur, the son of Malchijah, and Maasai the son of Adiel, the son of Jahzerah, the son of Meshullam, the son of Meshillemith, the son of Immer; 13 and their relatives, heads of their fathers' households, 1,760 very able men for the work of the service of the house of God.

14 Of R108 the Levites were Shemaiah the son of Hasshub, the son of Azrikam, the son of Hashabiah, of the sons of Merari; 15 and Bakbakkar, Heresh and Galal and Mattaniah the son of Mica, the son of Zichri, F121 the son of Asaph, 16 and Obadiah F122 the son of Shemaiah, F123 the son of Galal, the son of Jeduthun, and Berechiah the son of Asa, the son of Elkanah, who lived in the villages of the Netophathites.

17 Now the gatekeepers were Shallum F124 and Akkub and Talmon and Ahiman and their relatives (Shallum the chief 18 being stationed until now at the R109 king's gate to the east). These were the gatekeepers for the camp of the sons of Levi. 19 Shallum the son of Kore, the son of Ebiasaph, F125 the son of Korah, and his relatives of his father's house, the Korahites, were over the work of the service, keepers of the thresholds of the tent; and their fathers had been over the camp of the LORD, keepers of the entrance. 20 Phinehas R110 the son of Eleazar was ruler over them previously, and the LORD was with him. 21 Zechariah R111 the son of Meshelemiah was gatekeeper of the entrance of the tent of meeting. 22 All these who were chosen to be gatekeepers at the thresholds were 212. These were enrolled by genealogy in their villages, whom R112 David and Samuel the seer appointed in R113 their office of trust. 23 So they and their sons had F126 charge of the gates of the house of the LORD, even the house of the tent, as guards. 24 The gatekeepers were on F127 the four sides, to the east, west, north and south. 25 Their relatives in their villages were R114 to come in every seven days from time to time to be with them; F128 26 for the four chief gatekeepers who were Levites, were in an office of trust, and were over the chambers and over the treasuries in the house of God. 27 They spent the night around the house of God, because R115 the watch was committed F129 to them; and they were in F130 charge of opening it morning by morning.

28 Now some of them had F131 charge of the utensils of service, for they F132 counted them when they brought them in and when they took them out. 29 Some of them also were appointed over the furniture and over all the utensils of the sanctuary and over R116 the fine flour and the wine and the oil and the frankincense and the spices. 30 Some of the R117 sons of the priests prepared the mixing of the spices. 31 Mattithiah, one of the Levites, who was the firstborn of Shallum the Korahite, had the R118 responsibility F133 over the things which were baked in pans. 32 Some of their relatives of the sons of the Kohathites were R119 over the showbread to prepare it every sabbath.

33 Now these are the R120 singers, heads of fathers' households of the Levites, who lived in the chambers of the temple free from other service; for they were engaged F134 in R121 their work day and night. 34 These were heads of fathers' households of the Levites according to their generations, chief men, who F135 lived in Jerusalem.

Ancestry and Descendants of Saul

35 In R122 Gibeon Jeiel the father of Gibeon lived, and his wife's name was Maacah, 36 and his firstborn son was Abdon, then Zur, Kish, Baal, Ner, Nadab, 37 Gedor, Ahio, Zechariah and Mikloth. 38 Mikloth became the father of Shimeam. And they also lived with their relatives in Jerusalem opposite their other relatives. 39 Ner R123 became the father of Kish, and Kish became the father of Saul, and Saul became the father of Jonathan, Malchi-shua, Abinadab and Eshbaal. 40 The son of Jonathan was Merib-baal; and Merib-baal became the father of Micah. 41 The sons of Micah were Pithon, Melech, Tahrea and R124 Ahaz. 42 Ahaz became the father of Jarah, and Jarah became the father of Alemeth, Azmaveth and Zimri; and Zimri became the father of Moza, 43 and Moza became the father of Binea and Rephaiah his son, Eleasah his son, Azel his son. 44 Azel had six sons whose names are these: Azrikam, Bocheru and Ishmael and Sheariah and Obadiah and Hanan. These were the sons of Azel.

F118: Hebrew Nethinim
F119: Lit brothers, and so throughout the ch
F120: In Neh 11:11, Seraiah
F121: In Neh 11:17, Zabdi
F122: In Neh 11:17, Abda
F123: In Neh 11:17, Shammua
F124: In v 21, Meshelemiah; in 26:14, Shelemiah; in Neh 12:25, Meshullam
F125: In Ex 6:24, Abiasaph
F126: Lit were over the gates
F127: Lit to the four winds
F128: Lit these
F129: Lit on them
F130: Lit over the opening
F131: Lit were over the
F132: Lit by count they brought them in and by count they took them out
F133: Lit office of trust
F134: Lit over them in the work
F135: Lit these

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Copyright Statement: The New American Standard Bible
Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995; Audio Recording Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, (P) 1989 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, Calif. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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