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Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Easton's Bible Dictionary

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Additional Resources
• Nave's Topical Bible
Angel (a spirit)
Easter (a.v.)
Mite (a lepta)
Mote (a speck)
Murrain (a disease of livestock)
Winebibber (a wino)
• Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
A worm
Affirmation not a wish; forgiveness
Believing a lie
Better a servant than ...
Caleb: & Churlish like a dog
City; gates (Cities etc listed separately)
Hanged on a tree, cursed
Jerusalem;: & God's anger, Prophecy
Jews a blessing
Lapping like a dog
Levi. Levites; ( an offering: & Redemption of ...)
Liberty, a gift or chastisement
Man; a worm, maggot
Moses; face shone, horns?
Scribe, a ready writer
There remaineth a rest
Treasure in a field, wheat etc
Water: & Healing, Holy
Wiping a dish, like
• Baker's Evangelical Dictionary
New Heavens and a New Earth
• Easton's Bible Dictionary
Adam, a type
Skull, The place of a
• Fausset's Bible Dictionary
Covenant of Salt, A
• Hitchcock's Bible Names
Shiloh (name of a city)
• King James Dictionary
Devil, hath a
Fetched a compass
Not a whit
• Smith's Bible Dictionary
AJah = A iah
• International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
Tabernacle, A
Time, Times and A Half
Greek - a fishing
Greek - from being a burden
Greek - after a godly sort, as becometh, manner worthy
Greek - be an offender, take wrong, am a wrongdoer, damage, do harm, harm, treated unjustly
Greek - felt a love for
Greek - of a truth, certainly, really
Greek - a busybody in other men's matters
Greek - accursed, anathema, bind under a great curse
Greek - bind under a curse, bind under a great curse, bind with an oath
Greek - make an uproar, stirred up a revolt
Greek - taking a far journey, away on a journey
Greek - pay tithe, take tithe, collect a tenth
Greek - go into a far country, take one's journey, travel into a far country, go on a journey, went on a journey
Greek - answer, answer for one's self, make defence, speak for one's self, make a defense
Greek - be at the point of death, be dead, be slain, dead, lie a dying, death, mortal
Greek - stand in doubt, am perplexed, being at a loss
Greek - that is a heretic, factious
Greek - ask, call for, crave, asked, asking, asks, called, making a request
Greek - diseased with an issue of blood, suffering from a hemorrhage
Greek - earnest, given as a pledge
Greek - a good while ago, ancient, ancients, early, long standing
Greek - no brawler, not a brawler, peaceable
Greek - a little, a little space, a little while
Greek - have a devil, possessed with a devil, vexed with a devil, demoniacs
Greek - make a show, disgrace, made a display
Greek - such a man, certain man
Greek - pay tithes, collected a tenth, paid tithes
Greek - leathern, of a skin, leather
Greek - lead a life, lead
Greek - preach, preach unto, reason, reason with, speak, addressed, argued, carrying on a discussion, reasoned, reasoning, talking
Greek - please, has a mind, regarded, reputation
Greek - be under bondage, become servant, bring into bondage, in bondage, make servant, became slaves, enslaved, held in bondage, made a slave, under bondage
Greek - always used as a word prefix, hard or difficult
Greek - without a cause, without charge, without paying
Greek - in vain, without a cause
Greek - in vain, vainly, without a cause, vain, without cause
Greek - if a man, if any, if any man, if any thing
Greek - a, agreement, alike, alone, detail, individual, individually, man, one another, one man, smallest
Greek - a, a certain, agree
Greek - praise, giving a blessing, praising
Greek - have a prosperous journey
Greek - make a fair show, make a good showing
Greek - come with a straight course, ran a straight course, straight course
Greek - ask, intreat, pray, ask a question, asked, asking, asks, make request, please
Greek - accuse, call in question, implead, lay anything to the charge, accused, accusing, bring a charge, bring charges against
Greek - make choice, made a choice
Greek - entangle with, have a quarrel with, grudge against, had a grudge against
