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Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Home > Lexicons > Hebrew Lexicon > Browse > Entries beginning with L

The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

Browse Entries beginning with l
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03808 Original Word Transliterated Word
)l lo'
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
lobefore, ere, nay, neither, never, no, none, not, otherwise, behold, beyond, breathless, cannot, cannot their nor, carefully, cheaply, disregarded, except, failed, false, futile, gone, ignorant, illiterate, impotent, incapable, indeed, injustice, instead, many, most assuredly, neither by nor, neither he nor, neither him nor, neither i nor, neither my nor, neither them nor, neither they nor, neither you nor, neither your nor, never about nor, no been nor, no to nor, nor, nothing, nowhere, or, or else, pathless, rather than, refrain, refuse, refused, ruthlessly, so, so that we will no, such, surely, too, truly, unable, unanswered, unavoidable, unaware, unawares, unceasingly, unclean, undivided, undone, ungodly, unjustly, unknown, unless, unproductive, unpunished, unreliable, unsearchable, unsown, unsparing, untrained, unvented, unwilling, unwise, useless, weak, whether, without, worthless
03809 Original Word Transliterated Word
)l la' (Aramaic)
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
lawcannot, ever, neither, never, no, none, nor, not, nothing, without, disregarded, ignorant
03810 Original Word Transliterated Word
rbd )l Lo' D@bar
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
lo deb-ar'Lodebar, Lo-debar
03811 Original Word Transliterated Word
h)l la'ah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
law-aw'faint, grieve, loath, weary, become impatient, exhausted, find difficulty, impatient, parched, tired, try the patience, wearied, wearies
03812 Original Word Transliterated Word
h)l Le'ah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
lay-aw'Leah, Leah's
03813 Original Word Transliterated Word
t)l la'at
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
03814 Original Word Transliterated Word
t)l la't
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
03815 Original Word Transliterated Word
l)l La'el
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
03816 Original Word Transliterated Word
el l@om
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
leh-ome'folk, nation, people, nations, other, peoples, peoples'
03817 Original Word Transliterated Word
eymm)l L@'ummiym
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
03818 Original Word Transliterated Word
ymm( )l Lo' `Ammiy
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
lo am-mee'Loammi, strong's synonym, Lo-ammi
03819 Original Word Transliterated Word
hmxr )l Lo' Ruchamah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
lo roo-khaw-maw'Loruhamah, Lo-ruhamah
03820 Original Word Transliterated Word
bl leb
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
labecare, comfortably, considered, friendly, heart, hearted, kindly, midst, mind, misc, stouthearted, understanding, well, wisdom, Himself, accord, attention, bravest, brokenhearted, celebrating, chests, completely, concern, concerned, conscience, consider, courage, decided, determine, discouraged, discouraging, doing, double heart, encouragingly, heart's, hearts, himself, imagination, inspiration, intelligence, life, merry-hearted, middle, minds, myself, obstinate, planned, presume, pride, recalls, reflected, regard, self-exaltation, sense, senseless, seriously, skill, skilled, skillful, skillful man, skillful men, skillful persons, spirits, stubborn-minded, tenderly, thought, undivided, willingly, yourself, yourselves
03821 Original Word Transliterated Word
bl leb (Aramaic)
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
labeheart, myself
03822 Original Word Transliterated Word
tw)bl L@ba'owth
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
03823 Original Word Transliterated Word
bbl labab
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
law-bab'be wise, made cakes, make, ravished my heart, become intelligent, heart beat faster
03824 Original Word Transliterated Word
bbl lebab
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
lay-bawb'consider, heart, mind, misc, understanding, anger, breasts, conscientious, courage, desire, encouragingly, fainthearted, heart and the hearts, heart's, hearts, hearts like his heart, intelligence, intended, purpose, thought, timid, wholehearted, wholeheartedly, yourself
03825 Original Word Transliterated Word
bbl l@bab (Aramaic)
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
leb-ab'heart, mind
03826 Original Word Transliterated Word
hbbl libbah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
03827 Original Word Transliterated Word
hbbl labbah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
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 Words 1 - 20 of 156 
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The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon is Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon; this is keyed to the "Theological Word Book of the Old Testament." These files are considered public domain.  


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