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ATS Bible Dictionary

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Ľ Miracle
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Ľ Miracle
Greek - miracle, miracles
Greek - miracle
Hebrew - miracle, miracles

Also called a sign, wonder, or mighty work, Acts 2:32; a work so superseding in its higher forms the established laws of nature as to evince the special interposition of God. A miracle is to be distinguished from wonders wrought by designing men through artful deceptions, occult sciences, or laws of nature unknown except to adepts. The miracles wrought by Christ, for example, were such as God only could perform; were wrought in public, before numerous witnesses, both friends and foes; were open to the most perfect scrutiny; had an end in view worthy of divine sanction; were attested by witnesses whose character and conduct establish their claim to our belief; and are further confirmed by institutions still existing, intended to commemorate them, and dating from the period of the miracles. Christ appealed to his mighty works as undeniable proofs of his divinity and Messiahship, Matthew 9:6 11:4,5,23,24 John 10:24-27 20:29,31. The deceptions of the magicians in Egypt, and of false prophets in ancient and in modern times, Deuteronomy 13:1 Matthew 24:24 2 Thessalonians 2:9 Revelation 13:13,14, would not bear the above tests. By granting to any man the power to work a miracle, God gave the highest attestation to the truth he should teach and the message he should bring, 1 Kings 18:38,39; this is Godís own seal, not to be affixed to false hoods; and though the lying wonders of Satan and his agents were so plausible as to "deceive if possible the very elect," no one who truly sought to know and do the will of God could be deluded by them.

The chief object of miracles having been to authenticate the revelation God has made of his will, these mighty words ceased when the Scripture canon was completed and settled, and Christianity was fairly established. Since the close of the first century from the ascension of Christ, few or no undoubted miracles have been wrought; and whether a sufficient occasion for new miracles will ever arise is known only to God.

The following list comprises most of the miracles on record in the Bible, not including the supernatural visions and revelations of himself which God vouch-safed to his ancient servants, nor those numerous wonders of his providence which manifest his hand almost as indisputable as miracles themselves. See also PROPHECY. Old Testament Miracles

The creation of all things, Genesis 1:1-31.

The deluge, comprising many miracles, Genesis 6:1-22.

The destruction of Sodom, etc., Genesis 19:1-38.

The healing of Abimelech, Genesis 20:17,18.

The burning bush, Exodus 3:2-4.

Mosesí rod made a serpent, and restored, Exodus 4:3-4 7:10.

Mosesí hand made leprous, and healed, Exodus 4.6-7.

Water turned into blood, Exodus 4:9,30.

The Nile turned to blood, Exodus 7:20.

Frogs brought and removed, Exodus 8:6,13.

Lice brought, Exodus 8:17.

Flies brought, and removed, Exodus 8:21-31.

Murrain of beasts, Exodus 9:3-6.

Boils and blains brought, Exodus 9:10,11.

Hail brought, and removed, Exodus 9:23,33.

Locusts brought, and removed, Exodus 10:13,19.

Darkness brought, Exodus 10:22.

First-born destroyed, Exodus 10:29.

The Red Sea divided, Exodus 14:21-22.

Egyptians overwhelmed, Exodus 14:26-28.

Waters of Marah sweetened, Exodus 15:27.

Quails and manna sent, Exodus 16:1-36.

Water from the rock, in Horeb, Exodus 17:6.

Amalek vanquished, Exodus 17:11-13.

Pillar of cloud and fire, Numbers 9:15-23.

Leprosy of Miriam, Numbers 12:10.

Destruction of Korah, etc., Numbers 16:28-35,46-50.

Aaronís rod budding, Numbers 17:8.

Water from the rock, in Kadesh, Numbers 20:11.

Healing by the brazen serpent, Numbers 21:8,9.

Balaamís ass speaks, Numbers 22:28.

Plague in the desert, Numbers 25:1,9.

Water of Jordan divided, Joshua 3:10-17.

Jordan restored to its course, Joshua 4:18.

Jericho taken, Joshua 6:6-20.

Achan discovered, Joshua 7:14-21.

Sun and moon stand still, Joshua 10:12-14.

Gideonís fleece wet, Judges 6:36-40.

Midianites destroyed, Judges 7:16-22.

Exploits of Samson, Judges 14:1-16:31.

House of Dagon destroyed, Judges 16:30.

Dagon falls before the ark, etc., 1 Samuel 5:1-12.

Return of the ark, 1 Samuel 6:12.

Thunder and rain in harvest, 1 Samuel 12:18.

Jeroboamís hand withered, etc., 1 Kings 13:4,6.