Greek - make promise, made, made the promise, making a claim, promise had been made
Greek - cry against, give a shout, calling
Greek - office of a bishop, visitation
Greek - write a letter unto
Greek - a raising up, that which comes upon
Greek - teach other doctrine, teach otherwise, advocates a different doctrine, teach strange doctrines
Greek - of a long time, long ago
Greek - a great while before day
Greek - keep with a garrison, guard, guarding
Greek - married, marry, marry a wife, get married, marriage, marries, marrying
Greek - how great, what great, such a small
Greek - cease, hold one's peace, lead a quiet life
Greek - ministering as a priest
Greek - establish, stand, stand by, stand still, bystanders, came, came to a halt, placed, put forward, stand firm, standing, standing firm, stands, taking his stand
Greek - behold as a glass, beholding as in a mirror
Greek - sear with a hot iron
Greek - stroke of a letter
Greek - of a potter
Greek - teach, become a disciple, make disciples
Greek - be a witness, bear record, bear witness, have a good report, attested, gained approval, good reputation, having a reputation, obtained the testimony, obtained the witness, received a good testimony, speaking well
Greek - change, transfer in a figure, transform, transform one's self, figuratively applied
Greek - be of a doubtful mind
Greek - a little, greatly
Greek - murderer of a mother
Greek - a little, a little while, a while
Greek - make a calf, made a calf
Greek - become a fool, lose savour, make foolish, became fools, become tasteless, made foolish
Greek - a shrine, temple sanctuary
Greek - owner of a ship, captain of the ship
Greek - be a child, infants
Greek - has a morbid interest
Greek - a night and a day
Greek - be a debtor, had, have, obligated
Greek - a little, a while, almost, small, great, little way
Greek - gather a company, formed a mob
Greek - goodman, goodman of the house, master of the house, head of a household, head of the house, head of the household, landowner
Greek - after this manner, exactly, in such a manner, in such a way, same, same manner, same way, this is the way, this manner, this way, way, way this
Greek - certainly, clean, of a truth, real, really
Greek - a great while ago, any while, in time past, long ago, all this time
Greek - of a child
Greek - make a public example, put to open shame
Greek - as a fool, insane
Greek - but for a moment, momentary
Greek - be a stranger, lived as an alien
Greek - murder of a father
Greek - hearken unto, obey a magistrate
Greek - be a busybody, acting like busybodies
Greek - fetch a compass, vagabond, wander about, go around, sailed around, went about, went from place to place
Greek - a great deal, far more, more abundantly
Greek - a year ago, last year, year ago
Greek - defraud, get an advantage, make a gain, advantage would be taken of, take any advantage, taken advantage, took advantage
Greek - a great way off, far, away, far away, farther
Greek - bear, cause, deal, make, accomplished, act, acted, acting, acts, appointed, away, bearing, bears, bring about, call, carried, carries, carry, causes, causing, created things, dealt, establishing, formed a conspiracy, gave, have, have kept, having, made, makes, making, practice, practices, practicing, satisfy, treat, treated, weaker
Greek - depart, go one's way, walk, accompany, am on my way, departed, departure, go away, go on their way, going away, leave, pursued a course, started, traveling, walking, way, went His way, went on their way, went their way
Greek - a certain place, about
Greek - for a season, for a time, for a while, temporal, passing, temporary
Greek - previously made, previously made a beginning
Greek - of a ready mind, eagerness
Greek - nailed to a cross
Greek - be sick of a fever
Greek - make a gazing stock, made a public spectacle, public spectacle
Greek - make a noise, make ado, set on an uproar, make a commotion, uproar
Greek - lament, lamenting, sang a dirge
Greek - with a great noise, roar
Greek - sound of a trumpet, sound a trumpet
Greek - seal, seal up, set a seal, set to one's seal, sealed, set a seal on
