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Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Home > Lexicons > Hebrew Lexicon > Browse > Entries beginning with K

The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

Browse Entries beginning with k
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03510 Original Word Transliterated Word
b)k ka'ab
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kaw-ab'grieving, have pain, made sad, make sore, mar, sore, sorrowful, cause him grief, inflicts pain, pain, painful, pains
03511 Original Word Transliterated Word
b)k k@'eb
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
keh-abe'grief, pain, sorrow, heavy
03512 Original Word Transliterated Word
h)k ka'ah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kaw-aw'broken, grieved, sad, according, accordingly, after, despondent, disheartened, even, ever, if, just, more, much, same, since, soon, such, though, what, whatever, when, while, who
03513 Original Word Transliterated Word
dbk kabad
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kaw-bad'chargeable, glorify, glorious, great, harden, heavier, heavy, honour, honourable, made heavy, many, misc, promote, sore, abounding, achieve honor, became fierce, became heavy, boasting, burdensome, dim, distinguished, dull, enjoy your glory, glorified, glorious things, grave, grew strong, hardened, held in honor, honor, honor you greatly, honorable, honored, honoring, honors, indeed honor, laid burdens, made my heavy, made our heavy, made your heavy, make, make it glorious, makes himself rich, multiply, nobles, respected, stopped, weigh, weigh heavily, went heavily
03514 Original Word Transliterated Word
dbk kobed
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
ko'-bedgreat number, grievousness, heavy, dense, mass, press
03515 Original Word Transliterated Word
dbk kabed
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kaw-bade'great, grievous, hard, hardened, heavier, heavy, laden, much, slow, sore, thick, burdensome, difficult, huge, large, large number, numerous, rich, severe, sorrowful, stubborn, weighed down
03516 Original Word Transliterated Word
dbk kabed
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kaw-bade'liver, heart
03517 Original Word Transliterated Word
tdbk k@beduth
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
keb-ay-dooth'heavily, difficulty
03518 Original Word Transliterated Word
hbk kabah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kaw-baw'quench, quenched, extinguish, go, goes, gone, put, quenched and extinguished
03519 Original Word Transliterated Word
dwbk kabowd
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kaw-bode'glorious, gloriously, glory, honour, honourable, bosom, honor, honorable, honored, riches, soul, splendid, splendor, wealth
03520 Original Word Transliterated Word
hddwbk k@buwddah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
keb-ood-daw'carriage, glorious, stately, valuables
03521 Original Word Transliterated Word
lwbk Kabuwl
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
03522 Original Word Transliterated Word
awbbk Kabbown
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
03523 Original Word Transliterated Word
rybk k@biyr
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
keb-eerpillow, quilt
03524 Original Word Transliterated Word
rybbk kabbiyr
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kab-beer'feeble, mighty, mighty men, most, much, strong, valiant, impotent, mighty one, older
03525 Original Word Transliterated Word
lbk kebel
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
03526 Original Word Transliterated Word
sbk kabac
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kaw-bas'fuller, wash, fuller's, fullers', washed, washes
03527 Original Word Transliterated Word
rbk kabar
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
kaw-bar'multiply, abundance, multiplies
03528 Original Word Transliterated Word
rbk k@bar
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
keb-awr'already, now
03529 Original Word Transliterated Word
rbk K@bar
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
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 Words 1 - 20 of 298 
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Copyright Statement
The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon is Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon; this is keyed to the "Theological Word Book of the Old Testament." These files are considered public domain.  


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