The altar rent, 1 Kings 13:5.

Drought caused, 1 Kings 17:6.

Elijah fed by ravens, 1 Kings 17:6.

Meal and oil supplied, 1 Kings 17:14-16.

Child restored to life, 1 Kings 17:22-23.

Sacrifice consumed by fire, 1 Kings 18:36,38.

Rain brought, 1 Kings 18:41-45.

Men destroyed by fire, 2 Kings 1:10-12.

Waters of Jordan divided, 2 Kings 2:14.

Oil supplied, 2 Kings 4:1-7.

Child restored to life, 2 Kings 4:32-35.

Naaman healed, 2 Kings 5:10,14.

Gehaziís leprosy, 2 Kings 5:27.

Iron caused to swim, 2 Kings 6:6.

Syrians smitten blind, etc., 2 Kings 19:35.

Hezekiah healed, 2 Kings 20:7.

Shadow put back, 2 Kings 20:11.

Pestilence in Israel, 1 Chronicles 21:14.

Jonah preserved by a fish, Jonah 1:17 2:10.

New Testament Miracles.

The star in the east, Matthew 2:3.

The Spirit like a dove, Matthew 3:16.

Christís fast and temptations, Matthew 4:1-11.

Many miracles of Christ, Matthew 4:23-24 8:16 14:14,36 15:30 Mark 1:34 Luke 6:17-19.

Lepers cleansed, Matthew 8:3-4 Luke 17:14.

Centurionís servant healed, Matthew 8:5-13.

Peterís wifeís mother healed, Matthew 8:14.

Tempests stilled, Matthew 8:23-26 14:32.

Devils cast out, Matthew 8:28-32 9:32-33 15:22-28 17:14-18.

Paralytics healed, Matthew 9:2-6 Mark 2:3-12.

Issue of blood healed, Matthew 9:20-22.

Jairusí daughter raised to life, Matthew 9:18,25.

Sight given to the blind, Matthew 9:27-30 20:34 Mark 8:22-25 John 9:17.

The dumb restored, Matthew 9:32-33 12:22 Mark 7:33-35.

Miracles by the disciples, Matthew 10:1-8.

Multitudes fed, Matthew 14:15-21 15:35-38.

Christ walking on the sea, Matthew 14:25-27.

Peter walking on the sea, Matthew 14:29.

Christís transfiguration, etc., Matthew 17:1-8.

Tribute from a fishís mouth, Matthew 17:27.

The fig tree withered, Matthew 21:19.

Miracles at the crucifixion, Matthew 27:51-53.

Miracles at the resurrection, Matthew 28:1-7 Luke 24:6.

Draught of fishes, Luke 5:4-6 John 21:6.

Widowís son raised to life, Luke 7:14,15.

Miracles before Johnís messengers, Luke 7:21-22.

Miracles by the seventy, Luke 10:9,17.

Woman healed of infirmity, Luke 13:11-13.

Dropsy cured, Luke 14:2-4.

Malchusí ear restored, Luke 22:50-51.

Water turned to wine, John 2:6-10.

Noblemanís son healed, John 4:46-53.

Impotent man healed, John 5:5-9.

Sudden crossing of the sea, John 6:21.

Lazarus raised from the dead, John 11:43-44.

Christís coming to his disciples, John 20:19,26.

Wonders at the Pentecost, Acts 2:1-11.

Miracles by the apostles, Acts 2:43 5:12.

Lame man cured, Acts 3:7.

Death of Ananias and Sapphira, Acts 5:5,10.

Many sick healed, Acts 5:15-16.

Apostles delivered from prison, Acts 5:19.

Miracles by Stephen, Acts 6:8.

Miracles by Philip, Acts 8:6,7,13.

Eneas made whole, Acts 9:34.

Dorcas restored to life, Acts 9:40.

Peter delivered from prison, Acts 12:6-10.

Elymas struck blind, Acts 13:11.

Miracles by Paul and Barnabas, Acts 14:3.

Lame man cured, Acts 14:10.

Unclean spirit cast out, Acts 16:18.

Paul and Silas delivered, Acts 16:25-26.

Special miracles, Acts 19:11-12.

Eutchus restored to life, Acts 20:10-12.

Viperís bite made harmless, Acts 28:5.

Father of Publius, etc., healed, Acts 28:8,9.

Copyright Statement
These dictionary topics are from American Tract Society Bible Dictionary published in 1859. Public Domain, copy freely.

Bibliography Information
Rand, W. W. "Entry for 'MIRACLE'". "American Tract Society Bible Dictionary".
<>. 1859.


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