Greek - of a sad countenance, sad, gloomy face, looking sad
Greek - be wanton, live in pleasure, led a life of wanton pleasure, wanton pleasure
Greek - be ready to be offered, poured out as a drink
Greek - goeth a warfare, war, active service, serves as a soldier, soldier in active service, wage war
Greek - choose to be a soldier
Greek - be touched with a feeling of, have compassion, showed sympathy, sympathize
Greek - be in a strait, be taken with, constrain, straiten, afflicted, hard-pressed
Greek - a few words
Greek - break, make a rent, tear, tears
Greek - weight of a talent
Greek - a, another, any, any man, anything, certain, certain man, certain thing, man, some man, somewhat, any man's, any one, any way, any woman, anyone, anyone's, certain men, in any way, man's, matter, several, various things, whatever
Greek - such a fellow, such a man, such an one, similar, such a kind, such a one, such a person, such as these
Greek - as large, so great, so many, so many things, these many, all, great many, same degree, so many people, such and such a price, such great
Greek - sing an hymn, sing praise, singing a hymn, singing hymns of praise
Greek - a worse thing, worse and worse
Greek - a while, season, space, age, all, delay, exact time, long ages
Greek - delay, tarry, tarry so long, delaying, is not coming for a long time
Greek - with a gold ring
Greek - Hermes a Christian
Hebrew - have a common bond, have this, have this in common
Hebrew - three days, three parts, three years old, did it a third time, divide into three parts, do it a third time, stayed for three days, three year old
Hebrew - fifth part, exact a fifth
Hebrew - a search
Hebrew - catch, lay a snare, snare, ensnared, lay snares, laying a snare, snared
Hebrew - froward, who has, who has a crooked
Hebrew - laid, lay a snare, snare, ensnared, set a snare, snared, trapper
Hebrew - lack, poor man, am a poor
Hebrew - charmed, earing, enchantment, orator, prayer, amulets, charm, enchanter, whisper a prayer
Hebrew - mad, mad man, act the madman, behaving as a madman, driven mad, mad fellow, madman, madmen
Hebrew - declare, hear, hearken, understand, announce, announced, announces, disregarded, gave heed, give earnest heed, heard, heard for certain, hearing, hears, listen attentively, listen carefully, made a proclamation, make his heard, make their heard, make them known, make themselves heard, make your heard, overheard, pay heed, proclaim, proclaimed, proclaims, sang, surely hear, surely heard, understanding
Hebrew - asunder, brake, breach, break forth, break through, cleave, hatch, tare, tear, breached, break, breaks forth, breaks open, cleaved, dashed to pieces, invaded, make for ourselves a breach
Hebrew - bekah, half a shekel, beka, half-shekel
Hebrew - being a leper
Hebrew - avenging, avoid, bare, go back, made naked, naked, set at nought, brought about a lack, draw the away, lack of restraint, unrestrained
Hebrew - cleave, stayed, has the split, make a split, making a split, making split, persuaded, tear, tore him as one tears
Hebrew - ..alarm, smart, battle cry, cry aloud, jubilant shouting, raise your battle cry, raised a war cry, raised the war cry, shout aloud, sound an alarm, sound the alarm, sounding an alarm, utter a shout
Hebrew - ask, make (petition), pray, asking, made request, makes, makes a petition, making, making petition
Hebrew - adjure, charge, oath, straitly, sware, exchanged oaths, made a covenant, made an oath, promised on oath, promised them by oath, put the under oath, put them under oath, solemnly swear, swear, swearer, swearing, swears, take an oath, take oath, take the oath, takes, took an oath, took the oath, under oath
Hebrew - hard, marvellous, marvellously, bring extraordinary, deal marvelously, extraordinary degree, fulfill a special, made his wonderful, made marvelous, makes a difficult, makes a special, marvelous, marvelously, miracles, seemed hard, wonderful acts, wondrously marvelous
Hebrew - call, gave, named, preach, proclaim, read, become famous, called, calling, calls, dictated, famous, grasps, made a proclamation, make a proclamation, name, proclaimed, proclaiming, proclaims, reading, reads, screamed
