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Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Home > Lexicons > Hebrew Lexicon > Browse > Entries beginning with S

The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

Browse Entries beginning with s
 Words 1 - 20 of 216Click Strong's Number to view
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05429 Original Word Transliterated Word
h)s c@'ah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
seh-aw'measure, measures
05430 Original Word Transliterated Word
aw)s c@'own
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
seh-own'battle, boot
05431 Original Word Transliterated Word
a)s ca'an
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
saw-an'warrior, booted warrior, guarded
05432 Original Word Transliterated Word
h)s)s ca'c@'ah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
sah-seh-aw'measure, banishing
05433 Original Word Transliterated Word
)bs caba'
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
saw-baw'drunkard, drunken, fill, variant, winebibbers, drink heavily, drunkards, heavy drinker, heavy drinkers
05434 Original Word Transliterated Word
)bs C@ba'
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
05435 Original Word Transliterated Word
)bs cobe'
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
so'-behdrink, drunken, wine, liquor
05436 Original Word Transliterated Word
y)bs C@ba'iy
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
05437 Original Word Transliterated Word
bbs cabab
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
saw-bab'beset, compass, compass in, driven, misc, remove, returned, round, side, turn, turn aside, turn away, turn back, about, all around, around, away, bring back, brought, brought about, brought around, change, changed, circle around, circled, circled around, circling, circuit, circumference, come around, completely, directed, encircled, encircling, encompass, engulfed, escaped, faced, flows around, form, gathered around, go about, go around, led around, made a circuit, make the rounds, march around, marched around, measured the circumference, opened, removed, set, sit, surround, surrounded, surrounding, surrounds, swinging, swirling, taken around, transferred, turn around, turned, turned about, turned around, turned aside, turned away, turned over, turned round, turning, turns, walk about, went about, went throughout
05438 Original Word Transliterated Word
hbbs cibbah
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
sib-baw'cause, turn
05439 Original Word Transliterated Word
bybs cabiyb
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
saw-beeb'about 24 compass, about them, about us, circuits, on every side, round about, about, all, all around, all around about, all sides, altogether, around, around about, circular courses, circumference, completely, confines, encompassing, entirely, environs, every direction, every side, form, one surrounding, places around, surround, surrounded, surrounding, surrounding area, surrounds, throughout
05440 Original Word Transliterated Word
jbs cabak
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
saw-bak'folden together, wrapped, tangled, wrap around
05441 Original Word Transliterated Word
jbs cobek
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
so'-bekthicket, forest
05442 Original Word Transliterated Word
jbs c@bak
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
seb-awk'thick, thicket, thickets
05443 Original Word Transliterated Word
)kbbs cabb@ka' (Aramaic)
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
sab-bek-aw'sackbut, trigon
05444 Original Word Transliterated Word
ykbbs Cibb@kay
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
sib-bek-ah'-eeSibbecai, Sibbechai
05445 Original Word Transliterated Word
lbs cabal
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
saw-bal'bear, burden, carry, labour, borne, carried, drags
05446 Original Word Transliterated Word
lbs c@bal (Aramaic)
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
seb-al'strongly laid, retained
05447 Original Word Transliterated Word
lbs cebel
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
say'-belburden, charge, burdens, forced labor
05448 Original Word Transliterated Word
lbs cobel
Phonetic Spelling Translated Words
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 Words 1 - 20 of 216 
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Copyright Statement
The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon is Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon; this is keyed to the "Theological Word Book of the Old Testament." These files are considered public domain.  


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