Hebrew - office of a priest, carry on their priesthood, minister as a priest, minister as priest, minister as priests, ministered as priest, serve as a priest, serve as priest, serve as priests, serve me as priests, served as priests, served as the priest, serving as priests
Hebrew - after that, after this, like manner, state, accordingly, after, afterward, afterwards, because, case, exactly, inasmuch, means, practice, reason, same, same way, such a thing, thereafter, this account, this manner, this reason
Hebrew - aged, am old, am so old, reached a old, reached old
Hebrew - am not worthy, make small, was a small thing, insignificant, make the smaller, small thing
Hebrew - affinity, law, marriages, allied himself by marriage, become the son-in-law, formed a marriage alliance, intermarry, marriage alliance, son-in-law
Hebrew - lament, chant, chanted, chanted a lament
Hebrew - faileth, fatherless, incurable, innumerable, almost, cease, fails, had, had no, had no one, has, has he no, has no, has none, has nothing, have, have i no, have no, have none, have nothing, having a nor, having no, inscrutable, lack, lacks, leaves no, no account, nor are there, nor have, nor was there, there are no, there was no, there was no one, there was none, there was not, there was not one, there was nothing, undesirable, unfathomable, unsearchable, waterless, without and having no
Hebrew - abide, inhabit, inhabitant, place, remain, taken, tarry, abides, abode, had, inhabitants, inhabitants of dwell, inhabited, inhabiting, inhabits, makes, married, marrying, occupants, passed, peaceful, placed, remained, remaining, sat, sat down, seat, seated, situated, stand, stay, stayed, staying, stays, take a seat, taken his seat, wait
Hebrew - compass, compass in, turn aside, turn away, turn back, about, all around, around, away, bring back, brought about, brought around, change, changed, circle around, circled around, come around, encompass, escaped, faced, flows around, gathered around, go about, go around, led around, made a circuit, make the rounds, march around, marched around, measured the circumference, taken around, transferred, turn around, turned about, turned around, turned aside, turned away, walk about, went about
Hebrew - given as a freewill offering, made offering, make offerings willingly
Hebrew - carried, horseback, carried him in a chariot, chariot, harness, horseman, lead, pace, placed, rode in a chariot
Hebrew - engaged, mortgaged, undertake, associate, became surety, become guarantors, dare to risk, deal, dealers, guarantor, make a bargain, mortgaging, share
Hebrew - accepted, amend, please, adorned, better he made, celebrating, deals well, found favor, glad, good reason, good that i do, happy, make, makes a cheerful, pleasant, please the better, pleased, pleases, pleasing, seemed reasonable, stately, treat you better, truly amend, very small, well you prepare
Hebrew - answer, withdraw, again, answered, averted, back, back again, bring back, bring her back, bring him back, bring it back, bring me back, bring the back, bring them again, bring them back, bring you back, bringing the back, brought again, brought back, brought him again, brought him back, brought it back, brought me back, brought the again, brought them back, brought us back, call, came again, came back, cause, certainly bring, certainly bring them back, come back, draw and turning, draw it back, drawn, drew back, ever go back, get it back, give a answer, give back, give it back, give them back, go back, go on back, going back, gone back, indeed bring me back, indeed turn away, make restitution, make them return, paid, pass away, pass your again, pay, pays us back in full, put back, put his back, put the back, recall, recalls, regain, remade, repaid, repay, repeatedly, repeats, repent and turn away, repentant, replace, restitution may be made, restitution which is made, restrain, restrained, retreat, return and take back, sent back, take, take back, take it back, take me back, take my back, take your back, took back, turn again, turn and and withdraw, turn aside, turn away, turn away and not repent, turn back, turn her away, turn his away, turn it back, turn me into again, turn them back, turn to you again, turn you about, turn you around, turn you back, turn your away, turned around, turned away, turned back, turned them back, turning away, turns again, turns away, unleash, went back
Hebrew - cover with a cloud
Hebrew - beautiful, fair, fairer, favour, glad, wealth, beneficial, better a good, charming, favor, favorable, favorably, good and to those who, good man, gracious, graciously, handsome, happiness, happy, holiday, man, one who is pleasing, pleasant, please, pleased, pleases, pleasing, safely, what is good, what seems best, what seems good, what was good, whatever you like, who are good
Hebrew - hath, have, have an issue, pine away, discharge, has, has a discharge
Hebrew - debate, plead, argue, complain, find fault, have a quarrel, plead my case, plead your case, pleaded, pleads, quarrel, quarreled, quarrels, reprimanded, vigorously plead
Hebrew - fail, liar, vain, false, liars, prove me a liar, proved a liar
Hebrew - bare, bear, labour, travail, bearing, bears, became, became the father, become the father, become the fathers, birthday, father, fathered, fathers, gave birth, gave birth to a child, gave me birth, gave you birth, had, had sons, has, have, labor, labor has borne, labor the midwife, laid, registered by ancestry, takes effect
Hebrew - appointed, establish, remain, stand, standing, stay, waited, withstand, abiding, act, appoint, arise, arisen, arose, attend, attended, changed, delay, established, establishing, gives stability, halt, halted, last, make a stand, place, placed, quake, raise, raised, refrain, remained, remains, replaces, retains, stand still, standing upright, stands, station, stationed, stayed, staying, take a stand, take their stand, took his stand, took their stand, wait, withstanding
Hebrew - to be at a stand
Hebrew - appoint, charge, lack, am indeed concerned, any reason, any reason he is missing, appointed, appoints, assign, assigned, attend, attended, call their to account, calls me to account, care, damage, examine, gave, had the oversight, made him overseer, made them overseers, misses me at all, put him in charge, put in charge, put under the charge, surely take care, take care, take notice, took a census
Hebrew - a, same time
Hebrew - reward, offer a bribe
Hebrew - marry, perform the duty of an husband's brother, duty as a brother-in-law, husband's brother
Hebrew - was fast asleep, Rodanim, cast into a dead sleep, dead sleep, fallen sound asleep, fell into a deep sleep, sank into a deep sleep, sound asleep
Hebrew - to dream, dream, dreamed, dreamer, dreams, had, had a dream, restore me to health
Hebrew - causeless, in vain, without cause, without wages, vain, without a cause, without pay, without payment
Hebrew - carry away as with a flood, away like, away like a flood, swept them away like
Hebrew - hate, bear a grudge against, bears a grudge against, bore a grudge against, grudge against, harassed
Hebrew - marked, seal, seal up, variant, sealed, seals, sets a seal
Hebrew - make a noise, rang again, surely distracted, uproar
Hebrew - ease, am sorry, appeased, become a consolation, change mind, change minds, changed mind, have compassion, when the time of mourning was ended
Hebrew - celebrate, dancing, holyday, keep a solemn feast, reel to and fro, celebrate a feast, keeping festival
Hebrew - flashes forth, have a cheer
Hebrew - compassed, inscribed a circle
Hebrew - female, married, woman, adulteress, any woman, childbearing, each, each one, each woman, harem, harlot, harlot's, marriage, marry, wife and his wives, wife and the wives, wife or a woman, woman of the wives, woman's, women as wives
Hebrew - appear, regard, access, advisers, appeared, appears, approve, became aware, became visible, display, displayed, examined, face, faced, gaze, give attention, gloat, looked and saw, make an inspection, make me see, makes an inspection, regarded, regards, remained alive, saw, search, see as a sees, see plainly, stare, staring, take heed, take into consideration, understand, watch
Hebrew - draw a line, draw your border line
Hebrew - cause to go astray, go astray, ravished, sin through ignorance, wander, committed a error, exhilarated, goes astray, intoxicated, leads the astray, misleader, misleads, stray, wandered
Hebrew - imagine, meditate, roaring, speak, talk, declare, make a sound, meditates, moan, moan sadly
Hebrew - after, in such a case, this manner, this regard
Hebrew - hath (a familiar spirit)
Hebrew - adjure, swear, oaths, put the under oath, swearing, take, takes an oath, under oath, uttered a curse
Hebrew - carcase, dead body, dead of itself, carcass, carcasses, dead bodies, died a natural death, natural death, what died
Hebrew - marvellous, put a difference, separated, set apart, make a distinction, makes a distinction
Hebrew - desolate, desolation, waste, utterly desolate, waste and a desolation
Hebrew - measure, not translated, cubits and a cubit, cubits and one cubit
Hebrew - again, alter, change, repeateth, did it a second time, do it a second time, do so again, repeating, repeats, speak again
Hebrew - answer, bear, hear, speak, accuse, accused, afflicted, agrees to make, answered, answering, answers, bear witness, bears, bears witness, brought to answer, declare, give a answer, give an account, give him an answer, grant them their petition, hailed, have, said, unanswered
Hebrew - befall, happen, seeketh a quarrel, befalls, let him fall, seeking a quarrel
Hebrew - flattering titles, surname, flatter, given you a title, name with honor
Hebrew - commit fornication, continually, go a whoring, great, harlot, adulterous, become a harlot, commit adultery, commits flagrant harlotry, fall to harlotry, harlot continually, harlot's, harlotry, harlots, making her a harlot, play the harlot, play the harlot continually, played the harlot, playing the harlot, plays the harlot, unfaithful
Hebrew - cupbearer, water, gave him a drink, gave me to drink, gave the a drink, gave them drink, giving him a drink, irrigate, made them to drink, watered, waters
Hebrew - carved work, portrayed, set a print, carved, engraved, set a limit
Hebrew - cast away, compass, fan, scatter, scatter away, spread, strawed, scattered, winnow them with a winnowing
Hebrew - clad, conceal, conceals, made a covering, take refuge
Hebrew - adventure, assay, make a test
Hebrew - have hope, to make a refuge, has a refuge, take refuge, taken refuge, takes refuge
Hebrew - crave, craved, craves, craving, had, had a craving
Hebrew - appoint, bade, charge, command, commander, commandment, appointed, appoints, charged, charging, commanded, commanding, commands, gave a command, gave command, gave commandment, gave orders, gave them a charge, give his charge, give you charge, give you in commandment, given a command, given command, given commandment, given it an order, issued a command, laid, laid down, ordained
Hebrew - hath, same, another, daylight, each side, first woman, one and another, one as well as another, one out to another, one side and the other, one while another, really, side and on the other, similarly, such a thing, this and these, this is what, this way, this woman, today, what
Hebrew - draw, draw along, draw away, draw out, scattered, away, delayed, drag, drag me away, drags, drawn, draws, long blast, make a long blast, march, sounds a long blast, stimulate, tall
Hebrew - made a covering
Hebrew - made, make, actually going to reign, appoint, appointed, became king, become a king, made a king, made king, made queen
Hebrew - vertical with a plumb
Hebrew - cast, cast up a siege, raise
Hebrew - came, change, gave, make, changed, changes, drained, had a change, inundate, reined about, retraced, turned aside, turned back, turning around
Hebrew - make a hedge, made a hedge
Hebrew - compare, speak, speaking, use it as a proverb
Hebrew - Beulah, husband, married wife, marry, gets a husband, married, marries, marrying, master
Hebrew - lament, caused lamentations, pretend to be a mourner
Hebrew - take hold, accept, accepted, made a custom, take
Hebrew - at all, bands, take a pledge, travaileth, acted very corruptly, ever take, labor, retain, take, taken as pledges, taken pledges, taking a in pledge, travails
Hebrew - asunder, separate, separation, came over, made a separation, make a distinction, partition, separated, set apart, set aside, set you apart, surely separate
Hebrew - barren, bereave, cast a calf, cast young, abort, bereave them of children, bereave you of children, bereave you of your children, bereave your of children, bereaved, bereaved me of my children, bereaved of my children, bereaved your of children, cast, depopulated, miscarried, miscarrying, slays
Hebrew - fall, take, capture, make a spoil, makes himself a prey, take the spoil
Hebrew - abuse, affecteth, glean, practise, abused, bring pain, caught, deal, dealt, made a mockery, make sport, practice deeds, severely dealt, thoroughly glean
Hebrew - boast, celebrate, mad, marriage, praise, rage, acted insanely, arrogant, boasted, boastful, boasts, boasts boast, drive madly, flash forth, give praise, giving praise, go mad, going mad, madness, make its boast, makes a mad, makes fools, making fools, offers praises, praised, praises, praising, race madly, sang praises, sing praises
Hebrew - abated, ease, accursed, brought a curse, easier, easy, insignificant, light a thing, make it lighter, moved to and fro, shakes, sharpen, small a thing, superficially, treat us with contempt, treated, treated and lightly, trivial, trivial thing
Hebrew - have, heritage, inheritance, allotted, apportion, apportion for inheritance, apportion the inheritance, apportioned, apportioned for an inheritance, apportioning for inheritance, bequeath, divide it for an inheritance, gave, gave inheritance, give as a possession, give inheritance, have an inheritance, leaves an inheritance, possess them as an inheritance, receive inheritance, received inheritance, take, take possession
Hebrew - armed, armed men, do homage, threw a kiss
Hebrew - furnished with bands, have a desire, made bands, pleased, set his affection
Hebrew - assemble, called, company, gathered, gathered together, proclaimed, assembled, assembled together, call, called and together, called together, complain, cry aloud, crying aloud, issued a proclamation, rallied, wailed
Hebrew - dealt, flatter, imparted, part, partner, separate, allot him a portion, allotted, apportion, apportions, assigned, faithless, flatters, given her a share, parcel, parceled, scattered, share, take possession, take possession of some property, took a portion
Hebrew - laugh, play, amuse, amusing, celebrate, celebrating, hold a contest, laughed them to scorn, laughs, merrymakers, played, playing
Hebrew - caught, courage, encourage, harden, prevail, repair, take, adopted, applied, became, became mighty, became powerful, became strong, been arrogant, captured, carried out repairs, caught fast, caught hold, courageous, detained, display great strength, display strength, encouraged, encouragement, encourages, established himself securely, fasten, fastens, firmly in his grasp, gain ascendancy, gave him strong support, grasp, hardened, held them fast, hold fast, holds fast, laid hold, made, made himself secure, made repairs, made stronger, made their harder, maintain, make, make an effort, making himself strong, persuaded, post a strong, prevailed, prevailed over, repaired, repairers, repairing, retain, retained, show ourselves courageous, snaps shut, stands firmly, sustain, take courage, take courage and be courageous, take hold, taken, taken hold, takes, takes hold, took courage
Hebrew - take..tenth, paying, surely give a tenth, take a tenth
Hebrew - be (horrible) afraid, come like (to take away as with) a whirlwind, hurl as a storm, afraid, away with a whirlwind, dread, sweep them away, whirls him away
Hebrew - eat up, eaten, heated, wasted, blazed, brutal, clean sweep, grazed, grazes, make, make a clean sweep, make fires, set ablaze, sets it afire, started, sweeps away, utterly sweep you away
Hebrew - blown away, enraged, scattered them with a storm wind
Hebrew - leave, remain, remnant, have a left, leave as a remnant, leaves, remained, remains, surviving remnant
Hebrew - great, prevail, valiant, conducts himself arrogantly, magnified, make a firm, prevailed, surpassed
Hebrew - bartered, pay a dowry
Hebrew - variant, who has a cool
Hebrew - search, search out, ascertained, examines, investigated, make a search, searched, searches, taste
Hebrew - brings a curse, cursed woman
Hebrew - abated, bereave, decreased, fail, have need, lack, made lower, want, lacked, lacking, lacks, made him a lower, scarce
Hebrew - leave, remain, remainder, remnant, abound, had left, had some left, have preeminence, leave a remnant, leave of it over, leaving, let remain, more than enough, prosper you abundantly, remained, remaining, remains, spare
Hebrew - break of day, dawned, gave light, make a fire, make shine
Hebrew - pilgrimage, to be a stranger
Hebrew - abated, displayed, flee away, lift up a standard, variant, escape, escaped, run away, save, taken refuge
Hebrew - flay, forward, invaded, invasion, made a road, ran upon, spread, spread abroad, dashed, made a raid, raid, raided, take off, taken off
Hebrew - have a swallow
Hebrew - decrease, least, get a few, had little, make so small, pay less, seem insignificant, small, take less
Hebrew - almost, little way, matter, small, small thing, easily, many, scarcely, slight a thing, small matter, smaller, so small
Hebrew - away, cease, celebrate, fail, brought to an end, ceased, ceases, did away, disappear, do away, eliminate, have, kept sabbath, lacking, made an end, make an end, put a stop, put an end, puts an end
Hebrew - avenged, plead, acting like a judge, already he is acting, argue our case, handed down, has a controversy, pleads, vindicate
Hebrew - bar, upon a staff, carrying bars, yoke bar
Hebrew - carry on as scoffers, makes a mockery, mediator, scoffs at the scoffers
Hebrew - set a trap, deathly pallor, trap
Hebrew - take, take a handful
Hebrew - makes a fire
Hebrew - be removed into a corner
Hebrew - behead, break down, break..neck, break its neck, break the neck, breaks a neck, neck was broken
Hebrew - add, again, also, can, increase, add to it more, added, adding, adds, another, any more, anymore, did not again, do it again, farther, give you increase, increase you a more, increased, increases, increasing, more also, more shall be done, repeated, surpass, yet more and more
Hebrew - sacrifice, slay, made, offer a sacrifice, offer sacrifices, offer to a sacrifice, offered sacrifice, offering sacrifices, offers a sacrifice, sacrificed, sacrifices, sacrificing, slaughter, slaughtered
Hebrew - break, break forth, make a loud noise
Hebrew - appointed, arguing, chasten, plead, reason, adjudicates, argue, argument prove, chastened, cleared, complained, make a decision
Hebrew - glad, give happiness, gladden, gloated, happy, made me glad, made you glad, make glad, make my glad, make the glad, make them joyful, make us glad, makes a glad, makes his glad, makes it glad, pleased, rejoiced had given, take pleasure, very happy
Hebrew - cast away, cast off, discarded, emit a stench
Hebrew - abide, cleave, gather together, smite with a scab, assign, attach, attachment, gathered together
Hebrew - roar, raise a war cry, war cry
Hebrew - lay it for a plaister, apply
Hebrew - break, bring into a snare, speak, breathe, hastens, set a aflame, speaks
Hebrew - a one, and such, certain
Hebrew - proclamation, issued a proclamation
Hebrew - hardeneth, prevail, became fixed, brazen, displays a bold, prevailed

Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, as Omega is the last. These letters occur in the text of Revelation 1:8,11; 21:6; 22:13, and are represented by "Alpha" and "Omega" respectively (omitted in RSV, 1:11). They mean "the first and last." (Compare Hebrews 12:2; Isaiah 41:4; 44:6; Revelation 1:11,17; 2:8.) In the symbols of the early Christian Church these two letters are frequently combined with the cross or with Christ's monogram to denote his divinity.

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These dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. Public Domain, copy freely.

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Easton, Matthew George. "Entry for 'A'". "Easton's Bible Dictionary".
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